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The Rebirth of a Very Old Evil: Transhumanism (Part Three: Conclusion)

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

As I write this conclusion to the three part series I have done about Transhumanism, first I would like to recap a few things: (1) Man before the flood was extremely intelligent, capable and much more technologically advanced than any of our modern day (propaganda) scientists want to admit, (2) There was a deliberate and well-planned war against the very essence of the creation of God since the beginning, (3) Jesus warns us that in these last days it will be “Like it was in the days of Noah,” to which days we have obviously returned, the Transhuman agenda gaining such notoriety and esteem throughout the world (4) The men who refused their God after the flood, beginning with the reign of Nimrod, followed suit with their ancient ancestors declaring war against God’s creation, seeking to change again the foundations of what it is to be man.

In this final part of the series, I will give some thoughts on why I believe the enemy of this world, this Satan, is literally hell-bent on creating another form of man upon the earth – but first I would like to resolve the study we’ve had on this character, Nimrod. I don’t believe I have said it clearly enough, so let me say it now, I believe the Bible is light on details surrounding Nimrod for several reasons: (1) The Bible does not like to glorify or emphasize evil nor evil men, (2) The evil of Nimrod is just so very corrupt, I believe God saw it was better to reference it in passing but still have enough detail for a future generation with the technology to understand the scripture’s warning, (3) There was another book referenced a few places in the Bible called, “Jasher”, I believe there were other books that the authors of the Bible knew and knew well so they decided enough was written on certain subjects that it would be redundant for them to write about also (i.e. Nimrod).

In previous articles I referenced the book of Jasher, let me make it clearer that I am not referencing this as scripture but to bring to light how much has been written on this character Nimrod over the millennia. There are structures, many, I have seen one with my own eyes in the Golan in Israel, that were attributed to Nimrod. Nimrod has gone by many different names in various languages and cultures, throughout time. Let me remind us all, the story of Nimrod is not merely ancient but it is the very birthplace of civilization, this empire just followed after the flood. And let us not forget that in Nimrod’s time the world had a single language but then God confused them – certainly making it difficult to spread the history of Nimrod and his ancient empire. Allow me to continue to bring some commentary of certain facts but also possibilities surrounding the ancient ruler, who was perhaps the most corrupt figure mentioned in the whole of the Old Testament of scripture.

We learn a lot about Nimrod studying the genealogies in Genesis Chapter 10, Why? Because those genealogies reveal to us that Nimrod literally created the ancient world (Emphasis Added!) - the ancient world that existed even up until the dark ages Nimrod’s influence was found! One could even make a pretty good argument that Nimrod’s kingdom in many ways is still influencing our world today. Look at verse 10, “And the beginning of [Nimrod’s] kingdom was Babel, and Erech, and Accad, and Calneh…” What is astounding about this is that the Bible directly contributes the following empire’s origins to Nimrod: Babel (which became known as Babylon), ancient Persia, Assyria, Egypt, the Phoenicians, Canaan, Ethiopia, Libya, Arabia, the Philistines, etc. A study of all those names listed throughout Genesis 10, verses 10-20, reveals Nimrod in fact was directly involved with creating the whole of the ancient world and its nations… Wow! Take a moment to consider that! Feel free to reread Genesis 10 and do some of your own research. This is certainly mind-blowing to consider.

We already discussed how Babel was more than likely one of those Monolithic Structures, “whose top might reach unto [or into] heaven”… Nimrod was more than likely seeking to open a door or gateway back to the fallen angels with Babel and its tower but then what about all the other Monolithic Structures throughout the ancient world!? Perhaps they weren’t “seeking” to open a doorway, perhaps they had figured out how to do so!? But there is much more to the story. Let’s continue.

It seems Nimrod absolutely figured something out, how to mutate and change himself into something of a giant and the Bible gives us massive clues into this: verse 8 (Genesis 10) says, “he began to be a mighty one in the earth”. The only time this expression is used in the whole of scripture is referring to Nimrod. But he truly wasn’t “beginning” to become mighty as a ruler over his empire because he in fact accomplished that, so the scripture can not be referring to his kingdom. Nimrod must have been “becoming a mighty one upon the earth” in another way! Look at verse 9, “He was a mighty hunter before the Lord”. The combination of verse 8 and 9 tells us that Nimrod was doing something to make himself physically stronger and enhanced (to use some Transhumanism parlance for you all). Furthermore, the fact that ALL of the giant tribes the scripture attributes to Nimrod’s reign – truly starts to paint a very revealing picture!

To me it is the most revealing part of this story that the Bible attributes all the giants tribes originating from Nimrod’s empire: whenever you see the “-im” at the end of a tribe, that is the Bibles way of telling us that they were giants, or at a minimum that giants were a large part of that tribe (Of course this concept can be argued but I think I have plenty of ammunition to win this one). Read Deuteronomy 2 and 3 – here the scripture records: Anakims, Emims, Zamzummims, Horims, Hazerim, etc. were all tribes of giants (and Numbers 13:13 helps confirm this). But remember as you do your own research, there are literally CENTURIES passing by from Nimrod to the conquest of the Promised Land, Centuries. We don’t know for sure for how long Nimrod lived/reigned but Abraham (a Nimrod contemporary) lived 175 years! So you can play around with the math from Noah to Abraham, and then from Abraham to Joshua entering the Promised Land. Many generations came and went over those hundreds of years but earlier, just after the flood, they still lived quite long lives.

Another interesting fact, Abraham fought some of the giant tribes when he went to go rescue his nephew Lot. And who came and kidnapped Lot? Nimrod’s people! The kings from Shinar and the region around Babylon. (Read Genesis 14.) This is an amazing story that reveals more insight into this drama. Here we notice that the giant tribes: Rephaim’s (literally translated from ancient Hebrew is the word Giants), Zuzims and Emims were all allied with Nimrod’s land. While Sodom and Gomorrah we know were corrupt, so corrupt God wiped them away with fire, at least they fought against Nimrod’s people and the giants. It’s very likely Abraham had to fight against those giants to rescue Lot. How often did those giants show up in Israel’s history!?

Every time we look at these post-flood giants we see a direct connection to: Nimrod, Babel/Babylon, the evil on the earth and those who war directly against God and His will. It is easy to understand why God would have Moses and Joshua completely and utterly exterminate the giants throughout the Promised Land, throughout Canaan. But not only the giants, also their children, their cattle, even their farms were to be burned to the ground, “Take No Spoil” the Lord would say. I believe this to be more proof that they were messing around with the building blocks of life even after the flood. Why else would God tell them, “Destroy Everything!” We know that the clusters of grapes were so big (Numbers 13:23) that they had to be carried between two men on a staff! How did they make grapes so big without messing around with the genetic code of the grapes? Perhaps they did this with their cattle, with all their livestock and the seeds of their farming? Perhaps they were messing around with the whole of God’s creation!?

Maybe God wasn’t a tyrant in telling Joshua destroy those giant tribes entirely and take no spoil, perhaps God was protecting His creation again, just as He was before the flood!? Clearly there was much idolatry and other iniquities which would corrupt the children of Israel and God, being good, would naturally protect them from all of this. Perhaps it is just that simple? God was protecting His children again. And while the Lord told them to destroy everything from the giant tribes – He had them spoil the Egyptians. I believe the concept has merit – Hopefully smarter people than I will advance the idea.

We see plenty of evidence post-flood that they were again corrupting the very creation of God, which brings up another interesting thing I stumbled into while researching for this article: while studying the tribe of the Horites who were earlier called the Horims. Two important concepts came to me while studying the Horites/Horims: (1) that several times the Bible changes the way it references a tribe, dropping the “-im” as time progresses, which makes me believe that as the giants were being eliminated from a tribe the Bible records this by changing the way it refers to the tribe - dropping the “-im”. (2) These Horite/Horim people were known as “Troglodytes” (another word for Troglodyte is Neanderthal)!? How amazing! This got me thinking, what if these Neanderthals, which science keeps pushing down our throats, were merely a tribe or tribes of ancient people whose DNA got all messed up from what Nimrod and his kingdom were doing!? What if Nimrod and his scientists made mistakes along the way and ended up with deformities!? The Bible records some of these deformities, one of the giants had 12 fingers and 12 toes! The fact that the Bible refers to the Horites as Troglodyte/Neanderthal make me think this is probably the truth of what our scientists shove down our throats as “evolutions link to modern man”.


In Conclusion

God has been building His family from the very beginning. But there is an enemy of God and His family – and God’s enemy can not create! These angels, the Bible tells us, are not male and female (but are more closely related to male, thus “sons of God”), so when they were thrown from heaven, if they were going to reproduce, they would have had to figure out a way to do so with God’s most precious, Man.

It seems Satan has been wanting his own family from the start: he has wanted to reproduce, to fill his ranks, to steal from God, to destroy what God loves and put an end to us who were made in God’s own image (Remember, we are never told the angels were made after God’s own image). He has been corrupting Man from the very beginning. He has been corrupting our hearts and souls and spirits with his every deception but also corrupting the creation itself, the very flesh! He convinced the men before the flood to follow after him and he recruited for himself a real “son” in Nimrod. Nimrod spread Satan’s gospel arguably further than any ancient figure throughout recorded history!

God wiped away this iniquity before the flood but again after the flood had to have a strategy for doing so because He promised not to flood the earth again. And it seems the very creation was different after the flood. It seems that the changed-earth prevented many of the larger problems as they existed before the flood: it seems the giants did not grow as big, it seems the fallen angels could not commune with man as closely as they did before the flood and God shortened the span of life so evil was unable to destroy as prevalently as they could pre-flood earth. It seems God had a longer and more patient strategy dealing with this corruption after the flood but finally He chose to put an end to it with the conquest of Canaan as the Hebrews, those Israelites, entered their Promised Land. Israel over the generations fought against Nimrod’s tribes and prevailed. Even to the time of David, the Great King, Israel was still fighting with Nimrod’s giants and nations, and prevailed!

The story of the Great World-Wide Flood and Nimrod, this story of ancient Transhumanism, is a massive warning the Bible is giving a future generation: Our Generation. Ever hear the expression, “The greatest trick the devil ever played is convincing the world that he doesn’t exist?” We have an enemy! Our enemy has a strategy and he has since the very beginning. Now he is a created being with limits, he can not create life as our God and Father can, so he must deform it, he must steal and kill and destroy life in order that he might reign upon the earth. This has been his strategy from the very beginning: manipulate life away from The Father of Life.

We do not have to strive to make the creation something more or enhanced upon the earth. The seeds were perfect the way God created them! Our livestock is just fine. God told us what to eat and we have learned to trust Him in that there are many things we avoid eating. But Man was his most amazing creation, by far. Nothing in heaven or on earth comes close to us. We will end up judging the angels, the Bible tells us, for WE are the children of God. We also have an enemy who knows this – he hates this fact and wants to do everything he can to end God’s family.

The earth is Huge! We do not need to worry about the population. And anyone that thinks we have a population problem is horribly deceived. Drive across our United States, ITS ALL EMPTY!! I have driven across some of Africa!! Africa is four or five times the size of the United States – and Africa is EMPTY! The only reason they are messing around with our seeds, our livestock, our genes, our DNA, etc. is… (wait for it)… MONEY! Do not listen to any of their propaganda. It’s all lies. Perhaps some of them believe these lies but most of them do not, most of them empowering this growing “AntiChrist” and “Anti-Bible” religion simply LOVE MONEY. I have met plenty of them. It's not necessarily that they hate God, mostly they have no belief, no faith, they simply don’t think this way, they actually LOVE MONEY more than anything on earth. The Transhuman agenda, the genetic-modification of our food-supply, the desire to mess with the building blocks of life will make some men and women very very wealthy and keep them and their families in power for centuries to come (should the Lord tarry). Consider it. The Transhuman agenda at its core boils down to simply, the love of money.

We, as Christians, as the people of faith, we know that there is an enemy, The Enemy of the world, who behind all of this. But remember, few among the ruling classes and elite have faith, and even fewer have faith in the Word of God who became flesh and dwelt among us. In fact, in their circles, Christians are often ridiculed, scorned and uninvited. I have personal knowledge of this. If our culture is trying to remove Christians from it, it is not merely men who are doing so but the spiritual darkness driving them. We are in a spiritual battle, friends. Few on earth will receive this fact – so in a way the people of faith are horribly outnumbered. BUT! Great is the God in whom we love and serve! Israel was always outnumbered. They fought against TRIBES OF GIANTS! Outnumbered. And Won!!

I will write a paper about our enemy soon. It may end up being another series. I like to be innocent concerning that which is evil and wise concerning that which is good, but there are many prophetic things unfolding upon the earth now that reveal The Word of God is true! I would like to shed some light on this. I believe it timely to present these things to the believers. Many of the things our enemy has been striving for, for millennia are starting to come to pass.

It’s time to prepare ourselves for the coming of the Lord. He may tarry. We may have a hundred more years! He can do anything to push back this darkness but He also promised us an ending. He promised that we would not always live in a world this broken but He would restore it to what He originally created: we were created to live in a paradise-garden with our God walking in our midst. Sin has always had an expiration date.

As we see these things coming to pass, there has never been a better time to prepare our hearts, souls and spirits to stand before The Lord of Glory, to meet our God face-to-face! Amazing! What will we say to Him? What will we do when presented with perfect love, standing before us in all His glory and power!? Wow!! What a thought to consider.

I will leave you all with that for now.

It’s all being fulfilled. Jesus prophesied,

“This generation shall not pass away until all is fulfilled”

Much to consider Much to pray about.

With all my love and affection, I write to the believers,

Yours in the fray,

Robert Anthony

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