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They Found Noah's Ark!? Yes!!!

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

By AR Press Staff

Mar 31st 2023

Friends, I have now met several people who have taken the long journey to Turkey into the mountains of Ararat, to see with their own eyes, the actual ark Noah built! Many might find this to be fantasy but I assure you it is not. Scientists, geologists, archeologists, scholars from a variety of backgrounds have attempted to disprove that the large object fossilized on the side of one of the mountains of Ararat is not Noah’s boat but have in fact PROVED to themselves, this must be The Ark from the Great Flood!

The story begins as many good stories do with the unassuming hero stumbling into his quest. Ron Wyatt was not an archeologist, he was not a scholar and did not come out of academia, he was just about the least likely person to discover such a treasure proving the Bible, yet again, to be true. Ron Wyatt was an anesthesiologist when he looked at a photo of what a pilot had taken in the 50’s of an object he thought very well might be a large fossilized boat on the side of a mountain. Call it fate, call it destiny or the will of God but something was pricked inside of Ron Wyatt’s curiosity and he had to find out, Could this object be in fact Noah’s Ark!?

A very long story short, the anesthesiologist flew to Turkey and over the years brought back with him various experts from a variety of scientific study and proved over and again to many a sceptic: this fossil is a boat, it perfectly fits the biblical narrative of Noah’s ark in size, shape and location but also discovered many wonderful mysteries about our ancient relative (Everyone on earth is related to Noah!) and just how advanced their culture was! The boat has many ship-building features that were not discovered by modern man until recently. Wyatt and his team found fossilized titanium-alloy rivets all throughout the ark! What is amazing about that is modern man did not figure out titanium-alloy and its many uses until the 1950’s!

Here is a short video with Ron explaining his discovery:

As inconvenient for some as it is for some, we have MORE ABSOLUTE PROOF than ever, The Bible is True! A countless many have sought to disprove that the Bible is the Word of God, but the Bible continues to astound in both its historical accuracy, the wonders of it's message and its thousands of prophecies that continue to come true!

Share with your kids! Share with your friends! We will continue to share more Biblical Archeology and the other discoveries of Ron Wyatt!

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