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Real Proof of the Parting of the Red Sea!

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

It was just the Jewish feast of Passover wherein the Jews commemorate their Exodus from Egypt so I thought it would timely to share Ron Wyatt's discovery of the actual Red Sea crossing site and all the evidence he found! It's truly remarkable what God preserved from this glorious event.

Lets begin with the pillars: Ron and his sons found a rather large pillar on the one side of the Red Sea and then another on the other side:

On the pillars were written an inscription basically stating: King Solomon erected these pillars to commemorate the crossing of the children of Israel through the Red Sea! Ron and his sons decided they should do some diving in the Red Sea in that area to see what they might find!

Remember that gold and silver do not rust in salt water? Here are some of the pictures Ron and his sons took while scuba diving throughout the area in the Red Sea where they discovered those pillars:

A Golden Ancient Egyptian Chariot Wheel -

An Axel from an Ancient Egyptian Chariot -

Fossilized Chariot Wheel in the Coral -

Fossilized Rib-cage in the Coral -

Many scholars have long held that the Red Sea is simply too deep for there to have been a crossing. Parts of the Red Sea are in fact extremely deep and the depths drop off so suddenly from the shore it would have made it impossible for the Israelite's to walk down into, just as the Bible explains, Exodus 14:22, "And the children of Israel went into the midst of the sea upon the dry ground: and the waters were a wall unto them on their right hand, and on their left."

But the area where Ron and his sons discovered with the pillars was entirely different than the rest of the Red Sea. Here is a map of the underwater depths of that part of the Red Sea known as the Gulf of Aqaba:

Here you can see a natural underwater land bridge wherein on both sides of it the Red Sea is in fact much deeper but at this land bridge the gentle slope down would have in fact made it possible for the children on Israel to walk down into the sea when God dried up the muddy seabed:

What made this discovery so controversial was that the Catholic church for as much as a thousand years has been teaching the Red Sea crossing happened elsewhere and they are promoting an entirely different mountain as Mount Sinai, to this day! Here is the map the Catholic Church and much of the religious world still believes to be the crossing, the golden circle at the bottom of the map is what most scholars believe to be Mt Sinai:

If you follow the red line across from Migdol the Catholic church and much of the religious world teaches the Israelite's crossed the Red Sea at the "Sea of Reeds". The major problem with this belief is that the Sea of Reeds would have never been deep enough to have drowned the entire Egyptian Army. The other problem with this belief is that the Bible declares Mount Sinai to be located in Arabia (Galatians 4:25). The Sinai Peninsula wherein today's assumed Mount Sinai is located was never known as Arabia. Here is the map that Ron Wyatt and others have been proving over the years to be the route of the Exodus:

Ron Wyatt became incredibly controversial for many reasons (not an academic, not a man of wealth or influence, etc.) but perhaps disproving the Catholic churches near thousand year old archeological assumptions made him the most controversial of all.

The Pillars erected by Solomon, the golden chariot wheels that mirrored what we know of the chariot wheels from that era of Egypt, a rib cage, a chariot axle and other underwater treasures, plus the proof of the natural underwater land bridge leading to Arabia and more, does plenty to prove to this reporter that Ron Wyatt rediscovered the actual route of the Exodus of the Israelite's from Egypt on their way to worship their God at Mount Sinai.

In our next article we will share all that Ron Wyatt found at Mount Sinai, which the Arabs renamed, "Jebel el Lawz" literally translated, "Mountain of Laws".... Isn't this exciting! THE BIBLE IS TRUE! 100%!!

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