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What do Nostradamus and the American Indians have in Common with Natural Health Cancer Cures?

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

By Robert Anthony Aug 12 2023

The utter hypocrisy of today’s medical establishment can not be overstated. While I would probably run to an emergency room if I broke a bone or needed to sew up a wound that would probably be the extent of my involvement in our modern medical INDUSTRY.

How many good and honest doctors over the centuries have been persecuted by this industry? You might be surprised to find out… Countless! An untold number of caring and concerned men and women who have dared to rebuke this establishment have ended up ridiculed, indicted, imprisoned and some even put to death! Some academic might enjoy writing a book about the various persecuted-pioneering doctors throughout history.

Where did our modern medical industry begin, you might ask? Well, I’m glad you did! Origin stories that originate in antiquity can be difficult to tell because… well… it’s ancient! It’s very difficult to fact check your work and there are varying opinions. However, most of our academics will be able to agree that ancient Babylon documented their work well and from it we can see the emergence of the majority of today’s medical industry. Few who have studied the history of our kind of medicine will argue that the city state of Babylon gave the world, among other troubles, our corrupt Medical Industry. And we need to really emphasis the word INDUSTRY.

Take a moment to stop here and read again the original Hippocratic Oath. It’s very important to understand that medical schools today have dramatically changed the oath Hippocrates had his students taking in ancient Greece. Read and compare the original oath to the one they are taking today. Hippocrates clearly saw himself as more of a “Whole Health” Physician, dealing with matters of the mind, will and emotions together with the physical body. He saw himself as a healer through a much more spiritual lens, taking on sickness and disease holistically. And this care and love he clearly taught and poured into his work he saw as an integral part of the healing process.

It should be common knowledge that there will never exist a pill or medicine to remove the suffering of a widow who lost the love of her life. It should be a matter of fact that no amount of Ritalin will calm a child who is regularly abused by his father or mother. It should not take a medical degree for us to understand that hope cannot be bottled and sold for $29.95 a pill, plus tax. Does what we put into our bodies matter? Incredibly so. I think even more than we realize. Are their factors to health just as powerful and fundamental as food, without a doubt!


It was into this Babylonian medical system that Nostradamus was trained, even at a very young age. He lived in France and joined the University of Avignon in 1519 at the age of 15, during the heights of the Bubonic Plague, also known as The Black Plague. I wish I could find a biography that someone had written of Nostradamus while he was yet alive. I would like to know more about his background and influences, the things that inspired him to become the man he did, etc.

The plague had been ravaging Europe for some 150+ years by the time Nostradamus was born. It is estimated that as much as a third of Europe was killed by the plague – think about that for a moment, a third! Another very important thing to understand was “The Church” and their role in everyday life throughout Europe, even with its physicians, as the plague decimated generations. (The plague, together with the dominance of the Catholic Church were two of the main reasons this period of time became known as “The Dark Ages”.) And it was into this dark and dreary world that Nostradamus was born.

Again, how he came to the discoveries he did, what drove him and influenced him, greatly interest me. What our culture commonly knows of this man is that he was a prognosticator, using the stars and mathematics to foretell the future. In very cryptic and poetic-short phrases Nostradamus would write down what he saw of the future, as gleaned from the stars. But what few of us have learned of this interesting person perhaps even more amazing than his prophecy was that he learned to cure the plague with natural medicine!

He was only 15 when he entered medical school but a short while thereafter the school was closed for several years due to the plague. And it was then that Nostradamus took on a new mentor, or perhaps mentors and looked to the apothecary for natural health cures of plague. The archaic and barbaric methods that their “modern” physicians were using to stop plague were grotesque to say the least but worse than that, those modalities didn’t work at all! Most commonly, the practice among the “educated” and respected class of physicians for plague was bleeding. Believe it or not, they would cut open veins usually in the upper-inner arm and allow the patient to “Bleed-out” the plague. Naturally, this did not work at curing plague but was very effective at ridding themselves of the “problem” rather quickly, those infected were dropping dead like flies once they found their way to these -physicians.

Throughout his training as an apothecary, Nostradamus formulated a simple but effective treatment for plague using mostly rose petals and rose hips. He would teach the people cleanliness and proper sanitation, ridding their homes of rats, feces, etc. He would stress the importance of getting outside and breathing in the clean air and he would give them ample doses of his rose petal/rose hip concoction, which we understand today is very high in vitamin C among other powerful antioxidants. This simple and almost free remedy for the disease was not merely effective but was something of a miracle cure for France!

Now you would think that the French would have celebrated Nostradamus’ victory!? You would think that the people would have commended him to the king and that great honor and even riches would be bestowed upon the pioneering physician. But No. That is not how the real and broken world unfortunately works, instead Nostradamus was vehemently ridiculed and attacked by the establishment. The Catholic Church was intimately in league with the physicians of that day and both went to great lengths to literally destroy the healer! I have read in one account that he was even imprisoned for a time as the Catholic Church and Medical Establishment warred against him.

How many lives could have been saved if they had received this healer and his pioneering-miraculous work!? But bleeding continued, poor sanitation, hiding patients away from the sun and fresh air, rotten meat and infestation of mice and rats remained commonplace especially throughout impoverished parts of Europe for hundreds of years to come. (It should be noted that bubonic plague, oddly enough, still exists in parts of the world even within our own USA, 2023!?)


As if The Plague was not enough, another pandemic came to ravage the people of Europe as they ventured out into the world on merchant ships, to war, to discover new lands, etc. Scurvy appeared practically out of nowhere!? It was a terrible disease that was known to befall the sailors around the same era as the plague. Over a spam of hundreds of years, some 3 million people died of scurvy! Again, one of the known modalities for trying to cure scurvy was bleeding! Other remedies included: drinking salt-water, drinking vinegar, eating sour kraut and eating rats!? (Ironically eating rats seemed to work somewhat. I will explain.) Basically as thousands upon thousands were dying on their boats, Europe’s “modern” medicine had no answer to this profound and mysterious boat-plague.

It was documented in the mid-1500’s that a Native American tribe had given a concoction, boiling white pine bark and/or pine needles into a tea and it would almost instantly heal scurvy! But the notion that these archaic primitive-tribal people could know better than Europe’s educated physicians was offensive and totally rejected. For hundreds of years more, scurvy ravaged countless many lives who dared to take to the high seas for fame, fortune and glory. It would not be until the 1800’s when an Englishman named James Lind found that limes and oranges would heal scurvy practically overnight! Thus the English sailors became known as “limey’s” worldwide for their strict daily doses of lime juice. And finally scurvy became a thing of the past.

The Native Americans might not have known that the tree bark and pine needles were high in Vitamin C (and so cured scurvy, which turned out to be a Vitamin C deficiency) but they knew that these long-established cures healed a variety of diseases. As strange as it was, men would turn to eating the rats on board and some found healing. Centuries later, it was discovered that rats, along with many other animals, are capable of making their own vitamin C! So the Vitamin C deficient sailors would get enough from the rats to heal and survive the rest of the journey.

A study of rickets and pellagra would reveal similarly that our natural bodies were made for natural foods and natural cures to empower them and heal them. Rickets turned out to be a vitamin D deficiency and pellagra, vitamin B3. How many died of rickets and pellagra before “modern” science looked to our diets for a solution? Millions!


Let me back up for a moment to explain the Babylonian connection to today’s medical industry. Babylon as a city-state was synonymous with wealth and extravagance. They lured nations in with their luxury, promiscuity and opulence. One of the wonders of the world, The Hanging Gardens of Babylon became world famous together with Babylon’s aqueducts and city-wide watering systems. Babylon became world famous for banking but a lesser known creation of Babylon was it’s medical system.

Before Babylon it had never been recorded, the concept of a manufacturer producing a medicine and then separately a doctor prescribing a certain manufacturers medication. Throughout most of history, the doctors would make their own remedies, for instance Nostradamus famously blending his rose/rose hips into small, easy to swallow pill. It was Babylon that first created an industry around health and healing.

At first glance, this concept of separating out the manufacturer from the physician makes sense, the manufacturer can specialize, the physician can choose the best manufacturer with the best product and the “free” market can decide who thrives by whose product works. Except there is a massive problem that lurks within human nature, that is we are inherently flawed and often choose things like power and riches over life and loving our fellow man.

Just look at what has become of this Babylonian system of medicine – it has arguably conquered the whole world! These manufacturers have practically monopolized the medical industry and let me explain how, just so we are all on the same page here: Where do all the medical schools get there funding!? Well, it isn’t from vitamin and mineral manufacturers. The truth is, there is no money in vitamins and minerals, Why? Because you cannot patent a vitamin or mineral. Very important. You can trademark a label or brand but you can not patent food… well… kinda’. I don’t want to get too off topic here but this too is very valid in the conversation. You CAN patent food when it’s GMO (Genetically Modified). So suddenly there is an untold fortune to be made as Big Business and Wall Street enters into the food business. More on that in another article.

So, Big Pharma dominates our medical establishment by owning the patents on their drugs and making untold fortunes selling something they manufacture for pennies but selling it for sometimes hundreds of dollars! The profits on these drugs are almost incomprehensible! Compared with the vitamin industry, perhaps they are selling vitamin C for ten cents per 200 milligrams? Perhaps it costs them total, with marketing, sales and distribution costs, five cents per 200 milligrams? They are making 100% profit on their product, which is great, right!? But Big Pharma creates a pill for the same five or ten cents but then sells that pill for five, ten or one hundred dollars or more! A 1,000-20,000% profit margin!

And what does Big Pharma do with all those profits!? They fund the medical schools. Wouldn’t it just be the best business model ever if you convinced the world that your product was the only product worldwide that could solve their problem – and then you had thousands of very smart people, speaking with highly sophisticated language, repeating the same thing over and over again for decades!? And then what if you infiltrated all the governments, schools, hospitals and more, forcing your way of thinking on a population and destroying every person and idea that came against you? What if your product had a 1,000-20,000% mark up!? Who could possibly stand against you and your army of lawyers and employees!?

What if you got so advanced in your scam that you were able to now manufacture your own sicknesses and disease..? What if your drug-producing company learned to create a disease that you had already developed and patented pills for!? What if you were so powerful that you could shut entire governments down until enough people took your pills!?

As the Bible predicted so long ago, Babylon has truly defiled the whole world.


Without a doubt, throughout history many physicians have come along who refused to sell their souls for wealth, fame and earthly glory. And many, if not the majority, of these men were heavily persecuted by the medical schools, drug manufacturers and medical-ruling-class elites, like Nostradamus and the Native Americans before them.

One such caring and devoted pioneer was Dr. Ernst T Krebs. Dr. Krebs and his son, Ernst T Krebs Jr., did amazing and groundbreaking work with a certain family of vitamins and their ability to prevent and cure cancer! The culmination of their life’s work came in the late 1960’s, when a Dr John Richardson converted his ear, nose and throat practice in San Francisco Bay area into a natural health cancer clinic and started curing cancer, naturally, using these vitamins and minerals. (Click here to watch our interview with John Jr. Dr Richardson's son. Excellent and revealing story!)

There have been entire books written on the subject. “World Without Cancer” goes into a lot of this story and the history of Vitamin B17. Arguably, there has not been a single substance that has been more vehemently and even violently assaulted by the medical establishment than Vitamin B17 (and to a lesser extent it’s cousin, Vitamin B15). Here is a short one-hour documentary on the subject that was done by a mentor and friend of mine, G Ed Griffin. Big Pharma recruited none other than Senator Ted Kennedy to assist in their full-frontal assault on the completely Non-Toxic B17. But the tragic and tumultuous story of Vitamin B17 is not over! A new generation is more convinced than ever of the evils that have been and continue to be perpetrated by this BIG Pharma-controlled, medical establishment running the world’s health narrative.

But Nostradamus, the Native Americans and Doctors Krebs and Richardson were not the first ones to ever be attacked be these establishments who love money more than men – and they will not be the last. The horror and injustice of the story of Vitamin B17 in these United States, cannot be overstated. These doctors, as many as a dozen of them, were curing cancer at rates NEVER SEEN BEFORE IN AMERICAN HISTORY using this B17 vitamin therapy pioneered by Krebs and Richardson. Some had cure rates as high as 80%! And yet the establishment had them thrown into jail, their medical licenses revoked, the IRS unleashed upon them, and more! This was big news in the 1970’s. But the headlines were, “Medical Quack’s Thrown in Jail for Deceiving the American People” etc. Not one of these papers dared to print the truth, “Why are Pioneering-Christian Doctors, Curing Cancer at Rates Never Before Seen in US History, being Imprisoned!?”

I will discuss these things more in Part Two of this series. Check back in, as I will try to have it posted within the next week or two. Dr. John Richardson's son, John Jr., started a company that is selling B17 products, apricot seeds have probably the highest concentration of B17 in nature. He sells apricot seeds as well as raw B17 as vitamins, called Laetrile. Click here to link to his site. He sells the book, "World Without Cancer" and many other B17 products and resources.

The simple truth is, God gave us an abundant and plentiful earth! We never needed to recreated it, in our image. It was amazing the way He created it. The more we destroy the building blocks of life: our food, the seeds, the human genome, etc. the stranger the diseases will become and the greater the pandemics! Mark my words, “God will not be mocked as a man sows so shall he reap.” If destroying God’s creation is what we as a society are sowing, what do you think we will reap!? God help us. Many of us do not agree with this madness!

"We do not agree with destroying your creation, Lord..." "GOD! HELP US!!"

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Aug 17, 2023

Very interesting and thought provoking. Thank you. I'm looking forward to the second segment.

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