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Why the Israel-Hamas War Will Continue, Pt 2

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

By Robert Anthony

Dec 15th 2023

(Originally Published at The Western Journal) This is Part 2. Part 1 can be read here.

Understanding the Muslim Palestinian Culture

As I mentioned, I lived in the West Bank for a time. I lived with the Muslims in East Jerusalem and visited many Muslim sites throughout Israel.

The cultural differences between the Muslims with Israeli citizenship and the Muslims living in the West Bank cannot be overstated. The Palestinians in the West Bank live with nonstop bitterness and fear toward Israel.

In Nablus (the location of Hamas’ headquarters in Israel), I learned much about this conflict and how the Muslim Palestinian leaders use fear and propaganda to dominate and control their people. Just watch the news in the West Bank. It is a bombardment of sorrow and anger, tears and yelling, images of war and strife without end. I saw all of this with my own eyes.

If a Muslim Palestinian in the West Bank or Gaza starts to strive against that status quo, if he starts to speak out against Hamas or the Palestine Liberation Organization, there is a frightening obligation upon his family. In Muslim Palestinian culture, if your son or daughter or relative does something to dishonor your family, let’s say by marrying a non-Muslim, then it is your obligation to murder your own child or relative to restore your family’s honor!

How on earth could a destructive and vengeful culture ever change with the constant threat of murder and honor killings hanging over their heads? The entire culture has become one of war and bitterness. This anger, fear and hatred permeates every aspect of their lives in the West Bank and Gaza. Who can bring peace to a people ruled by such evil and destruction?

Hamas Is the Head of the Snake

Unbelievable amounts of pressure are being put on Israel to stop the fighting with Hamas. Our CIA director was in Qatar last week trying to convince Israel to agree to a cease-fire — upon the release of all their hostages.

Of course, we all want peace, but this concept is a fantasy. How will a “cease-fire” ever bring peace? Hamas will still be ruling the West Bank and Gaza, and the people there will still live under constant fear, filled with hateful propaganda each and every day. It will be only days until Hamas terrorists start planning their next attacks on Israel, rebuilding their underground fortresses, stockpiling their arsenals, and worse. A child could determine such a thing.

If the CIA, White House, UN, European Union, Arab League, etc. cared about the Muslim Palestinians, they would do something to actually solve the problem. Instead, the world wants to go on funding Hamas? And its terror operations? What on earth is wrong with these people?

How much have the citizens of Israel suffered over the past 80 years — and the nations enable the strife and war. How much have the Muslim Palestinian civilians suffered under their oppressive regimes — and yet the nations throw untold billions at Hamas and others to enslave their people to fear and generations of war and terrorism!

A Long-Term Solution?

A “two-state solution” is an absolute joke. The Muslim Palestinians say they want it but actually shy away from it for fear they will lose all that free money! Israel doesn’t want its enemies at its border. A two-state solution to Israel means generations of war to come.

The Muslim Palestinians chant what? “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!” Give them a nation (which is almost what they have had for 80 years) and they will create a state much like North Korea — forever at war, always prepared to fight with their neighbor. There is zero rationale for a two-state solution, and everyone in politics knows it.

I doubt we will be able to find a long-term solution to this problem just after Hamas slaughtered so many innocent people. That the world isn’t banding together against this evil — the murder of the elderly, women and children — and calling for the life imprisonment of every Hamas leader is alarming, to say the least.

Instead of the nations rallying against Hamas, they are instead upset with Israel? What has become of us? How has the world become so callous and devoid of reason? I am embarrassed by my own nation and its leadership. I am embarrassed that they are not more aggressively condemning Hamas as what it is — a terrorist organization at war with mankind in Israel.

Many of us want for the Muslim Palestinian people what they want — a better life! But what their leadership just did has only harmed their cause for years to come.

My heart grieves that the Israeli people have been living in this complex conflict for so long. I grieve that there is no quick or easy solution. Truly, the only paths I see for Israel moving forward involve more loss, sorrow and suffering.

My encouragement to Israelis is this: Do not give up a single piece of your land. You must rid yourselves of Hamas and every terrorist organization in the West Bank and Gaza. Now is your time. It will only become increasingly harder to do so in the years ahead. You have prepared your nation for war, and now you must rid yourselves of the evil that has been perpetrated upon you for some 80 years.

This is not a time to fear but to act! And swiftly. A long-term cease-fire is a horrible trap. The world will never come to your aid the way we all prayed it would. With or without the approval of the nations, Hamas must not be permitted to remain. Your enemies are all watching. This war will continue whether you want it to or not.

With Gaza free of Hamas, you can begin the process of freeing the Muslim Palestinian people from the terror they have been living under for so long. Perhaps an Arab nation or two will work with you to take in some of their fellows?

Imprison the criminals, sentence the terrorists, stand against the evil that has permeated this culture for so long, and you will have a great victory! Or go along with the nations and their ill-conceived plot and you will only know sorrow, terror, death and destruction for generations to come.

As they say, “carpe diem” — seize the day! When will you ever have such an opportunity to free yourselves again?

A countless many around the world are hoping and praying for you. A countless many are happy to support your cause of peace and freedom and will do so by volunteering, donating, praying and more. Be not afraid! Your God is with you. He is the same Living God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who lives and fights for you this day!

We stand with Israel for victory and peace!


Our Dear Friend David Silver Reporting from Mount Carmel, Israel recorded Dec 17th 2023:

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1 Comment

Dec 16, 2023

"I am embarrassed by my own nation and its leadership. I am embarrassed that they are not more aggressively condemning Hamas as what it is — a terrorist organization at war with mankind in Israel."

It only starts there. Once Israel is gone and the Jews with it, Hamas will turn on the next target of their hatred - Jews everywhere else, and the nations where they live. Jews are just the pretend casus belli, what they want is perpetual war against everything that is not their brand of Islam.

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