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Pence, Vivek, Scott, Christie, Pompeo, etc. Enough is Enough – It’s Time to Support Your President –

By Robert Anthony July 31st 2023

Watch this one-hour show of Dan Bongino. He lays it all out there pretty thick. They are attacking Trump to keep Biden, Obama, Clinton, etc. out of trouble. And at this point in time, you who are running against the President are enabling this madness. Watching you all campaign against this man is almost embarrassing at this point.

You are campaigning on your genuine concern for this nation, you are campaigning that you are the candidates for law and order and yet not one of you is standing for the laws and order of this nation. Not one of you! We have given you ample time to realize that the nation stands with Trump. Not one of you are polling within the realm of possibility. It’s like fantasy-land thinking that any of you can catch up with The President. Unless you are banking on him going to prison!? If you want to do something honorable, worthy and truly Patriotic – at this point in the story the ONLY Thing to do is to drop out of the race and throw ALL Your support behind The President (who was duly elected in 2020 – If you want to see the receipts reach out to us – we will show you everything we found in Michigan with More than 100K missing votes! 103 Townships with Zero In Person Votes in Michigan. Trump Won 2020 without a doubt!). Here is the Bingo Show -

If you are banking on the President going to prison. If that is what the DC consultants and big-donor class has you all banking on? The nation is further gone than we realized. If you have chosen this path, you have chosen the destruction of this nation rather than Truth, Justice and Freedom! If you dig in your heels against American, you will live to see this curse find you out as it fights for the total and complete demise of our USA. Have some class. Be honorable. Stand up for the truth! If you all came together to support the (duly elected) President, imagine what that would do for the party!? Imagine what that would do for the nation!?

Vice President Pence, you have your issues with the President, but you pride yourself on your good-Godly character and decency. Take a stand for the truth Sir. God will honor that. Stand by your President once more. You will see God do miracles!

Mr. Pompeo, you have seen behind the scenes with the President and surely you have seen his best moments and his worst. But the Lord has risen him up for such an hour as this. You can not bring the nation together in the way he can. It’s time to take an honest account of what they are doing to the President, put your personal issues aside and take a stand for your America! Fight for us once more Mr Pompeo! The nation needs you!

Mrs. DeVos, how you lost your way so entirely makes us all wonder how much you are indebted to the Communist CCP. You supported countless candidates to run against those the President endorsed in Michigan 2022. You were probably the first to bail out on him after the stolen election. But here you have a chance to redeem yourself and do something, not for your own personal gain or agenda but for the nation! Stand with your President. Stand up for America! Refuse to allow this tyranny!

Senator Scott, you preach often before the nation. What a power you have to show Godly-virtue, true Patriotism and as a display, WWJD (What Would Jesus Do)! It would mean the world for us to see you honor the nation by admitting publicly, “It would be better to drop out of the race and support the President who is under lawfare, unjustice and the worst political assault in the history of this nation!” You would win incredible support from the nation if you did! You would win the love of this people.

The other candidates should also fall in line. What a message would you all be sending to the nation if you all rallied behind an innocent man, who had a Presidency stolen from him, who has been taking a beating for us all – since the day he came down the escalator 2015.

Remember what you were all like when you were young and had that innocence and purity of heart!? You wouldn’t have stood idly by watching another child be beaten senselessly, even if it benefited you in some way!? No! Your heart would have broken for this child and you would have rushed to their aide!

The child being beaten now isn't only Trump, it's America! And you all are in a position to stand up for her. You have the eyes of the nation on you: Vivek, Christie, Pence, Scott, Pompeo, DeVos, etc. We are watching everyone in Congress, Ronna McDaniels and the rest of the GOP Power-players and we are wondering… when will you say, “Enough is Enough” and take a stand for the nation!?

Its time to rally for the United States! If not now, when???

This is your moment to shine… how can you not see that!? This is our moment to win the nation for a good generation or more!! God has set everything up for us. If you refuse your moment in history, God will raise up another. And destiny will have passed you all by. This is your moment. And God will do it with or without you. Mark my words.


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