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The Rebirth of a Very Old Evil: Transhumanism (Part Two)

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Image by Александр Михальчук

Let me emphasize these articles I am writing really must be read in order – they are building one upon the other. This is going to be very hard for some people, it is going to totally and utterly shatter their world view, view of history, science and generally the story-line that has been shoved down our throats since kindergarten – for other people this article will help your faith to soar as you see with your own eyes that the word of God is in fact, True and no part of it false.

If only our children were taught the truth! It is so easy to follow God and His Word once we realize it’s totally 100% accurate. In 7th grade I remember arguing with my teacher, refusing to agree I “evolved” from an ape. I was kicked out of my class - it was very embarrassing to say the least. Later on in life, in my twenties I met Richard Rives of Wyatt Archeological Institute. He taught me about Ron Wyatt and all the discoveries Wyatt had made! He had proven Noah’s ark to be in the mountains of Ararat, modern day Turkey, exactly as the Bible has told us all along. The boat they found measures to the exact Biblical dimensions – it had been preserved in the mountainside, in the dirt for these thousands of years! Why wasn’t I ever taught this in school!? They found Noah’s ark in the 70’s!? The Turkish Government even built a visitor center, commemorating the discovery of the ark and giving Archeologist Ron Wyatt the credit for the find!

We have been taught, more so indoctrinated over and again that ancient man was Neanderthal, Cave-men living so primitive, almost unintelligible and hardly evolved above an animal. However, the few brave scientists, archeologists and thinkers who dare to speak the truth of what they find, contradicting this propaganda, scientifically, over and again, actually prove the opposite to be true: Ancient man in many ways was actually smarter, healthier, more technologically advanced, better-equipped and more capable than we are today!!! The Noah’s ark find also proves this to be true.

They studied the way the ark was built and found techniques in the construction of the boat that modern shipping only figured out in the 1800’s or even after. They found titanium-alloy rivets used all throughout the boat! We, our world, only discovered titanium alloy in the 1950’s!! Noah smelted Titanium-Alloy BEFORE THE FLOOD, thousands of years ago!? They still don’t know how ancient man built the Great Pyramid and those structures at Giza! This narrative of ancient man being primitive must be repeated over and again for their lies and propaganda surrounding evolution and an old earth, to be true. The simple fact of the matter is: the more we (in truth) discover what the world was like in antiquity the more we marvel at how intelligent and advanced our ancient forefathers actually were!

Which brings us back to the discussion about Transhumanism and the Great Sin of the ancient world. In my last article I discussed how the fallen angels had to have been involved with gene-editing, test-tube babies, combining their “angel-DNA” with the DNA of man, making hybrid men who became giants (the Nephilim) and more than likely making hybrid animals like the dinosaurs and all sorts of other evils that sound straight out of a Hollywood science-fiction movie! God did not flood the earth because He was so mad and angry, out-of-control with wrath, no, not at all – God flooded the earth to save Noah and his family, the last of His actual creation, the last man and his family who retained the original DNA that had God originally designed. God has been a Savior and a Friend to man since the very start.

But then, studying the Bible more, we find “there were giants in the land” even after the flood!? David and Goliath, Goliath had a giant brother, there were entire tribes of giants throughout Canaan and more. Let me show you how this more than likely also connects to Transhumanism and the evil and corrupt practices of men as they refuse the love of God. If God wiped out the corrupt DNA of the fallen world, then why were their still giants on the earth?

This is much harder to prove but I will give you a lot of my best opinions and hopefully you researchers and the high-IQ people reading this can be inspired to go even further with my thoughts. Now I have heard some say, “One of Noah’s sons must have married a woman with fallen-angel or giant DNA” and so there was still corruption in the flesh on the ark…? Perhaps. But I think the Bible again gives us insight into more than likely what happened outside of Noah and his immediate family. I will explain now how Transhumanism shows up again, in the world right after the flood:

The Bible that has been canonized, the Holy Bible as we know it in modern day Christianity, speaks very little of this highly important and evil figure in the ancient world named, Nimrod. But what the Bible does say about him in incredibly revealing. Genesis 10:8 “Cush begat Nimrod: he began to be a mighty one in the earth.” And then verse 10 tells us that Nimrod’s kingdom was, Babel – a very very Revealing few scriptures by Moses and God. I will continue to explain:

The statement, “began to be a mighty one in the earth” is extremely revealing in the Hebrew text. And then realizing how the new land of the giants all came out of Nimrod’s Babel and kingdom, the picture starts to get clearer. A long study of this text reveals much about Nimrod. We learn Nimrod was “becoming” a mighty man, which leads us to believe (in the Hebrew text) that Nimrod was changing himself, the very building blocks of himself to become a giant, a mighty-man, to even perhaps live forever! “Becoming a might man” (in the Hebrew text) does not merely refer to his position throughout the ancient world as a powerful and well-known figure but moreso refers to his physical stature! The book of Jasher floating around tells us that Nimrod was extremely tall and lived a very long life (The Bible references the book of Jasher but few believe there is an actual copy in existence? The version we have is quite interesting and supports much Talmudic tradition but is not entirely biblical.) He ruled hundreds of years in what our historians call, Ancient Sumer or Ancient Mesopotamia, which the Bible refers to as Babel, Ancient Babylon (in the Greek tongue) or the land of the Chaldees. And remember that this empire/kingdom ruled the known earth for the hundreds of years following the flood (and much of modern history and archeology support these facts also).

The name Nimrod literally means, “Let us Revolt”, which is a great segue for the story of Babel. The story of Babel has been horribly mistaught in Sunday Schools all across America for years and years. Three things they did at Babel that the Bible points out, Genesis 11:4, “Go to, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven; and let us make a name, lest we be scattered abroad the face of the whole earth.” There is much I could actually preach about here, I could point out that they did all this because of fear, we could talk about cities and how God wanted us to occupy the whole earth… etc. God told them to scatter the earth and subdue it but they “revolted” again against God, out of fear and built this Babel. But what is very very revealing is that “the top” would reach “unto heaven”. It doesn’t say or imply “up to” it says very accurately “unto”. Hold this thought because I have to explain something else – I will get right back to this.

In the ancient world they figured out how to make massive structures! Most of us know the Great Pyramid at Giza and maybe a few others but you (and your children) would enjoy taking an online tour of all the Monolithic Structures they have found literally ALL OVER THE WHOLE EARTH (plenty of videos online about them!)! Every continent, everywhere on earth they continue to find these massive massive structures that we could simply never build today with our technology. Ancient man figured out how to move and cut rock and granite and other types of stone that weigh so much there is simply no explanation of how they could have done it – our technology today can hardly handle lifting over 20 tons. With great care and caution, with the best of the tools and machines available to us we can lift about 20 tons, these ancient men were moving, sometimes at very long distances stones that weighed in excess of 100, 200 and 1,000 tons!!! How did they do it!? How did they lift these mountainous stones and put them one on top the other?? But perhaps the even more mind-blowing question is, Why??? Why did ancient man build these structures anyway!?

I am of the opinion that Babel would be included in these Monolithic or Megalithic Structures and could very well prove to be the first of them all!? From the Biblical account, it seems that Nimrod figured out how to make these structures (i.e. Babel) and it would stand to reason that perhaps during his 200+ year reign, built many of them and/or taught other men to do so. But the simple question remains, Why? Some of this is going to require much more study to really answer a lot of these harder questions, and perhaps, at the end of the day, we really do not want them totally answered – considering these evils led to some of the worst sin on earth and God saw it to be such a problem that first He flooded the earth but then, at Babel, He confused the languages, creating probably thousands of languages in a moment and scattered the people working with/for Nimrod, perhaps we really do not want/need to know all of the details after-all?

Now let’s tell what is quite possibly the story from what we just learned: Nimrod, in his revolt against God and wanting to live forever, wanting to be mighty, wanting to rule but also wanting to figure out how to cheat death, needed a way back into heaven. But why would building a huge structure bring him back into heaven? For that answer we go to the very mysterious, Nicolai Tesla, of our “modern” era. Tesla figured out that the whole of the earth produces energy but no one was ever able to recreate many of his experiments, as history tells us over and again. But what if these Monolithic Structures worked similarly? What if Babel was literally a tower whose top might reach “INTO” Heaven not merely “unto” heaven but literally opening a portal or gateway into heaven!? Nimrod was trying to cheat death, he wanted to be mighty, he was trying to change himself to become mighty on the earth, Nimrod became a giant in his days, the land of the giants came out of Babel and Nimrod’s reign, as records scripture – and the biggest clue into how this all happened is Babel itself. Did Nimrod figure out how to open up a passageway into heaven and communicate once more with those fallen angels?! If God wiped away all that corruption, where did it come from once again after the flood?

It’s a matter of fact now that the Egyptians had electricity. There is much readily available online about this. The Great Pyramid was originally crowned with a golden head-stone at its top. Gold is probably the best conduit on earth for electricity! (Remember what the Bible said about Babel? “Whose TOP might reach unto/into heaven”!?) Did ancient men discover the same power from the earth that our Nicolai Tesla discovered some thousands of years later? Remember, nothing is new under the sun – what has been before will be once again.

They are trying to rip open the fabric of space/time in Switzerland, have we forgotten about that? CERN has a plan to smash particles together at a rate hard to comprehend, for what purpose? Among their many purposes, they openly admit that they are seeing if they can open a gateway or gateways to another dimension or other dimensions; and probably just like Nimrod. Are they seeking God? or are they seeking to cheat God out of His ability to rule over life and death... just like Nimrod? Are they looking for the other “lifeforms” (what we know as the fallen angels) in these other worldly places, like perhaps Nimrod was doing with Babel and its top?

Jesus says, “As it was in the days of Noah, so it shall be in the days of the [returning] of the Son of man.” (Fallen) Angels communed with men in Noah’s time. They were perverting the creation to recreate it in their, fallen-angel, image and destroying God’s own children. Seems like Nimrod followed in the wicked paths of the corrupt and sinful men who went into league with the fallen angels before the flood. He was doing something to change his flesh? Nimrod was changing his own body to become something else, something more powerful and then he did something to enable entire bloodlines of giants! The Bible records them everywhere in the land of Caanan, the land that God gave to Abraham and his decedents. Nimrod and his followers were making their own way back into heaven, back into the realm wherein God chose to separate the angels away from men. But Nimrod, the “Revolter”, was determined to outwit God making his own way back into heaven and perhaps eternity. But God, we learn from scripture, would not allow it. God seemed to have allowed much wickedness from Nimrod and his followers to endure for a while but eventually, God put an end to those giants also.

Now reread the story of Moses. Read again wherein the Lord God tells Moses to go and take the Land Promised to his forefathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob – and to kill every single giant, to wipe out every city of the giants, to slaughter even their cattle! God was very very clear, Nothing of that wickedness must remain on the earth! And Moses, Joshua, the Judges who ruled Israel all the way to King David and King David himself fought against Nimrod’s giants - and fought to remove them from off the earth once and for all! But Jesus tells us that men, in time, will forget - men will come to revolt against God once more, they will seek to their own way into heaven and start to defile the very building blocks of God’s creation in search of eternity, knowledge, riches and more – and yet again we are told that God will not allow this!

2 Peter Chapter 2 brings all this up. He says that in the last days men will specifically refuse to believe in the flood! They will be “willingly ignorant” of Noah’s flood and the warning of the ark, the ark which sits right now imbedded into the mountains of Ararat, just as the Bible says. Peter says that God will end the earth but this time with fire because of their sin, the sin which Jesus also pointed out, “Like it was in the days of Noah”. Certainly the earth is full of corruption but there is perhaps nothing worse than destroying the very creation of God, His most precious creation, us.

I’ll end with a couple scriptures, Daniel 11:32 says, “And such as do wickedly against the covenant shall he corrupt by flatteries: but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.” Daniel 12:4, “But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.” Daniel 12:9, “And he said, Go thy way, Daniel: for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end.” And finally, Daniel 12:10, “Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand.”

Friends, we should all be Comforted by these words, not merely alarmed, but comforted. If all of this from Scripture is coming true right now, then we can hope and believe that the whole of Scripture will come true! God will save us! Just like He promised. Therefore, we have no fear as the world does fear, but we have a holy fear and a reverent fear which is the beginning of our walk with God. And then becoming new, washed by His blood and made into New Creations in Christ by His Spirit, what left do we have to fear…? If God is for us, who can stand against us? Now we see scripture being fulfilled right before our eyes, so let us put off the weights of this world and the cares of this life and come into His love, finally. There has never been a better time to come into the fullness of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen?

His fullness is the fullness of God’s love.

And it is a perfect time to truly start to love each other!!

If not now at the end of this age… When?

Let us therefore receive of the love of God and give, freely as we have been given.


Greetings to the saints scattered throughout the world,

Remember, The Best is Still Yet to Come,

In His love,

Robert Anthony


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