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The Real Reason we are in this Economic Mess (And what we can do to stop it.)

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

Obviously, the economy was ballooned up again. Wall Street’s unsustainable and explosive rise was responding to all the money being printed and thrown at the markets (since 2008): cheap money, rather low taxes, America as a haven for the world’s savings accounts, all helped history being written. But, as they say, what goes up…

What is surprising now is how the Fed and the Federal Gov’t are handling this new crisis. Rather than increasing supply they are tightening the reins on lending? That’s illogical. I will explain. More than anything we have a SUPPLY crisis. Say it with me, “We have a Supply Crisis.”

Covid contributed to creating a supply crisis that the world has never before seen and it has only gotten worse! With Biden’s policies: shutting down US Energy, the chaos at the border, throwing Hundreds of Billions to Ukraine, etc. we only see that supply crisis being greatly exaggerated. But there is more.

It's as if there is a concerted effort to destroy the supply lines in the US, raise inflation and bring our economy to a halt. Gas prices are still high (Thank God they came down a lot). Natural gas prices are high too. Have we forgotten about the dozens of food processing plants that caught fire, exploded, suddenly went out of business, etc.? And now these train derailments. Trains are a part of our supply lines. Just how many train derailments have happened the past month?? Perhaps that’s just a coincidence…?

And the Fed, rather than fixing the problems around our supply chains and energy crisis they make it more expensive to borrow money and tighten the purse strings? Totally and completely irrational. Who on earth is making these decisions? It’s as if there is a highly orchestrated effort to not only attack our sovereignty (at the southern border, etc.) but also end our global leadership as a whole - and handing it over to, who? (Pun Intended?) Does China have the whole world tricked into this one-world government delusion?

Who is going to control a one-world government? Knowing what we know about politics, knowing what we know about “absolute power” and its ability to corrupt…. Who is going to call the shots in their one-world order? Wouldn’t you think it’s a nation and a people with a massive population, a massive industry, world-wide financial interests, world-wide debts and the most invasive police state ever created on earth?? Yes. It’s going to be China. If I was China, I would play nice with all the globalist, using all their catch phrases and cliches, tricking them into thinking I cared about their crazy-climate agenda’s and progressive ideologies, right up until the death to America was achieved and then, if I was China, I would grab all the power, and as quickly as possible until someone wakes up and realizes what I just did. And who would stop them? Europe? Russia? The Arab States? The Americas!? Africa!? With America gone China is running the world. Plain and simple. (It seems India is about to play the most important role of their nations existence in the days and months ahead. Will India take a stand against the globalists, against China or will they simply hide out in their fears and fantasy land and let it all happen?)

Sorry about my little rabbit trail there.

This economic catastrophe was created. Just like 2008. And I was there. On the front lines. I got into mortgages in 1998. I started my own mortgage company in 2002. I got involved with many conservatives and mentored by some of the biggest names warning about the threats of globalism and their plans to infiltrate and end American global leadership. I got involved with gold and silver bullion banking (2002/2003) before it was the trendy. And I called the 20072008 market collapse in 2005, everyone I was in business with, my family, friends, etc. Everyone knows what I said, “Get out of real estate and put your money into gold/silver and wait out the crash…”. And how many people listened to me? About Zero.

2005 I folded my real estate company, got out of mortgages and started backing out of business altogether. By 2008 I was a full-time preacher and I started writing a book about the kingdom of God. The writing was on the wall, someone has a lot of power over this nation and it isn’t the American people. The problem, the way I saw it, was simply too big for us to solve and would take God Himself to intervene if America would be saved. This has basically been my messaging for about 20 years, “Only God can save us.”

They created 2008 and then they blamed it on the mortgage industry!? Ha!! That’s a joke. That’s like buying a Ford and your $80,000 truck’s engine blows up within a month and you go and sue the salesman!!? And then Ford doubles down and sues the salesman with you!? Ha! That’s exactly what they did during the 2008 crash, blaming the small town - small time mortgage brokers and loan officers. They created the 2008 crisis, these are smart people, they gave away free money for as long as they wanted and then when they decided enough was enough, they simply turned off the spicket. It’s simple math. But what is less simple is Who is doing this and Why are they doing it.

Friends, we are beholden to the US Dollar. Gold and Silver will not save the nation. I suppose there is an argument to ending fiat currency altogether but that’s not a very realistic debate at this point in the story. Pandora’s fiat-currency box has been opened and there is basically no chance in closing it up again, not anytime soon anyway. President Trump’s America First agenda was/is the best thing we have had in US politics since? I don’t know… I don’t know that there is really a way to compare, did any US President ever do so much for everyday Americans? After 40-50 years of globalists with global interests running/ruining our nation, “We The People” finally had a friend in the White House.

For those of you floating abandoning the US Dollar? You would be in lockstep with the globalsts. Right now, with all our problems, the global political problems, WW3 at our door, we need to double and triple down on the US Dollar. Crypto is a massive Massive mistake. Let me repeat, MAKING THE US DOLLAR INTO A CRYPTO CURRENCY WOULD DEBASE OUR CURRENCY BEYOND RECOGNITION! The solvency of a nation is totally dependent upon it’s currency.

If you want to study an amazing history, study out how every empire’s collapse can be directly tied to its currencies demise. Rome, Greece, Persia, Babylon, etc. following the debasement of their currency was the collapse of their empire. Think on that for a moment. EVERY EMPIRES DEMISE CAME ON THE HEELS OF ITS CURRENCIES DECLINE.

So “we” (even the Patriots) are rushing out of US Dollars for Gold/Silver/Crypto, I know of many buying up other currencies, hoping for a revaluation? The push out of the US Dollar has never been so popular. Globally they are warring against it, the BRICS nations. And now so many buying oil with Yuan or Russian Rubles. But I don’t know if there has ever been a time in US history that the American people have been bailing out on their own currency in such numbers!? But now the America First movement too??

Yes, we have problems with the Fed. Yes, our banking system is corrupted. Yes, our US Dollar is under attack and things are scary… and the gold/silver salesman do a good job provoking your fear for their profits…. But we must come up with another strategy! This economic war has been waging for sure since 9/11 and at this late-hour it is not the time to abandon hope, abandon our currency and abandon our nation altogether. You may think you want to be the last man standing when the whole world economy burns? But trust me, in eternity, standing before God with your whole life flashing before your eyes, you will have wished you made better even more creative choices.


The best strategy now is a much more-simple strategy, maybe you have heard of it? It’s called, “Love your Neighbor”. I’m talking to the American People. And yes, love your neighbor, applies to economic principle… it’s the reason why it’s so hard for them to wreck our country quickly. Small town, farmland, rural, simple, hard-working America has been living with this fundamental principle for generations. These wonderful men and fathers have been at the foundations of America since its inception: humbly raising a family, working the land, producing grain, meat, dairy and poultry for the whole of America to function. (And these have too been under attack! Corporate interests. Corporate Titans have invaded their industry also and are taking it over slowly but surely. Yet another battle front in the war.)

For those of you thought leaders, the big picture is really in God’s hands. I have traveled the world, literally I’ve been around the whole world, in some 25-30 nations. There is this perception, this fantasy, that its wonderful “out there” somewhere. Trust me. It isn’t. America has long had, what I like to call, a “Live and Let Live” policy. You want to be Muslim? Fine. Just don’t blow anyone up, live a peaceful life in our nation and everything will be fine. You want to be LGBTQ? That’s your choice, but don’t force that on my children, don’t force your way into our government, when for the whole of human history your movement has only ever been fringe, creating the destruction of nations wherever it has gone. America is a wonderful, merciful, empathetic, generous and intelligent people. But it’s our apathy that is leading to our demise. Our love of money (over all else) has caused a slumber upon the people, and somewhere along the way we stopped caring as much.

The love of money has always done this, created APATHY, throughout the whole of human history.

We are at the crucial crossroads. Either “Prophets” will appear and warn the people and lead the people back to righteousness and truth? Either the people will receive these “Prophets” and heed their warnings and truth or America will go the way of every other collapsed ruling-empire. At the core of the message of the prophets is simply, “Return to Your God, America”. You want to save this nation? Return to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. You want to save the US Dollar and our economy? Return to the God of the Holy Bible (there is only One). You want to push back the evil and give the world another generation or more? Let us gather ourselves together and cry out to Jesus, the Son of God, who will save us. He has done it before. And He will do it again!!

The Fed, Gold/Silver, Crypto, Politics, President Biden, President Trump… none of it will save us… unless God is involved. We need Him back in our families, we need our churches to love Him more than money, we need our leaders to invite Him into their boardrooms and townhalls, we need Him in our schools, in our marriage and burning in our hearts! We must surrender to the reality that we will all die (only a few will find a rapture) and entering into eternity, what will we find? These are the most difficult but most vital questions to be asking… In times like these what actually matters?

Men on their deathbeds all figure it out. Unless your heart is harder than a rock, on your deathbed, you will too. Everyone, when they come to the end take an account. That account is either filled with regret and dread or peace and confidence… knowing you gave the people and your God your very best. The Transhumanists, warring against God’s most precious creation, what will they say, standing in eternity before God at judgment? But everything starts to work out again as we return to the simple and humble truths. “Love thy neighbor” and “Love thy God”.

I won’t stop contending for our nation. I won’t stop contending for an actual spiritual revival, back to Jesus and His Word. I won’t stop believing that God will come thru for us and fulfill everything He promised. Times were bleak for many of us under Obama, remember? Remember how frightening it was? How hard was it to see that administration war against so many things (Marriage) we hold sacred? But then, practically from out of nowhere, God delivered our nation a fighter, a true Patriot-fighter for the people! Our President Trump! God did that. And He will deliver us again! IF. If we turn to Him. We can trust Him. He will always come thru. His timing is perfect. His ways are perfect. He always fulfills His word. It’s only our job to know His voice, to know His word, to believe it and to follow it. Let’s trust the big picture in His hands and be about “The Father’s business” today. It’s enough being afraid. Let’s go love our friends, let’s go love our neighbors and neighborhood. Let’s do good in our communities. Let’s invite Jesus into our townhalls and political meetings. We, Christians, know that the battle is on our knees. Prayer got Trump elected, but we didn’t even know what we were praying for!! Prayer will save this nation, in Jesus name.

I hope this encourages you.

God is actively working to save America.

I pray the nation gets involved!

Be Blessed friends,

Robert Anthony

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