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Revival comes thru Israel – Part Two – “Israel was Always a Blessing to the Nations!”

by Robert Anthony

March 26th 2024


Books have been written about Israel’s blessing to the nations.  Have you ever considered how everywhere the Israeli/Jewish people went, that nation/people flourished!  For the WHOLE OF HISTORY!  It’s a wild wild story – but God has upheld His end of the bargain, to the fullest extent!


Egypt, Canaan/Israel, Nineveh/Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome, the European kingdoms, the New World! The America’s, the United States!  Everywhere the Jews have gone, those kingdoms and empires flourished.  I am not a studied about the Jews arrival to Asia, but certainly the same theme would certainly remain.Egypt was not an Empire ruling the world until the Israelites showed up.  We can discuss the fullness of the miracle God did thru Joseph to make Egypt to rule the world for a time.  Then Israel ruled for a short time.  Especially under David and Solomon!  The Assyrian Empire rule was short lived, but they were not a world power until after they destroyed (the ten tribes of) Israel to the north and brought back the captives.  Babylon ruled the whole world, but not until they destroyed Jerusalem and brought back the Jewish captives.  The story continues similarly throughout the Greco-Roman world reign, and then throughout the history of European world rule.  It is well known now that Christopher Columbus had Jewish blood, if not was a practicing Jew in secret!  His voyages were funded by a Jewish banker!  And a countless many Jews got on boats and fled from Europe to the New World, escaping the Spanish Inquisition!  Not long after the Jews fled Europe, the power of the world shifted to the Americas!  It’s quite the story!


But let’s focus more specifically on Revival and its relationship with the land of Israel itself:


I would like to insist that whenever the Jews are home, whenever Israel returns to their land and occupies, THE WHOLE WORLD IS BLESSED!  Let’s investigate.


A long and wonderful study is to read all throughout the scripture about how Israel was warned what would happen Should They Do Evil in their Land and How God Would Scatter Them to The Nations!  But then, if they would repent and return to follow the Lord their God and His Command, God would restore them… TO THEIR LAND!  Very Very important to understand this theme throughout the whole of scripture!  Moses in the Torah was very clear about this, so was David, Solomon prayed this way as he dedicated the temple, all the prophets prophesied this way!  It is constant throughout the whole of Scripture:The world will be blessed by Israel – but especially WHEN THEY INHABIT THEIR LAND!


I would insist, throughout world history, every time God scattered Israel to the nations and they were removed from their land a darkness fell upon the earth!  For instance, The Dark Ages, the period of time wherein a great evil and darkness permeated the whole of Europe and what we know of world history, happened during a time when practically NO ISRAELITES or JEWS Lived in Israel whatsoever.  Volumes of books could be written on this subject.


There is a very very amazing story of how God’s Revivals broke out in Europe and the America’s and the whole world paralleled together with the Jews returning to Israel!


The earliest conversations among the Jews of returning to Israel to reclaim their nation began around the 1600’s.  The centuries of Christian revivals started (again) about the 1600’s!


Christianity had been almost completely taken over by the Roman Catholic Church.  Most any other group holding to the things of God and His Christ, outside of the Catholic Church were warred against, dismantled and even destroyed throughout nearly a thousand years of European history!  The Inquisition was probably the most dramatic example of this…


But something started to happen around the 1600’s!  A revival started, back to the things of God that would continue until today!  I want to insist that the Jews returning to their homeland is the event that sparked God’s Spirit to pour out upon Christianity in such a way!  God promised to bless the whole world thru the Jews, but more specifically thru the Jews while IN THEIR LAND and Worshipping their God!


The 1600’s began many academics and thought-leaders throughout Jewry to promote a return to the land of their fathers, the Land Promised to them by God.


By the 1700’s these thoughts started to prevail throughout the whole of Europe even as more prominent Jews started to promote the return!


But in the 1800’s the Jews started to come together to actually begin the process of reclaiming their land!  The actual numbers vary about how many Jews actually returned to the Promised Lands of God those years but even conservative estimates put that number well above 50,000!  And look what happened as 50,000+ Jews returned to their land after being gone for more than a thousand years!  Revival broke out all throughout Europe, England and the Americas!!!  This is such an amazing story!!


The Revivals back to the simplicity of the gospel (and away from the Catholic Church) began in the late 1500’s and early 1600’s but so much moreso throughout the 1700’s and 1800’s!  The dates are very revealing!  Within less than a decade of the First Zionist Congress, arguably the first act of re-establishing a government for Israel, some of the greatest Christian revivals in the history of the world started in Wales, in California, in Hungary, in Australia, all throughout Europe! Millions converted to Christianity the immediate years following the first Jews returning to their land!

The first Aliyah, as it is commonly referred to, was between the years 1881 and 1903.  There were nearly no Jews living in Israel when these first pioneers returned to their land, mostly from Eastern Europe and Yemen.  Immediately thereafter, what was God’s response?  To reign down His Spirit all throughout the world!  But even moreso!  Follow this theme into the 1900’s…The Jews continue returning to their land and gospel of their Messiah spreads the globe!  Missionaries cover the nations!  And Christianity spreads the globe!  But then look what happens following WW2.  Even more revealing: Israel becomes a nation!  And the biggest Christian revivals in American history begin!  The 40’s, 50’s and 60’s were full of tent revivals, crusades, and the whole of America becoming Christian!  As much as America had settlers come from Europe, puritans and pilgrims seeking the freedom to worship their God apart from the dominance of the Catholic Church, that was still the minority coming to America.  I would present to you all that America was truly brought to Christianity the years following WW2, that is to say, the years following the re-creation of the Nation of Israel!


But it doesn’t end there!  Many historians would argue the greatest revival in American history actually started with the hippies in California!  The late 60’s God starts to pour out His Spirit on the hippies outside of San Francisco, California and this great outpouring of the Spirit of God spreads the nation and then the whole world!  And what Major event happened in Israel just before this revival?  1967.  Jerusalem, the capital city of Israel for about 3,000 years was restored to the people of God! 


Every single time the Jews take back their land, every single time they inhabit what was given to them by God, the Spirit of God is poured out upon the earth! 


Israel is fighting for its God-given land right now.  If they take it back, Revival will spread the nations!  If they regain control of Gaza and the West Bank, the Spirit of God will pour out all throughout the nations of the earth!


But the warning I would give Israel.  The warning to us all, should Israel remain with their God, they will remain in the land.  If Israel departs again from their God… should Israel reject the things of God for: wealth, politics, what is convenient, etc. God will again remove them from the land He gave to them, and God will pull back His Spirit and a great darkness will return to the earth.  As dark and difficult as it is in our nation.  As difficult as it is throughout the western nations as our nations continue to reject their God it can get much worse.  But it seems to me that God is preparing something great for us, for those who love Him.

It seems to me a Great Revival is coming to the world!  Not merely to the west, but to the nations of the earth who would receive their God, His Son and Holy Spirit!  Israel, take what is yours, do not be afraid or dismayed.  Your God is with you!  Take what He has given you and run to your Father and God, He will uphold you, He will defend you but even moreso, He will reveal Himself to you ANEW!  He lives!  Your God lives!  The same God who et Moses atop the mountain, the same God who has revealed Himself to so many of your fathers and kings and prophets, He Lives!  Return to Him in prayer, fasting and supplication.  He will open your eyes and your will see Him, like you’ve never seen Him before!Be confident.  Be assured.  Your God fights for you.


He has a miraculous and blessed ending in store for you!


Turn off your ears to hearing all the bad news and lies published all around youEven by the church and other Jews and Israelites in your midst.YOUR GOD REIGNS!  He loves His people.And He is returning for you!!


The most glorious ending imaginable is in store for those who are His!

“Kiss the Son, lest He be angry and you perish from the way… from the LAND!”

Psalm 2:12


God has your best interests in heart.

He wants to bless you.  Trust Him.

And Obey. 

Run to your God and Father

And find your comfort and peace in His Presence.

The best is yet to come, Israel

The best if yet to come for you and all the nations of the world!


In His Messiah I do write unto you and to whoever has an ear to hear…

His reward is with Him and His work is before Him…

The King is coming…








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