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Looks Like "BRICS" is Hitting a Wall –

By Robert Anthony August 21st 2023

We live in a “world of spin”. I have been overwhelmingly dissatisfied by how the Gold guys continue to provoke us to buy their bullion products rehearsing over and again our worse (socioeconomic) fears. But this isn’t the first time this has happened. I first got into Gold/Silver bullion sales when I was about 24 years old (that is 21 years ago if you want to know my age), Gold was selling around $250 p/ounce, silver around $2.50. It was quite a time to invest in gold/silver, especially if you were to sell around 2008/2009.

Many of the same stories were being used to sell the people, “Buy Gold”: “It’s the end of the dollar empire”, “Our debt burden is about to bankrupt us”, “Gold/Silver is the best hedge against inflation” and so on…. I heard some of my peers saying things like, “It’s very possible within the next few years Gold will be above $10,000 p/oz and silver above $1,500!” So we were encouraging our friends and clients into silver, 2002/2003.

It's the same story today. Exaggerating the headlines to sell physical gold and silver bullion. Do I think there is a reason to have 2-5% of your assets in physical gold and silver? I suppose. It’s not a horrible idea. But most of us! Most of us should be paying off our credit cards, getting ourselves out of high-interest loans, buying some chickens and maybe a goat!? There are literally dozens of better ways to spend money than buying physical gold and silver.

Sorry to get a little preachy, but I just heard another gold guy talking about BRICS and it ticked me off a little. I have said for more than a year now, “Why are we so concerned about BRICS!?” India and China have been locked in a hot-border-dispute for years! India and China have really never got along. India is totally aware that if they go along with a BRICS currency (or basket of currencies) China wins, a lot. If India empowers a BRICS currency, they just empowered their enemy (China) to take on the US for Global Hegemony. India does not want China to rule the world.

The gold guys keep printing things about how much Russia, China, India, etc. are purchasing gold? We have been doing some digging over here at American Revival Press and we just don’t see the Dollar Empire Crashing, at least not in the near future.

Here is an article from Schwabb explaining actually that the dollar has been steadily gaining in it’s power and currency preeminence:

Here is a chart from that article which shows, by in large, the world continues to hold it's reserve's in USD.

Foreign Exchange Holdings by Currency

Without a doubt the USD has competitors, putting it nicely. There are probably dozens of nations (and it's easy to guess who) that would LOVE to dethrone the dollar. But the simple FACT of the Matter is, the dollar is just as strong as ever, if not stronger.

Here are four articles all agreeing that India and China are not anywhere near coming to an agreement on a BRICS currency:

It takes a tremendous amount of mutual respect, trust and agreement to unify around a currency. The miracle of the world unifying around the dollar came on the heels of WW2. The famous meeting of course is called, The Bretton Woods Conference: wherein 44 allied nations came together in New Hampshire to create today's global order for banking and commerce. Certainly China, perhaps Russia, certainly Iran and other nations adversarial to the west would love to abolish this status quo but in reality, they need a champion to take on the US. In truth, who is really going to empower China with the world in their hands!?

Here is an article explaining that they will be selling Indian Rupees from the BRICS nations bank, "The New Development Bank" headquartered in Shanghai China:

But here is an article explaining word for word what I am explaining: They aren't close at all to achieving a BRICS currency:

Here is a YouTube Video asking the question, "Is BRICS Even Relevant Anymore?":

In this video she is stating the obvious!

  1. These nations do not trust each other. Add in Iran, Ukraine, Turkey and the Saudi's and you have a basket of nations that have simply never got along, ever. Their only common interest is being against the US. But in order to stand against the US, Who will become the Champion of BRICS? China. And few of those nations are going to agree with that, especially not India.

  2. 88% of global transactions still happen in the dollar, 60% of global reserves are still held (not in gold) but in US Dollars. In fact as interest rates have gone up, so has the strength of the dollar.

  3. And, Several Members of the BRICS are actually considering leaving the BRICS Block altogether! India is THE ONLY GROWTH STORY among the BRICS! The rest of the BRICS nations economies are contracting!

While our nation is facing major concerns, like Rome before us, the majority of the troubles we are facing lie within. The political divide can not be overstated. If we do not resolve these internal crisis' I fear, like Rome, we will end up weakening and eventually destroying ourselves.

Will history remember America as a great nation that allowed it's success and extravagance to be its end? (The Bible explains, "Pride comes before a fall.") Or will there be a great miracle of salvation for our beloved USA? The divide has actually grown into a chasm, a great and widening rift between two political powers: the progressive left and judeo-christian conservatives that each refuse to agree on each others vision for the future. I can not personally bend on issues like drag-queen story hour in our schools, abortion, unlimited government spending, the climate change hoax, no borders, a free but broken medical industry, a politicized military, etc. These radical left ideologies are so far from anything I can except - I ended up getting into politics.

Do not fear BRICS, that is just noise, it's a distraction - or worse, a way for fear-mongers to sell their end-of-days survival plans. (If the world is ending, in fact? I think chickens, sheep and goats will be worth much more than gold... something to consider...)

We might be headed to a recession, it might end up being worse! We could be headed to a depression with this Administration at war with our economy: shutting down our energy, recklessly spending money we don't have, causing inflation, etc. But I am personally of the opinion that if we end up in a recession or worse, most of our enemies will be in a worse recession or depression! I might sound like a broken record here, but the answer for the world and it's economies, immediately, is a real spiritual revival, a tangible, "Come to Jesus" moment. Commodities won't save us. Bullion, in fact, at the end of days, will probably become absolutely worthless (and this is actually prophesied in the Bible, people throwing away their gold and silver as worthless)! There is salvation found in a name but it isn't BRICS or Gold or Silver... Hold your peace about these rumblings of the gathering storm... The storm is already here! But it's within our own politics... Pray. We need God to show up and resolve these spiritual issues.

The evil we are fighting is within our borders, it's in the halls of Congress, on Wall Street, And has penetrated most every American institution.

The enormity of this problem will be solved on our knees Contending for the righteousness and Truth of God to spread our states like a wildfire!

He has done it before! He will do it again!

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