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Revival Coming to Michigan and Wisconsin!

by American Revival Staff

May 11th 2024

We just had Mr Mario Murillo on our show and it was incredible, Robert keeps saying it was the best interview he has ever done! The Spirit of God was there the whole time and Robert could feel God's presence in the room! Mr Murillo and team are coming to Michigan and Wisconsin and just in time for God to save our states! These are two unbelievably important swing states, must wins for the coming election! The timing of these events couldn't be any better!

(This is Mr Murillo in Batavia, New York ministering as the Spirit of God saved/healed people!)

We must win this nation back politically but that is only a portion of the strategy. The larger and more important piece is winning the spirit and soul of America! There are great divided perhaps like never before. Who is going to bring peace to this contention? Who is going to bring a unity to something so much at war!? Only our God can do it!

Mr. Murillo speaks candidly on these subjects and explains, even throughout history, how God hears His people when they cry out to Him, and He responds! But we must obey. We must trust Him, follow Him and obey. We must go along with God's plans and believe upon His word. Our Father and Our Savior will do all the heavy lifting!

(Mr Murillo preaching to a packed tent in Phoenix AZ)

The scripture says, "There is a way which seems right unto a man but in the end the ways thereof lead to death." We have our way of trying to live and survive and then there is God's way!! Which is all about LIFE and Living it More Abundantly! God has power and salvation and Hope and JOY!! But we too often settle for (so much) less.

Mr Murillo is presenting the very Spirit of God which BRINGS US TO LIFE! He is the Life Giving Spirit! Unashamedly, Mr Murillo will minister this same Spirit of God to Michigan and then Wisconsin! Everywhere he has gone the Spirit of God has gone with him. The miracles and wonders of God are there. They can not count the miracles that God is doing in his tents.

Watch the interview. Mr Murillo explains how he came to start these tent revivals and humbly tells us about the miracles and power God is displaying as His Spirit fills the tent!!

Bring your friends, loved ones, sick, dying, poor, afflicted, lost, hurting! Bring the people to the event who need God and His miracle working power! God is quite literally showing up in these tent meetings! At the evening meetings they are inviting the presence of God to come!

Make sure to register, here is the link:


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