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If There was ever a Time to Pray for Israel, It Is Now!

by Robert Anthony July 25th 2023

The complexities of Israeli politics cannot be overstated. They have basically been a nation at war since their inception, without pause. If one of their neighbors was not attacking them, the Palestinians were, if the Palestinians were not actively at war within their own borders, they were engaged with political strife and conflict. None of us in the states can possibly imagine their plight – unless we physically go and live there.

The story only gets more complicated when you add into the mix that three of the five most prominent religions of the world all converge on Jerusalem, their capital city (and yes, without a doubt, Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel). And the Jews and Muslim’s dramatically outnumber the Christians, but politically the Christians have huge power because Christians spend big money visiting the holy land, and increasingly. Some of the most zealous of Jews, Christians and Muslim’s flock to Jerusalem annually for feasts, celebrations and various religious observances.

So was the Judiciary Reform a good thing? We just brought Mr David Silver, of Out Of Zion, world renown public speaker and educator of all things Israel, on to our show, “All Politics is Local”. Mr Silver made a great presentation of what just transpired in Israel. While many of us right leaning conservatives see at face value this as a huge win, remember Israeli politics are complicated, as Silver explains.

Prime Minister Netanyahu had the right vision on the issue, he was working on a compromise between the major warring factions, the radical-progressive left and the orthodox (or ultra-orthodox) conservative-right. This is truly what the nation needed, moderation, not the left to pull Israel into their wild-progressive ideals but neither the ultra-orthodox to force Judaism and their dominating religion down Israel’s throats. Netanyahu had the perfect plan for what needed to happen within the court. In all actuality, as Silver explained, the nation of Israel just lost and lost big in the way this unfolded.

Tonight, the Orthodox are celebrating this victory but what they might not be aware of is the pain and suffering this has the potential to bring on their own families in the very near future. The enemies of Israel are at the gates! Perhaps like never before Israel’s vital future is at stake. Biden is in the White House. Iran sees all these events unfolding and are ready to strike! Their proxies: Hezbollah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Syria, etc. are all preparing for large-scale and long-lasting war. This judiciary loss just weakened the unity and agreement among God’s chosen people.

If there was ever a time to pray for Israel it is now. Christians, we are practically commanded to “Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem”. We are told over and again throughout scripture that “I will bless them that bless [the children of Israel], and curse him that curses [the children of Israel].” Our own nations departure from supporting Israel means what for us!? To the saints of God I write, Bless Israel with your prayers, love and support! Even political support however possible! Hopefully God will overlook what our federal government and White House has been doing to provoke the enemies of Israel against her and instead look upon those righteous among us, doing all we can to support His Chosen People.

Pray, saints of God, for the peace of Jerusalem.

It is a desperate hour. This week, as Silver explained in the interview, is coming the 9th of Av on the Jewish calendar. This date is famous in Jewish history because of how many times throughout the past calamity has befallen Israel on this date! You can look it up, it’s called, “Tisha B’Av” and this date is well known among the prophets. It starts tomorrow Wednesday evening on our calendar and goes until Thursday evening. If there was ever a time to fast and pray for Israel, it is right now.


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