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We are a new kind of news agency. The old way of news, controlling the narrative, constantly pumping out propaganda and being nothing more than the mouthpiece of the elite, is over.  Covid has changed all the rules.  Millions are aware now that they, these elites, Wall Street Titans, Tech Moguls, most billionaires, Politicians, Power-Brokers, most Doctors, Lawyers and University Professors, can not be trusted – they can not be trusted because they simply will not speak the truth.


When our progressive-university educated, wealthy, ruling class elite refuse to speak the truth, when they go to such extremes to control the narrative and suppress the truth, when they purchase for themselves politicians in DC, state and local governments, tyranny befalls a nation.  America was never this place but the good men have refused to stand against the evil for so long and others have sold their souls for power, fame and fortune.  We lost America a while ago but it has taken time for us all to realize it.  We need a new generation to refuse this tyranny and strive to restore the Liberty that was America at its founding.


American Revival Press will support the Truth and labor to equip the American people to be the voice and strength that we can to win back our country!  


America more than anything needs a Spiritual Revival.  If we are going to revive America indeed, the revival will come first from the Spirit and then spread thru the nation like wildfire!  Into the schools, into the hospitals and universities, like wildfire the revival will come into the halls of government, into law enforcement, into the prisons and courtrooms, throughout our various institutions and even the churches, and into our own families and marriages!  Revival will come like the rain!  Like a flood!  And the glory of God will be seen from our nation around the world, and the people of the world will rejoice and desire to have what America received from God!  God will save our nation.


We are calling for Revival to come to the Republican Party and to the Democrat’s.  We are calling for Revival to come to the Churches but also to the Athiests, Agnostics and Nonbelievers.  We are calling for Revival to come to every family throughout our nation: Black, White, Latin, Asian, Native American, African, Russian, Slavic, European, etc.  We are calling for the nations in America to receive the goodness of God in Christ Jesus and be saved.  The end will come as the Bible has foretold but that doesn’t mean it has to come now.  We can receive His light and that Light from our God will shine away the darkness and life can continue another many generation’s upon the earth!  But without Revival, without the salvation of God, the end, I’m afraid, comes upon us quickly.


This is the American Revival that we are writing about, supporting with our ideals, news coverage, articles, events and more!  Thank you for getting involved, for lending us your ear, we will continue to speak the truth as long as there is breath in our lungs and light in our eyes!  By God’s grace.  We believe that God has a plan.  We believe that He cares about us and He is saving our nation.  Therefore we say and we mean it from the bottom of our hearts, The Best is Yet to Come!

We pray for your families in times such as these.  “May the Lord bless you and keep you.  May the Lord make His face to shine upon you and give you peace. Amen.”

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