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By Robert Anthony

July 10, 2024

Sometimes its hard to take an honest account of a difficult matter.  But we are a mere few months from the most consequential US election in the history of the nation.  We must put our emotions, doubts and fears aside, we must put old rivalries, grudges and divisions away – FOR THE SAVING OF THE FREE WORLD!


This election will come down to a very few states, Wisconsin at the helm. Michigan too, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Nevada… But Wisconsin is a MUST WIN STATE.  Let me explain.

Michigan and Minnesota were both totally and completely hijacked by some of the most extremely woke, progressive, Marxist-Democrats this nation has ever seen. 2022 saw a Blue Wave in both of these states but somehow Wisconsin resisted... they did lose their Supreme Court (as most of us are aware, they just voted to make drop boxes legal.). So they are well prepared for The Big Steal 2.0

Again, as many of us are now aware, we, the free-people of America, actually have the numbers in all three of these states! The Patriots are the majority, without a doubt, in Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin. Some pollsters will blame "voter turn out" but that is a farce, in part. Remember proved that they omitted votes in Michigan! Literally just removed them from the record! And we caught them! We can have every single Patriot vote and even outvote the algorithms, but if they omit votes!!? What is the remedy?

In Wisconsin at least the Patriots have the House and the Senate. (Please, you guys, make sure your WI State Senators and Rep's campaigning are aware of this. Shoot them the article. Have them reach out to us. We will explain in detail.). Who will we turn to to support and free and fair election in Michigan or Minnesota!?!? VOTE. Do everything we can, Patriots, to shore up the elections but in the end - we should not be surprised by anything, except if they decide to leave this election alone. Which they will not do - because they are petrified that the law will come after them for what they did in 2020 and 2022! Back to #MustWinWisconsin - you can spend time playing around with this interactive map if you like. I give us less than a 5% chance of winning Michigan and Wisconsin. Maybe I am wrong? Maybe some three-letter agencies have a plan to make sure these states aren't stolen!? I dont know about that... They did nothing (but perhaps help) in 2020/2022. Which brings us to Pennsylvania, with a large 19 electoral votes.

I would compare Pennsylvania to Michigan and Minnesota but perhaps not as extreme. I would give us about a 20% chance at winning Pennsylvania. The war in Israel works for us in Pennsylvania. The rulers of that state are NOT HAPPY with Biden and his dismal efforts supporting our #1 ally in the Middle East and perhaps the world! The Republicans have the Senate and the SOS. And THEY STEAL VOTES! If you are in Pennsylvania, feel free to share this article with anyone campaigning but especially those in position right now to shore up this election. If we win Pennsylvania and Wisconsin? Look at what the map does!

But I only give us a 20% shot at Pennsylvania again because many there are in full-panic mode of what the (duly elected) President Trump might do to come after the traitors should he return to the White House!! Do not listen to the headlines. This election is about domestic politics and this political civil-war that has been raging. Everything else: Ukraine, Israel, China, etc. is a great distance from the fact that everyone in politics knows they seem to have gotten away with stealing an election from the American People!

We actually have a chance at winning Wisconsin! While we do not have the SOS, AG or Governor - we have all of WI Legislature. Which brings us to places like Arizona and Nevada.

I don't want to get too far into the weeds on this but, Arizona had the Election Audit! And WHAT ON EARTH HAPPENED!!? Do you realize they never actually gave us a report of what that audit found!? It was all hidden and redacted!?! Once this became the conclusion to the 2020 Arizona Election Audit, I realized that we had lost Arizona. Is there a slim chance we pull it off? Sure. I believe in miracles. Which brings us to Nevada. The only thing the Patriots have in Nevada is the Office of the Governor. Pretty bleak all things considered. But Nevada only gives us 6 Electoral Votes. Is Nevada winnable with all those California implants flocking to Vegas and Reno? I give Nevada 30% chance of winning - I have a lot to say on the subject. But I won't get into it now. Someday Nevada will need a political champion who will open all the books and root out all the corruption and give Nevada, A Fresh Start.

Some might argue Virginia is in play? I actually might listen to that argument. In fact I would give us better chances of winning Virginia than I would Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, etc. While the Democrat party controls the state's Legislature, the Republicans have the Governor, AG and SOS! And those Patriot-Leaders have done wonders with the state! The more I talk/write about it the more excited I get about the opportunity in Virginia! I need to look into this more. (I will get back to you all about this.)

If we lose all those Dem-controlled swing-states but pull off an upset in Virginia!! WE WIN THE WHITE HOUSE!!

Im going to investigate this further. Watch for a follow up article in the days weeks ahead.

In conclusion: are we going to throw in the towel on Michigan, Minnesota, Penn., etc.? God forbid. I wrote an article about an phenomenal strategy THIS ELECTION - to focus on those local elections! If we can get the Congress' and maybe one or two of the big offices throughout the swing states this election! That will pay off huge 2026, etc.! Especially for us to restore the election system.

It's abundantly obvious to me that Wisconsin is our best long hanging fruit among the swing states. I hope this helps to refocus the movement. We have months to go. We can all, even around the nation, get involved! I see no path to winning without Wisconsin. Play around with the map and prove me wrong. You can comment below. You can even agree in the comments below!! hahaha.

Let's get it done! Robert.


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