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The Backdrop of the Entire Tucker/Putin Interview was CHINA!

By Robert Anthony

Feb 9th 2024

I have had my doubts about Tucker over the years.  Obviously I am a huge fan and believe him to be an incredible talent! But watching this interview, I now know him to be:

1.     A True Patriot

2.    Remarkably Intelligent

3.    A Real Christian


Looking over the interview, I think Tucker could not have done much better.  Let’s get to the ELEPHANT in the room, “China”!  Did you catch Putin claiming Three or Four times that China’s economy is the largest in the world and then one time he referenced, purchasing power.  Well, first of all that is extremely misleading “facts”.  The simple FACT is, Congress passes one law, saying that all US pension-funds must pull out of China and China’s economy is ruined overnight.  The FACT is China’s economy is held together by strings and always has been – it has always been the US Markets (Stock Market and Retail-Consumer Market) propping China up.  


The truth about China is, they are incredibly desperate.  Study out China’s Ghost Cities.  China is in full recession right now and the more America trades with other nations (and we have been lately doing more business with Mexico than China), the more China’s economy plummets.  Without a doubt Putin is aware of these things.  Putin made a case for why he chose China rather than the US.  At one point in time Tucker calls him out, “Which Colonial power would you rather have ruling the world…” obviously referring to America and China.  To which Putin breaks into another propaganda-history lesson, refusing to answer the question, again.  Remember Putin’s skillfully placed story about his desire to join NATO?  That was Putin playing the victim (again) that we forced him into China’s hands. 

Several times Tucker tried to get it out of Putin, “Why did you invade Ukraine”!?  And isn’t that THE Question!  There is no way Russia wins in this scenario and Putin knows it!  Russia has already “burned thru” 300K plus lives of their own citizens!  Three Hundred Thousand lives for what purpose?  To take the Crimea!?  It simply doesn’t add up.  And Tucker tried to pull this out of Putin – but Putin’s response was totally unbelievable, “These are all our lands and our peoples”, he even talked about all these people having “One Soul” and that they will all eventually be united.


But Putin can not believe such nonsense.  Russia, the government of Russia, is known for lying, worldwide.  All these ex-Soviet nations are Flocking to NATO, why?  Because Russia is so benevolent and loving!?  No, because all these old-Soviet nations remember all too well their lives under Soviet-Communist rule and they are petrified to ever return.  Remember Putin was a spy-chief under that old-Soviet system.  These things are facts. Tucker was amazing, seriously!  And I am not usually the fanboy.  Tucker called Putin to the carpet not once or twice but throughout the entirety of the interview.  Because, THERE IS NO LOGICAL EXPLANATION WHY PUTIN WOULD INVADE UKRAINE – IT SIMPLY IS NOT IN RUSSIA’S BEST INTEREST. Unless either, 1. Putin is not in charge of his own nation anymore, but they are beholden to China, or 2. Putin was losing his grip on power and needed a war to keep the Status Quo, or 3. Russia’s economy was plummeting and they were desperate to salvo themselves (which again would have to involve China).  But instead of admitting to any sort of truth Putin monologues his version of history, making a case to his own people as to why it’s in Russia’s best interest to lose hundreds of thousands of lives in Ukraine.


Simple fact checks: 1. Zelensky’s dad was born in 1947 and could have never fought in World War 2.  Putin fibbed often in his retelling of “history”. 2. Of Course the Poles didn’t want to “give up peacefully” their city Gdansk, that part of “history” too was absurd. Huge swaths of his retelling of the Polish Kingdom were littered with opinion not facts.  But I would have to write a research paper on some of this “history” to convince my reader.  These were a few glaring “facts” I wanted to point out.  But without a doubt, the old Soviet peoples DO NOT want to return to a fantasy-land “former glory” – the “former glory” only existed for a very small elite while the rest of the people of the USSR suffered terribly for 40+ years!


China was again the backdrop when Tucker tried to get Putin talking about BRICS nations.  Putin skillfully made a case against US choices to sanction Russia and other nations, “Against our own dollar”.  So much of what he stated as facts here was rubbish.  The US Dollar had such a foothold in transit throughout the world and as the global reserve currency, it was hardly a loss at all to us to “lose” a percentage of Russia’s US Dollars to Yuan, etc.  Is the BRICS something we should be concerned about? Yes and No. India will never give the world over to China.  This is a very simple fact.  We would have to force India over to China immediately if we wanted to self-destruct and even then, would India oblige?


In closing, we still do not understand why Putin invaded Ukraine knowing there is no winning in this for him – unless winning is Putin staying in power? Or appeasing his new boss, China.  That rubbish about NATO approaching his doorstep was almost laughable.  In starting this war, Putin made certain Ukraine would come to NATO and the EU!  There’s no way he did not calculate this as an absolute certainty.  Why is Putin so desperate?  This question remains unanswered.  On the other hand, Tucker gave Putin twice the chance to speak to the immorality of America.  That would have been the most reasonable response to war in my opinion, Putin acknowledging America’s fall from righteousness and something to be admired.  The moral decline of our nation cannot be overstated.  Tucker gave Putin the opening at least twice but Putin declined.  That also spoke volumes to me that this war is not righteous in any way, shape or form.


The unfortunate truth, much to the Q-anoners dismay, is that our enemies are banding together against us not for any righteousness, justice or truth – but simply because they are losing their grip on wealth and power in their respective nations and they are willing to start WW3 as a last ditch effort.  By all means debate in the comments section but I hope not to hear a bunch of conspiracy about “secret labs” “child trafficking” and “Nazism” throughout Ukraine.  Putin had every chance to shore up those theories and simply did not.  In fact his little conversation about Nazism in Ukraine was littered with historical inaccuracies and omitted the fact that his own nation is full of antisemitism!


What I personally was left with after this interview was that Putin is hoping to get out of this with some form of victory to present to his people.  If the west (America) gives him that land bridge to Crimea and the Crimea, I would bet my entire savings account that Putin would gladly end the war!  Tucker again skillfully got Putin to admit that he is willing to negotiate out of this war – but as a master-victim “this would be up to the US and not to Russia” (because Russia is but a victim, “poor Russia,” who had no choice but to invade Ukraine and send hundreds of thousands of their own people to the grave – plus all that they did to destroy Ukraine!).


I leave this thought with the American people.  Being well aware of the narratives throughout our country, remember I was personal friends with G Edward Griffin, the author of The Creature from Jekyll Island, and mentored by some great minds – Who do we want running the world? America? China? Or the EU?  We remove America from the world stage and someone runs the world… In all our fighting for righteousness, in all our debating and frustrations about our own nation, we should keep in mind the complexities of the world that has been created (for good or for bad) remembering, as the scripture so truthfully declares, “There are none who is righteous, no not one”. I say, fight for truth, justice and righteousness but skillfully and masterfully – keeping in mind, what if we (accidentally) burn the whole house down?  Then what is left of our nation!?


We need people of incredible patience, wisdom, poise and determination in this fight for America (and its allies) immediately!  It’s a desperate hour!




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