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We Currently Have Two Shows Live!

About Our shows

Check back in Often as we are posting New Shows almost daily! 
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All Politics is Local Logo

Our First Show, "All Politics is Local" is a show about local politics but also national and international politics that effect us locally!  It's host Robert Anthony interviews amazing people throughout the US and abroad - all focused on saving the American Republic and advancing it's original and foundational cause! 

The American Revival Show

Our Newest Show!  The American Revival Show is all about Revival and the Revival that needs to come to American right now!  The history of our nation was built upon many things but one of them is most absolutely Revivals to Jesus Christ!  Any study of America and what has made us great would certainly include the great revivals of the past - but the Greatest American Revival is yet to come!  And we are believing for it NOW!  This Rumble Channel is full of Interview, Sermons and Praise and Worship Videos!  Enjoy!

The American Revival Show Logo
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