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A Whole New Healing System in America

I really should devote articles to this subject and I will in the future. For now let me plant a few seeds and lay a foundation in which to build upon and Please, make comments below so we can learn from each other and keep the dialog going.

Scurvy, Rickets and Pellagra all have what in common? They were nutrition deficiencies. What that means is because of a lack of certain vitamins or food groups these sicknesses formed. How well do you know the story of scurvy? Do you know why the sailors ended up with the nickname, “Limey’s”?? In short, scurvy was ravaging the boats coming over to the New World for literally hundreds of years! They estimate 3-4 million people died of the disease. And early on some Native Americans knew of the disease and taught the settlers, in New England, about a tree bark that could cure the disease. It would be later discovered that this tree bark was Full of Vitamin C. But instead of taking the natives primitive advice, their “educated” doctors chose instead to bleed patients with Scurvy, insomuch to “bleed” the disease out of the blood. Of course when you bleed a patient you create all new sorts of problems and yet the disease remains in the body! How many countless people died because of the arrogance and ignorance of that generation’s medical establishment? Millions and millions. Finally in the 1800’s they realized the native had been right all along, the high doses of Vitamin C in the tree bark was EXACTLY what the sailors needed. It was then realized that Scurvy was forming because of a nutrition deficiency! The Brits started loading their boats with Limes, limes of course full of vitamin C, to keep their sailors Scurvy-free! And low and behold, scurvy vanished from the British ships just as suddenly as it appeared in the first place! And the sailors became known as “Limey’s” because of the mass consumption of limes they would ingest on the journey westward.

A similar story happened during The Black Plague throughout France and other parts of Europe. They would commonly bleed the people infected with Plague as their go-to remedy but a man commonly known as Nostradamus started to treat his patients with Rose Hips. Rose Hips are packed full of wonderful nutritional benefits including high amounts of Vitamin C. Low and behold! Nostradamus’ patients were being healed!! And what did the medical establishment do having learned of the miraculous remedy Nostradamus pioneered!? Did they immediately learn from him and start implementing the remedy!? Of course not. In fact, he was persecuted, locked up in jail and his life threatened! How many millions died before it was common knowledge, Rose Hips and other natural remedies full of Vitamin C and other super foods would cure Plague!? Millions.

Having said that, how many classes do you think the average doctor takes in eight years of medical school learning about natural health, vitamins, nutrition, minerals, etc.? If you guessed Zero, you are right! Zero. Zero classes are taught in our medical schools to learn about this fundamental aspect to healing. How many hours do you think is devoted to learning of Natural forms of medicine and natural healing? I have spoke with doctors on this subject for years. At best about 10 hours. About 10 hours of an eight-year education is spent discussing and learning about natural healing, natural medicine, vitamins, minerals, etc. Wow. Such a bitter pill to swallow.

Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes, all Auto-Immune Diseases, Sleep Disorders, ADD, ADHD, Multiple Sclerosis, Autism, etc. have all proven to be drastically improved and even healed thru natural remedies. Let me repeat this, upwards of 80% of the diseases plaguing our culture, stealing years off the lives of our loved ones, have all been proven to be dramatically improved or even healed by natural remedies and yet, How many years do our Doctors spend studying natural medicine? How many classes? None. At best they spend a few hours on these topics.

If you ever wondered why your health insurance company doesn’t cover vitamins or minerals instead of drugs and medications? If you ever wondered why your doctor never discusses diet with you, or considers testing your mineral levels or other preventative natural remedies? I think we are starting to see the picture.

Am I saying that the medical industry is all bad. No. Clearly not. If I break a bone I am going to want some local anesthetic, the bone to be set and some sort of cast to be made for the healing process. We may have to go to the dentist to have a tooth pulled. Obviously medical science has a few breakthroughs but there is so much that needs to be overhauled, like yesterday. And Covid 19 sure revealed a lot in the way of the lies being perpetuated by mostly Big Pharma and the government agencies propping them up.

Why don’t we give our soldiers vitamins!? You would think at least the federal government would want Super (healthy) Soldiers!? Natural Medicine has come a long long way! The trouble with natural medicine (speaking in business terms) is that there’s no money in it. You can’t patent a vitamin. Let me repeat, YOU CAN NOT PATENT A VITAMIN OR MINERAL or most every extract from food. And therein lies the problem, Big Pharma, Wall Street can not monetize the natural health industry.

You have heard it said, “The love of money is the root of all evil”? We’ll here it is, spelled out in plain English for you on paper. If we lived in a world wherein was found the love of God, love for our fellow man, love for our neighbor and countrymen, how differently would our world look? But men love money more than life, more than love, more than their own families, they love money more than they even care about their own soul! Well, it’s time we stop putting our souls up for sale. The status quo does not change until then.

I have much more to say on the subject. But at least I inspired a few of you, educated some and motivated even a small group of us to action. For those of you I offended, Please understand I am only trying to do good. I am not against Doctors, Hospitals, or even Wall Street or Big Pharma per se, if doctors, hospitals, wall street, big pharma all received the love of God all those institutions would change, dramatically! Either way, we change those institutions or we start from scratch? Something must change. For the sake of our children and our children’s children, we must strive to make this world better… Or else what is the point?

Prayerfully. I submit these things to you.

I hope we can continue the discussion Please write comments below.

Some of you are certainly more educated on the subject then me!

More to come,

Robert Anthony

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