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The Power of our States and Counties to Win 2024 -

Updated: May 11, 2023

By Robert Anthony

May 11th 2023

The Supreme Court very well may have passed the buck, or kicked the bucket over to the states with their ruling on Roe v. Wade. Could they have ruled that the Federal Government (according to our US Constitution) has no right to give allowance to a woman to destroy the child in her womb? Yes. Absolutely. But, for whatever the reason, they ruled the way that they did. On a very positive note, this ruling has made the way for the states and even the counties to start taking back this nation. The Supreme Court gave us the road map.

Why the GOP-stronghold states have not taken much advantage of this is beyond me. What Texas could do with their border! What Arkansas, Louisiana, South and North Carolina and Florida could do with their elections!? What Montana, Wyoming, Idaho and Utah could do to end the murdering of babies in the belly!!? What Ohio, Tennessee, Kentucky, etc. could do to Big Pharma to rebuke them for what they did to this nation throughout the Covid years!? The Supreme Court ruling gave us Americans the permission to literally go to war against these enemies of America!

Do they lack creativity? There are thousands and thousands of GOP state rep’s and state senators. There are GOP Governors, AG’s and so many others of influence, GOP Chairs, GOP Mega-Donors! Where on earth is everyone!? Our nation has never been under assault like this before, ever. The AG’s could push back on Big Tech with a variety of lawsuits for what they are doing against the American people. And why won’t any of our GOP Power Players fix our broken election systems!? At a minimum they could hand count the vote together with their machines. That isn’t even controversial in any way. Use the machines, fine. But then hand count the votes separate so your people can know that their votes counted. Your citizens will all volunteer to do so!! It won’t require ANYTHING to your budget! So if the states won’t engage. If the State GOP Leadership won’t push back on these radical agenda’s against our rights to bear arms, waring against our precious and innocent children with Drag-Queen Story hour, giving over our sovereignty to the W.H.O. and other globalists, then the counties must engage. The counties have power also! Ask the Sheriff’s they know… Counties have power over their elections, over their health systems, they have budgets and power to push back the state and federal governments when those governments trample the constitution. The Supreme Court already gave us the precedent with the Roe ruling, they practically asked the states to join the fight! And if the states won’t engage, it’s up to the counties. Be creative! County Commissioners, Sheriff’s, etc. think of all the things you can do to uphold the constitution even while it is under assault from your state governments!

This really feels like a late and very desperate hour. But the Counties could hand count their 2024 elections very easily, even along-side of running an election on the machines! That would almost be like doing an audit of your election while the election is happening, real time! Your citizens would gladly volunteer! Especially in the GOP strongholds. How on earth would the state argue with that!? I would actually LOVE to hear that argument… Hahaha. What could they possibly come up with!?

But if everyone (of the GOP) is content to still talk about all the evidence we have from 2020 being stolen, and just rehearse empty rhetoric day after day, if the leaders of the Grand Old Party are content to politic and campaign off of the problems without any intention of solving a single problem… THE NATION IS GONE.

Say it with me, “THEY STEAL ELECTIONS”. Your county officials had better get involved with shoring up 2024 right now. Read my last article. 2024 is bleak without several miracles happening, like immediately! We have the narrowest of paths to victory in 2024 – and let me repeat, “THEY STEAL ELECTIONS”. You want to celebrate that you kicked some old-guard Republicans out of their seats, MAGA? You want to bang on your chests letting your state and voters know what you did!? Ok. Now you have the power… Congratulations…. What are you going to do with it to Save America!? If we don’t fix the nations election system, it’s Check Mate. Game Over. We lost. There is this 18 or so month window that we are either going to find some (as the Jews say), “Chutzpah” and as our friends south of the border say, grow some “Cajones” or else all is lost. With Trump back in office China is rebuked, Russia and Ukraine find peace, the border is shut down, the economy is saved, we give the W.H.O. the finger, Taiwan can find a little rest, Israel can stand tall against Iran, babies can feel safe in the wombs, our children can play again at school without nutjob politics at war against them!! Or we lose and the FBI builds a headquarters in DC twice the size of the Pentagon, the IRS hires practically 100K agents to crush the spirit of the American people, not millions but tens of millions cross our southern border and some will bring their drugs, sex trafficking, organized crime and terrorism with them! It is such a desperate hour but why do I feel like a few hundred of us realize this!? If you are in Michigan and do not understand how broken our election systems are, contact us immediately and we will share what we found with If you are unaware of how broken the election systems in the nation are… perhaps you have been sleeping for a few years? Or maybe you took a 3 year sabbatical from all electronics and lived in the woods? For those who have been hiding under a rock, They stole 2020 and then they stole 2022. We have all the evidence. If you want to look into this find some Trump Supporters, most of us know plenty about the fraud. And watch Kari Lake’s lawsuits. They are revealing even more! It's time to put your big boy pants on men! Hahaha. But seriously. If you are an elected official right now – you had better be thinking soberly and with all sincerity – God put you in that office for such a time as this! Now what are you going to do with it? Will the nation, will your state and county be saved under your watch? Or twenty years from now will you look back with the greatest of regret and say, “I wish I would have done so much more…. I wish I wasn’t so lethargic and asleep…” We, at American Revival Press, are here to help you. Thousands in your county and throughout your state will volunteer and go to great lengths to follow your lead, if you will actually lead us! It really starts with election integrity… from there be creative, get with your legal minds and others throughout your district and build your coalitions… We could save the nation right now or lose it forever… Swallow that bitter pill and then lets get to work! Game On!

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