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Our Team

Meet our growing American Revival Team! But check back in often as our team is literally growing daily!

We are actively looking for new influencers, authors, activists and people with a purpose. The Purpose to Save this Country! 

If you want to join our team, we are currently looking for “Save America” and “Revival” content.  We are building our funding so we have very few paid positions available but are actively interviewing citizen reporters, influencers and the newly emerging Thought Leaders and Activists who are working to save this country. 

Click Here to apply to write for us.  More to come!

Robert has been a successful entrepreneur, public speaker, preacher, author, business consultant, non profit leader and more throughout his career. Most recentl...

Robert Anthony


Senior Editor

"I will be damned if I spent my life bringing freedom to other people around the world only to have to liberty ripped from mine and my childrens' future” - Jaso...

Jason Ickes



Robert “RJ” Regan is an American adventurer and entrepreneur who made international news with his conservative, constitutional and sometimes controversial comme...

Rj Regan


Contributor / Influencer

We have various guest authors who may write an article or two a month. These guests are not formally affiliated with American Revival Press but have submitted a...

Guest Contributor


Guest Contributor

We are a Christian Conservative News Media, posting articles and stories of current events, politics, education specifically in the Midwest

AR Press Staff


American Revival Press

Catherine Salgado writes for American Revival Press, PJ Media, The Rogue Review, Media Research Center, and her Substack Pro Deo et Libertate. She writes on a w...

Catherine Salgado


Tony Nastas is a pastor in Ukraine. His articles are a insightful, boots on the ground perspective of what is actually happening in Ukraine without all the prop...

Tony Nastas


Writer from Ukraine

Regent University

Joseph J. Bucci has served as a Pastor, Author, HR Director, Director of Training, Professor and Consultant. Dr. Bucci has over 20 years of experience in variou...

Dr. Joseph Bucci


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