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Winning 2024.

By Robert Anthony

May 11th 2023

We lost Michigan and Minnesota entirely to some of the most radical Democrat politicians ever in the history of our nation: at birth (or after birth) abortion laws a passing, they are taking away our access to guns, they are taking away parental rights, teaching our children that boys can become girls and visa-versa, they have entirely corrupted our elections… and more… our borders are wide open, the drug epidemic continues, the laws they enacted make us prey to Big Pharma and the W.H.O. during the next pandemic… and more… This is not the party of John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr. or even FDR. The radical element that has hijacked the Democratic Party has in every way declared war on the United States of America. Most of you reading this are well-aware.

We lost Wisconsin’s Supreme court. As a movement, we never got a real win in Pennsylvania or Georgia. Nevada is being ran by Democrat’s, Arizona too! Arizona in fact has some of the radical element, Soros-funded politicians who hijacked their state. (Absolutely praying that Kari Lake gets us a Huge Win there in the weeks ahead! Many people are talking about her being restored to her office!) But Arizona aside – let’s assume Kari Lake gets that win – this is what the map looks like in 2024: Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, they are generally reporting are leaning blue. Let’s add emphasis: in 2020 and 2022 we are well-aware they hijacked elections in Michigan. I am personally less aware of the fraud they found in Minnesota but I am very aware that they were never even close to having an audit of 2020 in Minnesota. Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan and really very similar with cities ran by radical Dem’s but the rest of the state an absolute Republican stronghold! All the numbers show Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan are well within the Republicans grasp, if not totally Republican states! But they steal elections.

It will be a miracle to win Michigan or Minnesota. Wisconsin is more possible but we just lost the Supreme Court there to progressive Dems. If we lose Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin we would have to win Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada, Arizona and still hold on to all our other strongholds but get to 281. If we have any upset in Florida or North Carolina we lose 2024, almost guaranteed. If we lose Pennsylvania, we would have to win Georgia, Wisconsin and Arizona, all three, which would squeak out a 271 win. Remember how they rig elections.

Talk to Seth Keshel and some of the others with the facts on trends. The nation was trending Republican. All these “Swing States” were practically running to the Republican Party and so they had to steal 2020 (and then 2022). There was simply NO WAY we lost 2020, even omitting all the evidence and proof of fraud – the nation was becoming Republican. African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, Asian-Americans, etc. even the minorities were leaving the Democrat party in droves. So the good news is: we really have the numbers! But.

I’m going to write a follow up article about the things we can do immediately to make sure they don’t steal 2024 from the American People. The good news is the nation is really waking up to the reality that there is some real evil at work here. Sometimes that evil is not what we think: sometimes that evil is really apathy, or cowardice, or someone sold their soul for a fiat currency… but it’s an evil nonetheless. “What should become of the world if the good men do nothing!?” The women are looking to us men! Our wives, our sisters, our daughters, our mothers… They are looking at us, saying, “When will the men say “Enough is Enough”!?” Read the next article… (Click this link). It's vital for taking our nation back!

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