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World War III Might be Happening? It's Time for the American Revival!

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

I don’t mean to sound like a broken record here but if I was the pastor of a church, I would be calling for everyone to pray and fast right now! Things are getting really intense.

Several updates in the Middle East: the Houthi’s are holding peace talks with the Saudi’s but threatening Jerusalem with war now. The Turkish President just publicly announced that the Muslim nations should band together to “overthrow the Zionist regime”. Israel has been attacking Syria with daily airstrikes. Iranian proxies are attacking US Bases in Syria, there have been several deaths this past week of US Troops in Eastern Syria. The rockets that were being launched from Gaza and Lebanon have seemed to stop after Israel did a round of airstrikes. The tensions at the temple mount have subsided, Praise God. Seems like everyone is backing down from war for the time being. But Israel still has massive internal-political problems, the left is fighting Netanyahu’s right-wing coalition, very similar to political warring here in the states.

Kosovo and Serbia are talking about fighting again. The EU is trying to talk them out of full-scale conventional war. Armenia and Azerbaijan are fighting again. Many were killed today on their border, we don’t know the number because the fighting is still happening.

China is still surrounding Taiwan with warships, warplanes, etc. in a second or third day of military drills, showing extreme force – they are even flying over Taiwanese airspace! Philippines just publicly declared they will not allow US Bases in Philippines to be used for offensive military action. North Korea continues to launch long-range missiles into the sea and have declared that they are going to boost their nuclear expansion for a deterrent of war.

The news coming out of Ukraine is extremely mixed but most agree Russia is taking much heavier losses than Ukraine. Depending on who you talk to Russia is getting clobbered with 4/5 deaths for every Ukrainian casualty. And yet Russia continues to send troops to the front lines. Ukraine is boasting of an offensive they are ready to launch to remove Russia altogether from their country. But they are stressing this offensive will not be successful without Western Munitions and financial support.

As the economic troubles of the world are exaggerated we see increasingly desperate acts by nations throughout the world. Lebanon, Argentina, Venezuela, Iran, and others are all experiencing various levels of economic collapse and extreme inflation. The BRICS nations are banding together every day and recruiting to create their new currency insomuch to replace the US Dollar. There is talk of Canada and Mexico both joining the BRICS nations new currency.


Patriots, this is not the time to bail out on the US Dollar! Read my article about Gold and Silver – the economy destroyer. In very simple terms the BRICS currency will be almost entirely controlled by China. Do we want China running the world? These global crisis’ leading to World War III are simply the outcome of 1. A Perceived Weak USA, 2. The Economic Warfare that has been waging for about 20 years solid, 3. and Global Debt.

Here are the things we can do as Patriots and American brothers and sisters:

1. Invest in America even Private Lending, Investing. (See take money out of Wall Street)

2. Buy American Products as much as Possible.

3. Become an Entrepreneur or Build an American Company, especially Small/Medium business. Corporate America is a massive problem right now.

4. Remove your money from most of Wall Street (They are funding the enemies of America).

5. Be good to your friends and family, help those in need, fund your friend’s business ventures and help the poor, fatherless and widows.

6. Focus on US Supply lines.

7. Focus on US Energy (but we have to get away from these batteries. They are a PROBLEM! Read this article about it.)

8. Forget about Gold and Silver for right now. We need to create Entrepreneurs! We need good people to fund them!

The vision that is going to save America starts with An American Revival, that is why I named our news organization this way. Revive American spirit, bring to life American ingenuity, a Revival of American ideals: freedom, justice, righteousness and truth, and this will all happen with a Real Revival, as the nation returns to its Savior, Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

We have enough numbers that is we engage and lead the American Revival many will come along! Our movement is much stronger than the news lets us see. We need men to rise up and become the Men of God and Patriots and Fathers that we were always meant to be! We can not push this burden off to our wives, mothers, sisters, etc. We must become the most amazing generation of men America has ever seen before! Persevering, Loving, full of Truth and Mercy, Confident, Humble, Meek and Bold! We must take God at His word and act.

All the things of walking with God come thru faith. We go to Him in prayer and fasting, we hear His word and obey. How will we hear from God unless we pray? How will we get the anointing and power from His Spirit unless we fast and pray. We must go to Him each day, receive His anointing and power, which is hope and joy and love and faith, and then go and give it to our families, friends, neighborhood, county…

All hope is not lost. We must be wise, we must be still when God says wait and bold when He says, “Go!” The Best is Yet to Come! We can’t force a wicked man to be good, and we can’t change the corruption within ourselves alone… The world needs the power of God for salvation, His name is Jesus.

There is hope.

But not without a real and daily relationship with God…

I pray this encourages you.

“God has Good Plans for us, plans to bless us and to give us a hope and a future and to bring us to an expected end.”(Paraphrase of Jeremiah 29:11).

Its time for the American Revival!

The Best is still yet to come…



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