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The Israeli Report (For the Week Ending May 10th)

by David Silver (reporting from Israel)

May 10th 2024

Israel at War Day 217  

May 10th 

The War in Gaza:

  • Cease-fire and hostage release talks were suspended by Hamas on Monday afternoon. However a few hours later the political head of Hamas said that they have agreed to a proposal, but it was not the same one that Israel had agreed to. Israel sent the negotiating team back to Cairo on Tuesday to respond to the Hamas offer. Negotiations are set to continue.

  • PM Netanyahu said that Israel was ready for a truce but not to declare the end of the war with Hamas and other terror groups in Gaza.

  • On Monday, Israel began to advise more than 100,000 people in certain areas of Rafah to move to a safe zone in Khan Yunis. About 250,000 have already Rafah left since Israel pulled out of southern Gaza a few weeks ago. A tent city, field hospital and supply depot have been set up on the east of Khan Yunis to provide for the people moving north from Rafah.

  • Since Monday night Israel has been attacking terror targets in eastern Rafah and has taken control of the Gaza side of the Rafah border crossing.

  • 4 soldiers were killed and at least 10 others were injured on Sunday, some seriously, after 14 rockets were fired at the Kerem Shalom border crossing. The rockets were fired from outside of Rafah, and the attack caused the main aid crossing to be closed, preventing aid trucks from entering Gaza. Israel responded with air strikes on the area where the rockets were fried from.- Contrary to the UN finding no evidence linking UNRWA to Hamas, the IDF has found a Hamas command centre inside the UNRWA headquarters in Central Gaza.

  • The Biden administration is threatening to stop military supplies to Israel if the army goes full scale into Rafah. A current shipment is already on hold.

  • Hamas related armed gangs have stolen more than US $70 million from the Bank of Palestine in Gaza.

Some of What Hamas is Asking For:

I am sure you will agree with me that it would be insanity for Israel to agree to the following unreasonable demands

Phase 1 -

42 days - they offer to release 3 hostages on the 3rd day after the agreement is signed, and 3 hostages will be released every week with no choice or guarantee that they will be alive, in exchange for at least 100 terror prisoners of their choosing for every 3 hostages.- Israel is not allowed to do reconnaissance flights over Gaza for 10 hours every day and 12 hours on release days, leaving Israel blind to what Hamas is doing during those hours,- Partial withdrawal of troops and freedom of travel anywhere in Gaza for all Gazans, making it possible for terrorists to also move about freely amongst the civilians.- On the 22nd day Israeli forces will fully withdraw from the center of the strip, to an area near the Israeli border.

Phase 2 -

Another 42-day period that features an agreement to restore a sustainable calm to Gaza and the complete withdrawal of Israeli troops from Gaza.- Hamas will continue release the remaining living hostages, including soldiers, in exchange for Israel releasing hundreds more Palestinian security prisoners from jail.

Phase 3 -

The completion of exchanging bodies and starting the implementation of reconstruction according to the plan overseen by Qatar, Egypt, and the United Nations- PM Netanyahu's office said late Monday that the Hamas offer was far from meeting Israels essential requirements, but that it would continue talks with the US, Egyptian and Qatari mediators. The

Northern Border:

  • 2 reserve soldiers, both aged 31, were killed on Sunday morning after a Hezbollah drone made a direct hit in northern Israel.

  • More than 30 rockets were fired at the northern Golan Heights a few hours later on Sunday afternoon. No injuries were reported.

  • There were 100 plus rockets fired and 6 drone attacks on Tuesday, with at least one drone thought to be launched from Iraq. Attacks were heavy again on Wednesday, in both directions.

  • Incoming rocket sirens were heard across the northern Galilee on Thursday afternoon after 4 Hezbollah operatives were killed in an attack on their car in Lebanon.                                           

  • Israel has been retaliating as usual with targeted attacks on the source of the rockets and on multiple terror sites in southern Lebanon.

  • Hezbollah may further escalate their attacks if Israel remains in Rafah, or if the situation in other parts of Gaza escalates again.

  • The air defense system used by Hezbollah over southern Lebanon is now known to be more sophisticated and more effective than Israel previously thought.

Judea and Samaria (the West Bank):

  • A Muslim Arab woman was arrested on Sunday morning after resisting security guards at the entrance to the Temple Mount compound. She was found to be carrying a concealed knife.- No other serious incidents to report at this point of time, but soldiers and border police teams continue anti-terror operations where necessary.

The Hostages:

  • Negotiators are still trying to come up with a hostage exchange deal that Israel and Hamas can agree on, after Hamas agreed on a fake deal.

  • The number of hostages thought to be in Gaza was reduced to 132, after body parts of a 23 year old male who died on October 7, was found in a grave in Israel and identified by DNA testing.

  • This week a young male was declared dead by Hamas, and another older male hostage is now also confirmed dead, raising the number of dead to at least 39.

  • As the prospects of a hostage release rise and fall, the families and friends grow more frustrated and angry, continuing their demonstrations to demand the release of all those still in Gaza.

Other News:

  • Annual Holocaust Memorial Day ceremonies were held in Israel on Sunday evening and during Monday. A two minute siren sounded across the country at 10 am on Monday.- A missile heading towards southern Israel, probably fired from Yemen by the Houhtis was shot down by the air force before it reached Israeli air space.

  • Israel has accused the Al-Jazeera news channel of incitement against Israel in the way it reports the war news, and has closed down their offices and news broadcasts in Israel.             

  • As we approach the 76th Israel Independance Day the population is 9,900,000.

  • Just over 2 million or 21% are Israeli Arabs.

  • Please remember that Monday is Fallen Soldiers Memorial Day and Tuesday is Independence Day which will be a public holiday.

Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray for Shalom / Peace for both days.

  • Pray for a GOD ordained miracle victory over Hamas, as He did for Israel in the Six Day War of 1967, and in the days of ancient Israel.

  • Pray for wisdom from above for the War Cabinet and military leaders as they plan and direct the war to defeat Hamas, and to somehow bring all of the hostages back home.

  • Pray that PM Netanyahu and the other leaders will not make decisions based on manipulation or threats by international leaders, or pressure from inside Israel.

  • Pray for Divine protection over all of the IDF officers and soldiers inside Gaza, at the northern border and those operating in the West Bank. Also pray protection for the pilots.

  • Pray for miraculous healing for all of the wounded soldiers and that there will be no more accidents or friendly fire incidents or accidental killing of hostages.

  • Pray that all of the top level leaders of Hamas and the other Gaza terror organisations who are still alive, will be captured by Israel very soon.

  • Pray that all of the tunnels and stockpiles of weapons in Gaza, on the northern border and in the West Bank will be exposed and destroyed.

  • Pray for angelic protection over all the borders with Gaza - Lebanon - Syria - the West Bank and Jordan, that every attempt to infiltrate and attack Israelis will be foiled.

  • Pray for the physical and emotional health, and the miraculous release of the hostages who are alive, and supernatural healing for the hostages who have been released.

  • Pray for the Shalom of GOD over all those who have lost loved ones, or whose loved ones are still in Gaza - fate unknown, and for every Israeli who has been affected by this war.

  • Pray for the many Messianic soldiers who are in the army, that they are fully protected and that they would be salt and light to their comrades.

  • Pray for supernatural protection over all Israeli civilians, and the same for the truly innocent people in Gaza, the West Bank towns and villages and in Lebanon and Syria.

  • Pray for a safe, quiet and peaceful weekend for all of Israel over the Sabbath and Passover week.

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