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The Subversion of Michigan by WEF and China

Updated: Apr 9, 2023

The global economy is at a turning point called the 4th industrial revolution. Love it or hate it there are serious implications across all of society. The primary technologies driving this revolution are mass production of 5NM computer chips, advanced rare earth separation processes, advanced nuclear power technologies both fusion and micro reactors, artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, ubiquitous access to fiber optics, and abundant retail satellite services. The throttle for the 4th industrial revolution is access to cheap abundant electricity and rare earth elements.

Michigan has solar, wind, hydro, biomass, nuclear, natural gas, and coal power plants.

Here are some quick facts:

• Michigan has 44 natural gas storage fields with almost 1.1 trillion cubic feet of underground storage capacity, more than any other state and almost one-eighth of the nation's gas storage capacity. • In 2021, coal provided the largest share of Michigan’s electricity net generation (32%), followed by nuclear energy (30%) and natural gas-fired power (27%). • Renewables provided about 11% of Michigan's electricity net generation in 2021, and wind energy accounted for three-fifths of that power. Michigan ranks among the top 15 states in the amount of electricity generated by wind energy. • Michigan is among the top five states in residential sector petroleum use and ranks first in residential sector consumption of propane. • Michigan’s largest hydroelectric facility is the Ludington pumped-storage plant on the shores of Lake Michigan on the Lower Peninsula. With more than 2,000 megawatts of capacity, it is one of the ten largest pumped storage power plants in the world.

As you can see Michigan is prime real estate for the 4th Industrial Revolution with sufficient energy capacity for industrial growth. Plentiful access to fresh water and available workforce with more than enough room to grow. Rundown sections of Detroit were easily scooped up by Bedrock Capital the real estate partner of the WEF. With the added benefit of massive tax breaks and $1 land purchases, Detroit was quickly captured.

Strategically China knows the powerhouse Michigan is during times of war. It’s important to remember just how long China has been undermining US currency, industry, military, government and so on. An unrestricted war is what China has declared on the U.S.

Its not a trade war with China
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How are China and the World Economic Forum (WEF) connected? The kowtowing to China by WEF can be seen through the complete neglect of Taiwan in comparison to Ukraine. What is really going on in Ukraine? Why do Democrats overwhelmingly support the Ukrainian quagmire verses Republicans? If Russia truly has more advanced 5th generation aircraft technology as we are led to believe by the national security state, then the war in Ukraine should have been over in weeks. Yet here we are over a year later and the majority of Ukraine remains independent and intact. China and Russia are now growing closer with each passing day. Even though Russia is the most viable and logical geographic territory for China to expand into with large swaths of uninhabited forest and fertile grasslands. Culturally Russia is a more viable ally to the west. Since the 2020 election China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, and Venezuelan alliance got stronger with Brazil and Saudi Arabia.

Most importantly, How does Taiwan factor into the 4th Industrial Revolution? It’s simple, nearly 80% of all advanced microchips are made in Taiwan securing it as the linchpin to dominance during this industrial revolution. China can not become the sole world super power without it. Nor can any nation expect to make it through any world war without mitigating this supply chain vulnerability. It is absolutely essential to understand how ignoring Taiwan in any international forum such as the WEF is placating to the CCP desired end-state, total control of Taiwan and an effective 90% total control of the advanced microchip manufacturing market.

American high technology companies are wholly dependent on China not only for many basic parts, assembled components, but also processing of rare earth elements (REEs). Don’t forget Michigan still has loads of Copper, Iron and other minerals throughout the UP, essential for development. Add to that the CHIPS Act with a multi-billion dollar Intel advanced microchip factory being built in Ohio and you can see how even more incredibly strategic Michigan becomes. This doesn’t even address the fact that ports and an international border make Detroit the epicenter of the West’s 4th industrial revolution. Yet China is buying the land, securing government tax breaks, and forcing non-CCP corporations to adhere to Environmental Social Governance (ESG).

The CCP intends to choke the west with its own resources pilfering the profits and oppressing the people just like it has done in Southeast Asia and Africa. It’s clear Michigan is ground zero and the WEF will be a proxy operational head-quarters for the CCP in Detroit.

Jason Ickes

MI Statesman

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3 comentarios

22 may 2023

And so a continent rich in natural resources is systematically conquered without firing a shot, as its citizens and government self-immolate in the names of false gods.

Me gusta

03 may 2023

This is why they destroyed Detroit. Completely decimated property values, so the land can be purchased for next to nothing, by the globalists. This is exactly what is happening in CA and other states on the west coast. Absolutely despicable, and intentional. Criminal that our state and federal gov't are directly involved and responsible.

Me gusta

08 abr 2023

This is very concerning.

Me gusta
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