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President Donald Trump's Interview with Tucker Carlson.

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

By Robert Anthony

August 24, 2023

I am so pleased that President Trump did not submit himself to the absolute debacle that would have ensued should he have stood before that firing squad! We, as a nation, have seen him assaulted non-stop since 2015. He has endured more than enough suffering on our behalf. We don't need him to martyr himself in this manner. He is winning, some polls have him up 70%! I have written about it (Click here for the article) if these men and woman had any honor and patriotism they would suspend their campaigns indefinitely and throw ALL THEIR SUPPORT Behind President Trump.

I grieve watching VP Pence. So many of us thought highly of him and the service he performed for the nation. "Mr. Vice President, if you are the Patriot that you present yourself to be, you would stand with your President now, you would stand with your nation now and refuse to allow them to treat Pres. Trump this way - creating lawsuits out of their own imaginations and hatred of the American People. If you were even somewhat concerned for America and the future of our nation, you would speak out against this tyranny." DeSantis, "Dear Governor, you are in such a position to stand with the man who got you elected! You know President Trump won 2020! And yet you won't say it publicly, why? Because your donors won't support you if you do?" When does someone consider eternal things? No one thinks their soul will be held to an account? How can you face yourself in the mirror? How can you face your children and grandchildren?? "America needs you Mr Governor. We are hoping and praying you come around!"

Christie, Scott and the rest. Not only will they not stand up for America, not only will they not even be reasonable and do everything in their power to disallow the DOJ, New York State, Georgia State, etc. in their attack on our Duly Elected President, they won't even speak out against what the DOJ and this administration is doing to our Republic and civilian population!

Here is our President, America, the man we elected, Still standing up for us all!!


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