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Does Anyone Have Health Insurance that is Working? (Please Respond in Comments)

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

They ruined our Medical Industry. The Big Insurance Providers. The Politicians. Big Pharma. They totally destroyed what was once the best health system in the world, perhaps in all of history!? The doctor used to come to your house! Compared to today, we had just about heaven on earth in America in the 50’s and 60’s. Of all the things “We The People” must fix, the medical industry must be towards the top of the list. What they just did with Covid and those vaccines must never ever happen again for the history of our nation. Politicians do not have the ability to judge for the families of America what is best for their health. Medical science has proven that many unseen factors dramatically affect health. It has been proven by medical science now that prayer actually, scientifically supports the healing process - this has in fact been proven with such emphasis it’s a wonder why every hospital in the nation isn’t already prescribing prayer for the healing process? We must get involved with this problem and fix it.

The unseen parts of the human being have long been received by medical science. Reading the original Hippocratic Oath we can see the ancient worlds understanding of the unseen, soul and spirit world involved with our wellness and healing processes. The Bible makes it very clear that sickness, disease and death follow sin. Well, what is so difficult to understand about that? Drinking too much alcohol and doing too many drugs are in fact going to take years off of your life. But other sins: bitterness, unforgiveness and anger also dramatically effect ones health. If we know that these unseen parts of the man/woman can influence their physical body, why is it so difficult to understand God does also directly influence the body?

Medical Science does not much appreciate the unseen world and it’s effects on the body, and Why? Simple. You can not patent prayer. There is no money to be made off of forgiveness or letting go of angry you have carried for years. Again the money world, Wall Street and it’s Titans have hijacked one of our industries and totally ruined it. What could be so beautiful and enjoyable, the healing process, people releasing years of depression and abuse, people losing weight they have carried for decades, people resting as they heal from cancer and heart disease… has been corrupted by big money interests, lawsuits, the absolute removal of all natural medicine and worse. “We the People” must change this, immediately.

Please write your notes below. Help us to continue this dialog and come up with solutions for this growing epidemic within our Medical Industry. The change starts with us.

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