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The Path to Winning back America still runs thru State and County Governments

By Robert Anthony

July 1st 2024


We just had Ex-Governor Candidate (WI) Timothy Ramthun on our show, “All Politics is Local” to discuss the state of Wisconsin, his campaign and what it looks like to save America in this time.  We discussed election integrity efforts and how it was really the state governments that failed the American people following the stolen 2020 election. 

It's hard to hear the truth sometimes but we have to look at this with sober-eyes and our feet firmly planted on the ground, but ready to take action.  FACT: the most appalling and destructive pro-abortion laws have all been passed following the dissolution of Roe v. Wade!?  But how is this possible!?  Roe v. Wade was overturned and the Pro-Life movement won, right??  Well, not exactly.  The Supreme Court in some ways merely passed the buck (doesn’t that sound like politics?), they did not rule for the protection of life in any way, shape or form – The Supreme Court “kicked the can” down to the lower jurisdictions and into the state legislatures to be fought out for generations to come!!  I will say however, many states are passing laws to protect life… and for that I say, Praise God. (But this among many other policies are splitting the nation in two.)


Election Integrity and the creation of a New and Legitimate election system is also running thru Local and State Governments.   Now it’s yet to be seen if the federal government will intrude as “we the people” start recreating the election system, making it free and fair, there have been murmurings of DOJ, Homeland Security and others injecting themselves back into these state affairs.  But the precedent set by Roe v. Wade does seem to be helpful in re-establishing states-rights! 


(Personally, I was very let down that our Supreme Court couldn’t put into writing something like, “America is unashamedly for the creation and prosperity of Life!  We, as a nation, do not support the things of death and destruction.  We uphold our families as the foundation of the nation, for without them there would simply be no future.” And then I would have liked for them to explain that Roe v. Wade was never a constitutional or just ruling and the laws that were created from it were not only immoral but un-american and unconstitutional.)


I am going to vote for Trump, obviously.  I am going to support many candidates within the Republican Party but to be quite frank but I am less than confident that we are going to win this 2024 election.  We, as a movement, have been threatening to hunt down the criminals and distribute just retribution and even vengeance upon all the enemies of America, especially those involved with the 2020 theft of an election.  Try to imagine what it would be like to be in the shoes of these career politicians and bureaucrats, hearing our movement threaten them with jail time or even death (for treason)… simple logic would only conclude that they will be even more cunning and unwavering in their pursuit to steal 2024! 


In my opinion, while the race for the White House might be the most important race in the nation it is equally just as important that we win our state legislatures, en masse!  

The President would have the power to change much of DC and the Federal Bureaucracy, even shutting down many Big Government offices and cleaning house throughout the deep state but the foundational and lasting work to be done in this country, and that work pertaining to our elections, will be done in the state governments. 

We have never needed more than this hour, a “Few Good Men” to stand in the gap for our nation and our states – refusing to bend a knee to the prevailing winds of wokeism, progressiveism, Big Money, the lobbyists, etc.  We must find these men (and women) whose hearts are genuinely seeking the blessing of God for our nation, the truth, liberty, justice! etc. We must find them and then support them, especially locally.

(And try to find some men to join the fight!! I am tired of throwing our precious mothers, grandmothers, aunties and sisters on to the front-lines and telling them to save us!  This is intense, this is frightening at times (when they threaten our lives and worse), when they come after us with imprisonment and more – the battle for America hasn’t been this intense in hundreds of years – probably since Lincoln.  Men are called by God to protect their families.  Men, we need to stop asking our wives to fight for us, we need to pick up the baton and run the race!)


Here is a great interview I did with Timothy Ramthun wherein we discussed Wisconsin and the vital importance of these state races – races that are usually not looked upon with much care or concern, especially when the White House is up for grabs.  I think this interview will help to focus us all for the months ahead.  And pray.  The state of Tennessee just declared a fast!!  How WONDERFUL is that!?!?  Praying and fasting will absolutely win us God’s attention – He will see our hearts and repentance and He will respond. God Bless Friends. The Best for America is Still Yet to Come!! Until the day, Robert

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3 days ago

As always a very informative article. Thank you Pastor Anthony.

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