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"I will be damned if I spent my life bringing freedom to other people around the world only to have to liberty ripped from mine and my childrens' future” - Jason Ickes

Jason Ickes is a dedicated and motivated professional with a wealth of experience in physical and cyber security. With a strong background working with government agencies and commercial enterprises, Jason has developed a comprehensive skill set and a reputation for excellence in his field.

Jason's career has been characterized by his ability to work both independently and as part of a team. He is comfortable taking initiative and is known for his problem-solving abilities. His commitment to lifelong learning has enabled him to stay updated on the latest trends and technologies.

As a Green Beret and warrior diplomat, Jason was deployed to numerous countries demonstrating a high level of expertise and trustworthiness on behalf of the United States of America. He has also gained valuable leadership experience throughout his career, allowing him to effectively manage teams and projects. Jason's natural aptitude for conflict resolution has been instrumental in successfully navigating challenging situations and maintaining productive working relationships.

Jason's previous experience includes serving in the Special Forces collaborating with local and federal agencies, as well as property and business owners, to develop and execute realistic military training scenarios that spanned multiple states. Jason's keen observation and evaluation skills allowed him to provide valuable guidance to senior leaders throughout his career.

Jason made significant contributions to national security objectives while deployed to combat theaters. He developed and delivered training courses aimed at enhancing foreign military intelligence collection and mitigating operational security violations. His expertise in training and managing military and police forces from various regions with multifaceted cultural differences, including Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, has been crucial to the success of operations in 70 countries. Jason's cultural awareness studies have enabled him to bring together various groups with ideological and language differences. Jason meticulous maintenance of training allocations, special skills rosters, and professional proficiency's for over a thousand individuals has provided invaluable support to spreading American exceptionalism abroad.

Since leaving service to his country in the Army Jason has sought to expand his personal trade skills and professional credentials while providing as a father of four. It wasn’t long before he found himself volunteering to help with the Afghanistan emergency evacuation after the botched withdrawal. Since then Jason is working with organizations across the nation in the fight against government corruption. He now is answering the call once more! This time to bring a fighter for we the people to the halls of congress.

Jason Ickes

Jason Ickes



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