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American Revival Press ( was founded March, 2023 by Robert Gelt.

We are currently not a 501c3 although we have started the process.  We intend to be a Not For Profit News Agency this year.  For large donations, please contact us and we can explain that your donations will be tax deductible for this year’s taxes.  

our Newsletter

We do not share any of our partner or member email addresses, period.

We send out a periodic newsletter and collect individual, member and partner email addresses as people sign up to receive our updates and news. We do not share our members email addresses, we do not license, loan or sell any email addresses we receive. All personal information we receive is kept private and only our webmaster, a few of our tech team and Robert Gelt ever have access to the information. Your privacy is of utmost importance to us.

It is easy to subscribe and unsubscribe to our newsletter. For any questions email us,


All articles, media, files, photograph, video and all other files associated with our site are proprietary.


To use one of our articles or any media kindly reach out to us at,


We do not use cookies to gather information. If other software we use, uses cookies that we are unaware of, said software is obligated by law to inform the user.

American Revival Press does not use tracking software, cookies, information gathering software or any such intrusive malware or software found online. Our servers are heavily guarded against such.

Embedded Content from Other Websites

All content we use and publish has been approved by its author and/or organization or it is unlicensed content – free for public and commercial use.

Who we share your Data With

Again, American Revival Press simply does not share data with any other individuals or organizations.

How Long We Retain Your Data

Member data is held on a different set of servers. Anytime you would like to discontinue receiving newsletters and other communications from us simply unsubscribe to the newsletter and your email address will be deleted from our systems.

Donation Information

We are funded by sponsors, advertisers and donors.

To make a donation or to support us in other ways kindly email us

In Conclusion

We are an organization dedicated to the Freedom of Speech, giving everyday American citizens a platform to report the truth and make their own voices heard.  We are dedicated to saving America!  This is a very desperate hour and only “We the People” will be able to restore Liberty, Righteousness and Truth to our nation.  We are committed to this end: making America once again the city on a hill whose light can not be hidden! We are faith-based in that we believe all truth and justice is given by the One God who created all things through His Son, Jesus Christ. We believe in the law of love – that all the law and truth can be summarized by “Loving God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength and loving our neighbor as ourselves.” And against such truth there can be no law.

Thank you for your interest in our news organization.

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