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Gold and Silver, The Economy Destroyer (Part Two)

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

By Robert Anthony April 23rd 2023

Again, in the first part of the series we go into what happens if everyone in the States bails out on the US Dollar for Gold and Silver – we basically say goodbye to what has given us global influence for more than 100 years, our currency. Our Dollar is under attack, is the answer “Bail out on it altogether”!?

This is an incredibly complex time, without a doubt. Going along with any fiat currency that is going to track all our transactions using technologies is tyrannical - giving a very small group of people tremendous power over our lives. If our federal government along with the Federal Reserve decides to reject printing our Dollar for a Tech / Crypto Currency we have no choice but to abandon our national currency, that must be our Red Line. Having said that, there are a few conversations we must have immediately (I will address each below):

  1. How to pressure the Fed, the Treasury and DC at large to refuse abandoning the physical minted US Dollar for a Digital Currency,

  2. How to deal with our debt (and I’m not convinced it’s only 32 Trillion),

  3. And, What are our options should all of those negotiations fail?

How to Pressure the Fed, the Treasury and DC at large to refuse abandoning the Hard Currency US Dollar –

This is probably the most difficult part of the conversation because who has the actually power over our currency? Many have written books on the subject that we, the American people, no longer control our own currency but we voted into power a group of bankers, called the Federal Reserve, who rule our Dollar with almost absolute autonomy. I personally do not agree that any group of men can have autonomy over our currency because that would be in direct violation of the US Constitution and such a law would be completely null and void. I would further mention that these many books add much to the discussion, judging the intention and motive of the founding members of the Fed: obviously, assuming them to be evil/corrupt. Remember, the US Government by 1913 had already, regularly gone to the bankers (J.P. Morgan, etc) to bail them out of their cashflow troubles. Clearly it is not best to hand over our Treasury to a group of bankers and I would add, those bankers were never forcing our Congress to borrow from them unending amounts of money. Congress simply needs to pass legislation refusing a Crypto Dollar and then it is done, period. The Federal Reserve may be free to create their own Crypto? Those legal discussions are far more weighty/complex and really do not apply to the contents of this article. What right the Federal Reserve’s has in creating additional currencies would be a far different discussion than does the Federal Reserve have the rights to replace our currency without Congress first passing a law? (Then there would be a discussion about what our constitution has to say on the subject.) For those of you reading this, Has anyone read any policy paper about the Fed’s decision to stop minting our currency and end the US Dollar as we know it? (Please respond with links in comments or email me directly.) I have not been able to find one single paper from the Fed stating their end goal is to stop printing the US Dollar, so far to me it seems like the Fed is creating another currency to run in tandem with the Dollar? I hope that is the case and right now seems to be.

If the Fed is going to create a Crypto Currency and allow that to be traded on the market? That would be ancillary to the topic at hand. The discussion we should have must be, HOW DO WE SAVE THE US DOLLAR. Reread my first article here because I discuss this point at length within it. Again, unless the Fed is crossing the very clear Red Line and trying to replace the minted US Dollar, the Fed's cryptocurrency is not an immediate danger.

How to Deal with our Debt –

Some of the best ideas I have I can not write about in this article because I would need to have several more privileged conversations that I am sure require Top Secret Clearances and currently exist above my pay-grade. I do in fact have several wonderful ideas to dramatically reduce our debt and even end it altogether within 5 years. Remember, our nation takes in about 2 Trillion +/- per year and our spending is currently incredibly high.

One of the best ideas I have for the immediate future and I have heard floated around in DC (GOP) circles is a flat tax for all, but especially for the Corporations. It’s appalling how little the Corporate giants pay in taxes, these 19 Corporations paid nothing at all in 2021. If a flat tax were created perhaps as high as 3-4% of gross income for Corporations (for the next 4-5 years, until we get out of this crisis) and as high as 2% for small business and every day Americans, our national income would sky-rocket!

It would take weeks to calculate but without a doubt our US Based Corporations are making in-excess of 100 Trillion annual gross income. If we tax them 3-4% we just increased our tax revenue by 1-2 Trillion per year. If all our American citizens and small businesses pay 2% gross of their income, most will actually save money on their taxes and our revenue would actually increase from them also! Keep in mind the federal government makes other income beyond taxes: tariffs, fees for services, immigration services, visas, etc. Over the past 100 years we have made very little from these income streams. (A side note: President Trump was doing wonders with our economy. He was cutting costs world-wide and raising our federal governments income. I am of the opinion they made sure to forcibly remove him from office, stealing the White House in 2020 because he was cutting into China’s profits, especially. But not only China, he wanted Mexico to pay their share for policing the border, which no US President has done, President Trump demanded NATO countries to start paying their dues, which they have never done, he was totally and completely restructuring our economy to both increase our production and lower our costs: like any good businessman would do with his company.)

Our Options Should all these Negotiations and Efforts Fail?

I have written about this before: throughout history, the debasement of currencies have led to the fall of perhaps every single ruling Empire on earth! Rome, Greece, Babylon, Persia, etc. all had financial/debt troubles and chose to debase their currency, then, immediately following their currencies demise, their Empires suddenly collapsed. I can not state this fact with any more emphasis, the more we bail out on the US Dollar for a Crypto Currency, Gold/Silver, another nations currency, etc. the faster we will witness the collapse of our United States. It grieves me how so many within our movement are pushing physical gold and silver. While there maybe a mediocre argument to hold a very small portion of ones assets in gold/silver (1-5% maximum), Gold and Silver produces NOTHING. Reread the first part of this series. Once our savings end up in Gold and Silver it is just like burying our money in the ground: it can produce nothing, no jobs, no food, no actual economy whatsoever is created: therefore it becomes the economy destroyer!

If we want to debate Gold and Silver AS CURRENCY? That would be a much better debate, in fact, I would argue that God, who is in Heaven, created the world’s currency to be gold and silver originally. Again, back to the history of economics, for the overwhelming majority of the history of the world, silver and gold was used for currency and trade as our money. I am of the opinion that it is not the time to discuss abandoning our US Dollar for gold and silver currency. Pandora’s fiat-currency box was opened a long time ago and the world now loves funny-money, fiat, promise to pay currency. Taking our US Dollar out of the worlds monetary supply in 2023, or anytime within the near future would immediately remove the US from influence within geopolitics and trade. Perhaps there will be a debate down the road and such a debate would have to include the nations of the world that they would also remove their fiat currencies from circulation in exchange for silver and gold. But right now with so much war and strife, any such debate is simply fantasy-land.

In Conclusion -

Texas’ concept of Crypto backed by Gold/Silver sounds great at first but in fact it’s a horrible idea. Why Texas is so ready to war against the US Dollar while their border is wide open and their Governor and other politicians have done little to nothing to stop it? Brings to doubt their intentions. Is Texas trying to destroy these United States of America altogether? They are doing little to nothing to shut down their border and preserve our sovereignty and now they are trying to take out our international currencies standing!? I don’t know how anyone in Texas can think this is going to end well?

Besides, they are creating another currency which will give another government control over our lives... Or am I missing something? First of all, we have to trust Texas that the that the gold is in the vaults. Ok. Let’s assume we can trust them. Second of all, what if someone wars against gold and the gold in their vaults suddenly loses 50% of its value? This has happened before throughout history. And finally, the most important point of all, ALL CRYPTO CAN BE TRACKED! I am 100% against Texas’ concept. I would urge Texas to use all their resources to shut down the border and join a concerted effort in pressuring DC to fix our economy.

Some Notes for a Financial Plan for the Saving of America –

  1. Dramatically Reduce the IRS staff by more than 70% and pass legislation for a flat tax,

  2. Dramatically increase tax revenues by implementing a 3-4% flat tax on the gross revenues of Corporate America but 1-2% gross on small business and everyday Americans.

  3. Fire as much as 70% of the Federal Work force (not including the military), shutting down entire agencies that are only causing greater strife and competition within our state and local governments,

  4. Increase tariffs on China and every other adversary nation that we are currently in business with. We don’t need to add tariff’s to any of our allies.

  5. Restructure our debt with the Federal Reserve.

Such a plan would increase revenues, decrease expenses and enable our fellow Americans to come alive: start businesses, learn new trades, invent new products and more! The nations morale would soar! And the American people would find themselves in a New Golden- American Age!

There are a few very key points to the plan that I am not at liberty to share until I have better access to data. Some of my best ideas involve things that are better left unsaid for reasons of National Security and competition. But I wanted to share a whole other way of saving our nation and we don’t have to destroy our currency along the way!

Buying loads of Gold and Silver, these strange concepts, bailing out on our currency for Crypto’s, completely ending our mint for digital currency, these are nightmarish scenario’s that lead to the end of our geopolitical influence and positioning. The world still has incredible faith and confidence in the American people but our leaders are destroying our reputation, daily.

Simply put, if we want to hand the world over to China or the EU – convince all Americans to close down their bank accounts and hide piles of gold and silver in their lawns, convince them to start various Crypto Currencies with various state governments and divide our nation even further, convince them to war against the Federal Reserve with all their political might and then my fellow Americans would succeed in giving the world over to the greatest enemies of mankind the world has ever seen: mainly the CCP and the EU.

Is the USA-Titanic doomed? Have we struck an iceberg so terrible that there is no hope for us to stay afloat? Is it an “every man for himself” moment? I would urge caution, because often times “that which we fear the most” ends up coming upon us. We often manifest our own prophecies by succumbing to our greatest fears. America, keep your head firmly planted on your shoulders. We must not lose our sound mind during this long and trying season. I do not believe all hope is lost. We still have the greatest nation ever before imagined upon the earth! We haven’t completely lost it yet, I pray many of you reconsider your plans and agendas. I pray that God would raise up Daniels and Josephs to come into places of authority, hear the word of the Lord and bring our nation out of this trial!


I still believe, The Best is Yet to Come!! I can still see the dawning of a new Golden Age for our nation!

I hope many choose to believe with me!! Yours in Christ, Robert Anthony

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