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Is this Really the End of this World?

By Robert Anthony Nov 19th 2023

Something changed about twenty years ago and the world has never been the same again, that day was Tuesday, Sept 11th 2001. And since 9/11 the whole earth has seemed to be sounding some sort of an alarm, trying to get our attention. But our attention towards what? We forget all that’s happened this past twenty years, because we have really lived thru a lot!

Remember the 2004 Tsunami in Thailand, Indonesia, India, etc.!? More than 300K lives lost that morning. All those huge earthquakes in Haiti, Chile, China, Nepal, etc. Volcanic eruptions continue to break records! I think it was 2019? Or 2018? Broke every record we had for volcanic eruptions in a single year. Tornadoes! Remember Joplin? But there were so many more over the past two decades. And every year seems to break another record. The West Coast and now Canada has had a plague of wildfires: Russia too, Siberia! of all places!? Greece, much of Europe, these wildfires seem to be spreading the earth. Let’s not forget Hurricanes and Typhoons. The past twenty years the hurricanes have broken all the records since there has been this data recorded. Plagues of locusts, random rivers and lakes turning blood red, signs in the sun, moon and stars, meteors and asteroids, thousands of whales beaching themselves, not once, not twice but several times over the past few years!? What on earth is going on!!

Maybe it’s not global warming or human induced climate change? What if it is exactly what the Bible says will happen in the time of the end? Read Hebrews 12, verse 26, “Whose voice then shook the earth: but now He has promised, saying, “Yet once more I will shake not only the earth but the heavens also!” God told us He was going to shake everything, Hebrews 12:27, “…that those things which cannot be shaken might remain.” What if what we have been seeing these twenty + years is God doing exactly what He promised!? Shaking everything. Trying to get our attention, saying, “I never wanted you to live this way. I’m coming back for you. I’m going to fix everything.”

But if the weather hasn’t convinced you yet that the prophecies of the Bible are all coming true, let’s add in more to the story. The Bible talks of peace being taken from the earth, the Bible talks of economic unrest, political unrest and persecution of Christians. While Christians haven’t endured much persecution throughout America and most of the west, the rest of the world and the Christians that live in those places, the places with the highest populations on earth, are persecuted terribly: in China, India, throughout the Middle East, many war zones in Africa, etc. The majority of the world has been persecuting Christians for fifty solid years, plus. Are you still not yet convinced? What about Covid-19? And all that we have just lived thru!? But it wasn’t just Covid. Africa has been plagued with Ebola, variations of SARS, HIV/AIDS, Malaria, etc. It wasn’t so long ago that our own USA was incredibly worried about the “Swine Flu” remember that!? “They” continue to tell us that this is not over, that its just a matter of time until there is another, and even worse, Covid-type outbreak that will spread the nations!? Still not convinced something monumental and historic is happening!? What about the wars and rumors of wars? What about Israel!? Israel ceased from being a nation for centuries and suddenly, practically out of nowhere the nation was reborn, as if in a day!? And the Bible has much to say about Israel in the last days. (So God had to rebirth His nation of Israel upon the earth to fulfill so much of scripture.) Every single thing that the Bible proclaims about Israel is starting to unfold right now! The unholy alliance of Russia, China, Iran and Turkey is very quickly forming - the Bible prophesied this some 2500 years ago! And the wars Daniel foretold, they are all positioning to begin. And yet God will not allow them to destroy His Israel. Even should all the nations of the world come against Israel, God Himself will intervene, like in Bible times.

What else must I say to convince my reader? We should talk about Transhumanism and AI and what they are planning to do to the human genome. Jesus said, “It will be like it was in the days of Noah”! What did Jesus prophesy? What does it mean, “Like it was in the days of Noah”?? Well I wrote a rather lengthy 3-articles on the subject. In summary, they were doing Transhumanism in Noah’s day before the flood, and Jesus prophesied, “What they were doing to destroy my creation with Transhumanism, they will be doing again in the end.” There is no telling what is happening in off-the-books labs all throughout the world. Remember, they were already cloning in the 80’s! What could they be doing today if they were already cloning sheep with great success in the 80’s!? Now they have CRISPR technology. They've made some huge advancements since the 80’s and now they are about to unleash AI to do math and problem solve in ways they could only before dream! They are about to declare war on the very creation of God! The same as it was before the flood, this The Very Sin that caused God to destroy the earth, it has returned.

Every single thing the Bible has to say about the time of the end is happening right now.

My reader could very easily argue that this is still the cycle and the way things have gone “since the beginning”. My reader could “scoff” and blow the whole thing off, saying, “That flood never even happened”. But what about the huge fossilized boat they found (in the late 70’s) exactly where the Bible describes Noah’s ark coming to rest at the end of the global flood? (Here is an article we published on it.) They proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that that object is in fact a fossilized boat! EXACTLY WHERE NOAH’S ARK SHOULD HAVE COME TO REST!? And… I should also mention... It fits exactly the dimensions the Bible gave for Noah’s ark. But perhaps my reader would rather be “Willingly Ignorant” of this fact and refuse to look into the matter, to go on with life as if “all things will continue as they have” for thousands of years. (Read 2 Peter 3. I just quoted it several times in this paragraph.)

The best argument someone could muster, in my opinion, would be that perhaps we have hundreds of years until the end. That would probably be the best argument someone might present, all things considered. And I would have much to say to argue that the end will come sooner rather than later. Jesus gives a very very vital prophecy to understanding the time of the end and its timeline, He said, “And this generation shall not pass away until all is fulfilled.” (Luke 21:32) To many of us who study the Word of God and His Prophecy, the Spirit has revealed to us this to mean, “The generation alive when all these end of times events begin, they will not pass away until they see all these things fulfilled.” Therefore, God will shove all these major last days events into One Generation. Reread this before you decide to reject what I just presented. The implications of what I just taught are massive! Absolutely Life Changing! And should grab a hold of everyone who is reading this. “People get ready. Jesus is coming.” For those of us in Christ, “Soon we are going see the King, face to face!” And there has never been a better time to get ready.

I'm sorry if this is hard hitting. I really am. But this truth should inspire us all, into a closer relationship with our God and His Christ! There has never been a better time than here, at the end of the world to come to know our Father!!


Can God push back the darkness and preserve this world for one more generation and let all these things start up again for another generation further in the future? Not a terrible question. But in my opinion… I would point us all back to Israel! Israel is the hourglass God uses to time-block the world’s end. The trouble is, every nation that has been supportive to Israel is suddenly turning its back on Israel, even as I type these words! This is The Most Troubling part of what I am seeing upon the earth Right Now! You might say, “Trump will return in 2024 and fix everything”!! And I hope he does! I really do. But a little straight talk… I personally worked in election integrity movement ever since Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium. Let me cut to the chase, We have not won. Our elections are no more safe and secure than they were in 2020! They may, in fact, be worse than they were in 2020!? Radical Progressive-Socialist/Communist style leaders have taken total control of Michigan, Minnesota and most of Pennsylvania. Other swing states we have seemed to have lost (at least for the near future): Arizona, Nevada, much of Wisconsin and Colorado. What path is there, in truth, for a 2024 Trump Victory (considering they steal elections)!? I will vote for the President. I will support him with everything I have and…. we need, not only a miracle, but a Series of Miracles to get him elected again!

Without Trump in the White House, if Biden gets a second term? We haven’t even begun to see what this radical regime is capable of! Remember how dramatically different Obama’s first four years were from his second!? If Biden remains in the White House 2025, it would be the perfect end of days scenario to bring about the worst parts of the Bible, globally. Please Correct me if I am missing something. I know this is hard to read. I know the weight of what I am saying. I am feeling it as I am writing it. I have four small children and a 5th on the way! This is just as heavy for me to write about… But this also seems to be the bitter truth.


But let me remind my readers, God never wanted us to live this way. He isn’t ending the world as a tyrant and “Destructor”, He is ending the world simply because He never meant for us to live in this broken and wicked place. He made us to live with Him in paradise! Reread the Bible if you have to. God made a paradise and He gave it to us, with only one way to break the law. There was literally only one thing we were not allowed to do - and we couldn’t even follow that!

God, our Father, lived with us in paradise. He literally walked in our midst in the garden of Eden. Adam and Eve knew their Father so intimately. But like the rest of us, they decided not always to listen to Him. Now, all these some six thousand years later, God is restoring all that was stolen! He never wanted anything to separate us from Himself. He had the plan from the beginning to save us, to restore us and return us back to the garden, into His presence! He sent His Son, the Savior, His own right hand, to come and conquer sin and death! And Jesus did! And soon He will come again, and He will return, not only us to the garden but also the garden to the earth! Reread the Bible, its all in there! Jesus is returning to restore paradise on earth, and us into the presence of our Father! The end is only bad news for all those who hate God and want to be wicked. The end is only bad news to those who dig in their heels and reject the goodness of God, His Christ, until the very last day.

I just have such a hard time understanding why anyone would reject Jesus. He was and is perfect. Reject religion if you want. In fact, I think it’s totally reasonable to reject religion, considering what has become of much of the Church in America these past forty or so years. But I am not sharing to try and convince you into church, Im sharing to convince you back to your Father, back into relationship with your God! I promise you, there is no bad news in this story. It simply doesn’t exist. Everyone who wants God, GETS HIM! Everyone who doesn’t want Him… God will not force Himself on anyone. But for ALL who know His name, they call Him, Jesus! And He comes... And He saves us…

The Rapture will happen. But even Jesus doesn’t know everything God has in store for us surrounding the rapture. And remember, God loves Surprise Endings!! He is a Master story teller, and every good story teller hides the best endings until the very last moment! Some of the most exciting and wonderful events to ever unfold upon the earth are just getting ready to happen. Brothers and sisters, we have shed enough tears. We have grieved and mourned enough. It’s time to let go. It’s time to trust our Father and not worry about all this so much. Pray for your loved ones, pray for the lost, pray for your nation, Pray!! But there’s no more reason to sorrow or weep, let your weeping turn to rejoicing and your mourning into dancing – Your King is Coming. And He is going to fix everything – far better than we could ever fix it! Of course we should occupy until He comes. Work, Pray, Raise the family, Encourage the Church, Vote, Evangelize, Preach, Prophesy, and Love them!! We should engage with all our hearts in these last days but not with mourning or grieving, but with Rejoicing for, “Soon and Very Soon We are Going to See our King!” We’ve suffered enough precious saints. We must trust Him in all this. Trusting Him like we have never before. And we will draw near to Him like never before, in this newfound trust… I pray this message of Hope blesses you - for there was never any Hope for us in this world. The Hope was always in Christ. The Hope was always in trusting that God would be a man of His word. And He is. He is a man of His Word! Soon we will see it with our own eyes. So there’s never been a better time to give Him our lives.

There’s never been a better time to trust and follow His lead… He can lead us thru this… He wants to… We just have to go to Him and listen… He will do all the heavy lifting, We just need to hear Him and obey… And it will get even more amazing than this! Just Watch! God loves us. And He is about to put His love on display!! Rejoice Family! These are the days we have been hoping for since the very beginning!

With the utmost love and affection, Robert


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