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Perception Economics

There are two very different discussions often happening simultaneously about economics: macro (big picture) and micro (local) economics. Many of the things that will actually save America will come from micro economics – but immediately we are getting destroyed by the problems stemming from macroeconomics: primarily America’s USD standing on the world stage. The big picture, the immediate problem, is a problem of perception. The world’s fiat currencies and debt-based economies are almost entirely based upon perception. If it is perceived that China is overtaking the US Dollar / economy that perception could end up becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy in that if many nations are convinced that this is a matter of fact they could in unison bail out on our Dollar, for probably Yuan. This nightmare scenario has been the fundamentals of the economic war waging for about two decades.

The problems of the nation’s flocking around the Yuan can not be overstated but they may feel compelled to do so because of how much of their products and economy comes from China. China’s entire economy is based on what is really modern day slave labor. Even if only 20% of their nation lives a slave-type serfdom, laboring in Chinese factories, industry, etc. that is upwards of 350 Million people! Yes, that is our entire US population. China could have a growing and thriving middle class even making up half of its economy but it would be this slave labor class that is creating the foundations of their cheap-product economy. How can any nation in the world compete? Considering our western culture is so concerned about human-rights and the rule of law, how can any of us complete with what China offers Wall Street as a partner? No regulations, slave labor (costs are so low), no unions, a dominate CCP crushing their workers into submission, etc. What nation can compete with this? Remember our Wall Street, our own US Dollar funded this Goliath running China. And Blackrock, Vanguard, Epstein and all their buddies are heavily heavily invested in keeping the status quo. The Big Picture, the Macro Picture is the elites, the globalists, the bankers (maybe?), the rulers of the world seem to have already made their decision: the US is out, the Dollar is out and they have decided to bet on the Yuan!? Forget about BRICS nations. Whenever you consider BRICS understand, BRICS IS The Chinese Yuan.

Read my last few articles about supply and everything this administration has done against our own economy. Remember we are in economic warfare, information warfare too but at its core is the economy. It’s important to understand what else we did, as a nation, to create this alliance against us: We have exported porn to the nations, more than any other country, America leads the Porn industry, we exported the LGBTQ movement to the world, in fact the Obama Administration often would not lend money to nations unless they agreed to adhere to certain Pro-LGBTQ initiatives, we lead the world in abortion, we exported the fiat currency to the world, we could have been a part of bringing the nations to fiscal responsibility and the rule of law in high finance but we opened Pandora’s box and let the debt/perception based, fiat currencies completely conquer the world. One could argue we exported a good religion? One could say at least we spread Christianity to the nations? But I would argue that also, even our form of Christianity and what many of our missionaries taught the world included, “God wants you to be Rich” and a false prosperity gospel. Blame the problems of the world on China, the Communists, North Korea, Iran or extremist Muslim’s all you want but this world we are living in was in large part created right here in the Good ‘ol USofA! “Lord, Help us.”

Our enemies are rallying behind a sense of twisted and delusional ideology. They use these things against us: our societies collapse, the war against our traditional family, the immorality and perversion we continue to ship to the world, our crime, drugs, lawlessness and even now, our pursuit into AI/Transhumanism and a new form of man altogether. The battle we are losing is economic but the war we are losing is ideological in nature, simply the nations do not agree with our vision for tomorrow. There was a time America had a sense of morals and good character, perhaps. Maybe we were not perfect but at least supported simple reasonable values like: the traditional family, caring for our children, not recreating the human genome, keeping genetic engineering out of our food supply, supporting the freedoms and rights of other nations, etc. It’s as if we are simply not giving the world much of an option but to band against us, they very well might fear the survival of the human race like the rest of us reasonable Americans.

So much of this, our enemies banding together against us, was fast-tracked under the Obama administration. And then President Trump came to office and started to roll it all back, bringing normalcy and a sense of traditional values back to our nation. President Trump stopped the advance to totally destroy the world as we know it and even started to set back some of their plans. But so many powers fought against him. Had Hillary been elected President, I am of the opinion we would be years into WW3 by now. We have so much to be grateful for, God pushed back this darkness for us, He held back Armageddon and all the worst and scariest parts of the Holy Bible under the Trump Administration. President Trump was truly a vessel God used for to bless the America but also the nations of the world!

The Main Reason President Trump had such immediate victories is that he understood Macro Economics and this Perception Economy better than perhaps any US President ever. Our global economy is now entirely based on perceived strength or weakness. If the nations perceive we are strong and thriving, investment comes our way. If the nations see us weak and China dominating the political victories (as they are right now), investment flees the US to China and their allies (as it is right now). We are in a perception war wherein morale, the vision for the future, belief systems, preserving humanity and economic success will lead to our Great Victory or terrible defeat – and it is all unfolding before our very eyes today.

They knew it was a desperation move to steal the 2020 election from President Trump and the American people but, in truth, they had no option. President Trump was entirely resetting the political landscape for even a generation and remember how desperate China has become! The whole world is basically bankrupt. Very very important to understand this. China borrows from US bankers and Wall Street, US borrows from bankers and China, EU lends and borrows, African and third-world nations are all indebted to someone else, etc. The entire global economy is bankrupt and has been for 20 years Plus. And no one really knows what to do about it and everyone is trying their best not to go to war (well, for the most part). Think thru this, if you hit a button and wipe away all the debt, who would benefit the most? When they say Great Reset this is what they are talking about. But these are the complexities of the world we are living in. A very intense and complex time for a plethora of reasons even beyond economics.

Why the powers running America right now have labored to make our nation perceived to be so weak: economically, militarily, morally, socially, etc. boggles the mind. What strategy could there be in projecting such decline, chaos and weakness!? Our enemies have never been more emboldened, maybe not since the foundations of America!? How we are going to avoid a global conflict at this point seems moot, seems like basically a circular debate. The global conflict has been waging for years in rhetoric and lurking within the shadows without an end in sight, only now the powers that be are running out of patience and conceding to the reality of World War.

Gold and Silver will not save us, perhaps in the near future these commodities will give reasonable returns but there is little to nothing about our economy that functions around these precious metals. You can’t eat it, it wont make my car start and the world is totally content to continue with their fiat and easily manipulated currencies. The BRICS nations are not creating a currency of morals and sound fiscal responsibility, don’t kid yourself. The delusion of gold and silver will not become the rallying point for a global economic reset. Sounds like a nice story but it’s more like a fairy tale, in reality we need a plan with some actual substance. Now could there be a run-on gold/silver much like the tulip economy of Dutch in the 1600’s? I suppose. But that too will end once people realize how little value these precious metals actually have to our everyday lives. In the near future it may be a decent place to park a few dollars but VERY IMPORTANT to consider: the more people leave the US Dollar for commodities the weaker our US Dollar becomes, and the stronger the Yuan looks to a global reset.

In conclusion, if we were able to convince the various leaders of our country that they should uphold the rule of law and not allow The White House to be stolen from the American people, we certainly would not be in this mess. The world would perceive America’s strength because there would be someone in the White House standing up for our nation and currency – and the nations would rally around our US Dollar, our economy and vision for tomorrow as they were under President Trump. Words can not express how it grieves me that our own conservatives allowed this to happen, the White House being stolen from us. I can not count how many I spoke with trying to convince them to join the fight! I worked so hard on this that I even started to pay for it with my health.

Even within our own movement they were working against strategies and initiatives that had legal standing and great possibilities for restoring our nation! I could write a book about all that I have experienced these past couple years dealing with the various power-players within the GOP. Trump won 2020. We can prove it many different ways. Our nation should not be in this disaster and yet the whole of the Republican Party does not seem to care. We have the House… right? Why aren’t they fighting to restore their own duly elected Republican President to the White House? I fear we are surrounded by our enemies and the few good men who have the power to do something about it, simply won’t.

We will all die. (A very small minority will be raptured out of here one day, the rest will die.) What are we leaving behind for our children and our children’s children? Why are so many so content to allow this nation to unravel and crumble before their very eyes? They are handing the world over to China, over to groups of elitists who have the worst vision for the families of the world ever on earth! How many elections did they steal in 2022? How many will they steal in 2024? And yet the politicians continue on, business as usual. Even people within our own movement warred against people who could have made a difference. I can not slumber and sit back in the rocking chair while the world makes ready for Armageddon.

What has to happen to wake up these men/women who have been leading our country!? Not just the politicians, where are the business people who could be funding the saving of America!? Where are the trust-fund kids who received a fortune in American dollars? Or the countless many who won the lottery!? Where are those with a voice!? There must be a few on Wall Street who care about their own families!? Where are the authors, news anchors, influencers, professors, lawyers, judges, sheriff’s, etc. Where are all the men/women of influence!? Where are the pastors and church leaders!? Where on earth is everyone!!? How can so many be content to let it all burn!? It grieves me. Even within our own movement, there is so much noise and so little effect.

What does the world think of us? No wonder they are bailing out on our currency and running to China, Russia, India, Brazil, South African, Saudi Arabia and Iran…

We can’t even secure our own elections…

Do we have the House or not??? Where is everyone!?! I can’t just sit back and watch the world burn.

Can you??

Prayerfully. Robert Anthony

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