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Welcome to our newest show All About Revival!  Do we want to see our nation saved?  Do we want to know that all our friends and loved ones are walking with God, blessed and living the abundant life Jesus promised!?  Absolutely!  Our newest show focuses on walking with God, bringing His presence into our homes, families and everyday lives.  Our Host, Robert Anthony, interviews amazing people throughout the US and abroad sharing stories of revival from the past and present.  That's right!  God is moving right now upon the earth!  As we receive of Him and come to live in His presence we get the reward!  Enjoy being inspired and encouraged.

Episode One

a message for the new year - 2024

In this first episode of the show, Robert Anthony, the host, gives a very inspirational and encouraging message for the families and especially the fathers - for the New Year ahead!

Episode Three

Interview with jeremy smith - ebenezer operation exodus - Part two

In this second part of the interview, Robert and Jeremy discuss the urgency and significance of what God is doing in these times with His Chosen people and His Chosen land!  This is proof that God loves us and will always fulfill His Word and His every promise spoken to us!  Amazing Story!

Episode Two

Interview with jeremy smith - ebenezer operation exodus - Part one

The Jews have returned to Israel!  And they continue to return.  And what does that mean to the world?  Why has God chosen to restore His people to their land after all this time has gone by?  Listen in, it is much more compelling than you might realize!


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