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Did they Discover the Cure for Cancer almost 100 Years Ago?

Updated: Jun 5

by Robert Anthony

May 31st 2024

(Dr John Richardson treating a patient)

This Article Includes:

  1. A brief introduction to the cancer Industry, by the numbers.

  2. Why doesn't our medical industry understand natural medicine?

  3. Introducing the pioneers of the (Vitamin B15/B17) movement!

  4. As they say, No Good Deed goes Unpunished.


1. Cancer is an industry of epic proportions. It's hard to grasp just how large this industry truly is. Here is an article explaining this simple fact in the numbers, cancer drugs are BY FAR #BigPharma's greatest money maker. Here is an article explaining that the net profits from cancer drugs have been on the rise for decades and continue.

Just to give you some insight into what 200 Billion looks like - the overwhelming majority of the nations around the world do not have an annual GDP of 200 Billion! And 200 Billion represents merely Chemotherapy. The GDP of Chemotherapy is a larger economy than 100's of the nations of the world!

And Chemotherapy is only one income stream in the Cancer Industry! Chemotherapy, Radiation, Surgery and other more specialized and acute modalities all surround the #BigCancer. And then there is the "Non-Profit" fundraising! Don't forget about the billions donated each and every year to various cancer foundations. Susan G Komen (For the Cure) is one of the largest nonprofits... in the entire world! This article gives insight into the enormity of these international nonprofit behemoths!

And how much of their multi-billion dollar budgets go into Natural Health Research, curing cancer with vitamins and minerals? I'm going to assure you that number is close to Zero! Furthermore, how many of these nonprofits have ever budgeted even $1 Million to look into the research of this amazing natural health cancer treatment that I am writing to you about today? Not one.


2. I will certainly write an article sometime about the founding of our medical industry as it is today. But let me assure you we have come a long ways from the time when doctors were more like trusted friends of the family than the dominating medical-elite they have become today! In times past they would literally come to your house and often treat your child or family spouse while in the comfort of their own bedroom!? Could you even imagine!? In fact, years ago I bought an beautiful, old 1876 Victorian House and learned that it was once owned by the town physician who would regularly see his patients in his own living room!

If you have never read it before, here is the original Hippocratic Oath, within it Hippocrates states that the physician is to "DO NO HARM". They try and convince us that the whole of our medical industry is based on this oath... and yet... chemotherapy is filled with toxic radiation, vaccines are filled with poisonous mercury and all sorts of lethal chemicals, most of the pills we are prescribed by #BigPharma are 70-80% petroleum byproducts!!? (Taking those pills is putting that same stuff that makes engine oil and gasoline into our bodies. Here is an article explaining that they could easily make these pills out of plant derived materials but the petro-pills last so much longer and make so much better profits!!)

In medical school how many classes would you guess the average doctor takes on Natural Health, Vitamins, Minerals, etc. and their effects on the body? Maybe 5 or 6? Maybe some universities only offer 1 or 2??? Nope. The actual answer... Drum Roll Please... NOT ONE! Our doctors are trained in drugs and surgery, full stop, plain and simple. They do not take a single class on natural medicine or any other form of natural healing! And yet how many diseases have been eradicated with natural health? Such a study! I will write more about this later for sure!

For now I will introduce to you: scurvy, rickets, pellagra and the black plague. All of these diseases were cured almost entirely by basic and everyday vitamins - even just fortifying the diet, finding the foods that are high in these vitamins! Long story short, scurvy was cured with vitamin C, rickets found to be a Vitamin D deficiency, pellagra is a vitamin b3 or niacin deficiency and the infamous Nostradamus was curing Black Plague for years with High Doses of Vitamin C derived from Rose Hips (here is an article we published on the subject).

(A painting depicting the American Indians teaching the British how to stop Scurvy with plants high in vitamin C.)

If we know many diseases are caused by the lack of certain vitamins and minerals, if we know that certain diseases are caused by toxic levels of certain minerals (lead, mercury, etc.), if we know that large amounts of certain foods and drinks destroy our bodies (alcohol, caffeine, highly saturated and processed oils, etc.) - then why doesn't the whole of our medical industry study these things, even part-time!? Difficult things to understand until you study just how much money these pills are making #BigPharma - compared with what they would make if they started selling vitamins and minerals.


3. In the early 2000's, I was personal friends with a Doctor named Jim Privitera. He was absolutely a mentor throughout my twenties. Dr P was arrested and jailed in the 1970's for curing cancer with a vitamin therapy that focused especially on vitamins B15 and 17. You heard me right, arrested for curing cancer with vitamins and nutrition!? Of course that was not the formal crime he was charged with... But without harming a single patient, healing hundreds of terminally ill cancer patients with vitamins and natural medicine and without a single complaint against him or his practice, the medical establishment together with the FBI, threw Dr P in jail for almost 60 days! Thank God the governor (Gov Brown Senor) of the state of California gave Dr P a full and unconditional pardon, saying, "No Doctor in my state will go to jail for curing cancer". But Dr Privitera would go on to battle the US Government in court and the medical boards for years to come. They did everything they could to take from him his license to practice medicine in California.

(My very good friend, the late Dr Jim Privitera in 2015, in his natural health clinic in Covina, CA)

Dr Privitera and about eight other doctors were all imprisoned under the same charges at the same time for curing cancer with this certain natural therapy. And they were almost entirely all trained by one man, an absolute American hero, Dr John Richardson MD!

Dr John Richardson was an ear, nose and throat doctor in the Bay-area, California in the 1960's. But then the doctor learned about these two little-known substances, commonly referred to as vitamins B15 and B17. A scientist named Dr Ernst T Krebs Jr told Richardson about the research he and his father were doing and he and Richardson became quick friends as the scientist showed Dr Richardson all the cancer healing properties of these vitamins!

(Dr John Richardson MD)

Dr Krebs Jr and his father, Dr Krebs Senor had done much work surrounding the apricot seed and these two substances that are found in great quantity within them. The Krebs' determined these substances to be b-vitamins after they fit all the qualifications of the makings of a vitamin from the family of the "B" vitamins - and they followed the number order generally accepted by the medical establishment, thus making them vitamins b, 15 and 17.

Long story short, after much investigating and carefully testing the treatment, Dr Richardson saw the miracle-like power of this b15/b17 therapy, he converted his ear, nose and throat practice into a natural healing cancer clinic and the wonders began! Patients were coming to him without any hope whatsoever, after several rounds of chemotherapy, after surgery and radiation and all kinds of horrible invasive procedures and often with less than a month to live! Dr Richardson had tremendous success even with the most desperate and hopeless of cases (Here is a link to the amazing book Dr Richardson wrote about their amazing success stories, healing cancer with these vitamins)! It was truly astonishing how the body would react to the b17 and vitamin therapy at times killing the cancer within mere months of the treatment - and Dr Richardson's success and fame spread throughout the whole world!

(Dr Ernst T Krebs Jr)

Had Dr Krebs' Senor and Krebs Jr, Dr Richardson and friends found the cure for cancer!? With the near miraculous stories of healing, with the extremely high rate of success, it was hard for Richardson and his band of good doctors to doubt that what they found would end at least an overwhelming majority of all cancers on the earth! And they refused to stay quiet about it!


4. But as they say, "No Good Deed goes Unpunished". About 4 years after converting his practice, in 1972, after healing literally hundreds if not thousands of cancer patients, with a cure rate as high as 70-80% - the FBI, FDA and local media burst into his clinic and arrested everyone! Even the cancer patients were taken away in cuffs!!? At the same time the federal government arrested Richardson, they arrested Jim Privitera and about seven other MD's who were all now curing cancer with the B15/B17 Therapy!

The complexities of what happened next can not be overstated. With a blend of terribly complex lawfare, politics and public character-assassination, the US government went to work against the good doctors, to end forever their natural cancer cure. From 1972 thru into the 1980's Dr Richardson, Dr Krebs Jr and company would fight, mostly in the courts, for the people's right to chose this natural healing from cancer. And these heroic men paid dearly for their battle against their own government. Dr Richardson finally passed away in the mid-80's, never having won the victory for his natural health vitamin therapy, never having won the victory for the millions and millions who have since died of cancer, but didn't have to.

Books have been written on the subject. G Edward Griffin wrote what is perhaps the foremost work on the story of B15/B17 in his epic book, "World Without Cancer". And the movement all but died throughout the 80's and 90's. By the year 2000 most every one of the pioneers had passed, all except for G Edward Griffin, Dr Jim Privitera, Ralph Moss and a very few others. A few of us know about Jason Vale and everything that happened to him in New York after he cured himself of cancer using apricot seeds, vitamin B15 and B17. Jason Vale is yet another horribly sad and tragic story in this now decades long saga.

But at the end of the day, the US Government can not make food illegal. They will have a very hard time keeping the extracts of any foods, including apricot seeds, banned. Since Covid, the nation has awoken like never before to the reality that our medical establishment is not only withholding good science and medicine from us but worse! they are pushing experimental vaccines, radiation-therapies and a myriad of other poisons on US citizens everyday - all the while calling it good medicine!

But be encouraged friends. A whole new generation of truth-seekers and truth-tellers are coming onto the scene. Someday perhaps I will tell you the long version of the story of me meeting Charlie Richardson, the youngest son of Dr John Richardson and the two of us becoming the best of friends in the early 2000's? And then how the two of us inspired Charlie's older brother John Richardson Jr. into the battle for medical freedom and B15/B17! Below is the most recent interview I just did with Dr Richardson's namesake. Great interview!

This story is not over friends. The truth is on our side and as the scripture declares, "You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free!" Pray friends, and God will hear our prayers from heaven and save our nation! We will have freedom restored to us but only if we choose to walk, hand in hand with our God. He is the only one who can save this nation. Our Living God is the only one who can fix what has been broken so badly... and those who call upon His name... they call Him... JESUS!

More to come...

So Stay Tuned In!

Much love friends,

- Robert



(John Richardson Jr telling an amazing story about President Ronald Reagan cured of CANCER with Vitamin Therapy!!)

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