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Who has a Vision for Ukraine?

Updated: Apr 12

By Robert Anthony June 23 2023

I'm afraid the Politics surrounding the Ukraine war are ensuring this conflict lasts a decade or more... Are we about to witness another Syria, Afghanistan, Vietnam, etc.? It troubles me hearing the various sides discuss the conflict: the one side is ready for another forever war (hopefully avoiding nuclear conflict), the other side, generally speaking, is content to give massive areas of Ukrainian sovereign land over to Russia for peace and perhaps more. Perhaps "making peace" with Russia is to promise: 1. Ukraine will never join NATO, 2. Ukraine will never be invited into the EU, 3. Ukraine will remain without nuclear weapons, etc. To make peace with Russia the powers of the world will have to surrender Ukraine to them, again? Without a doubt there are many factors making this war complex. The Ruling Regime and their cohorts have seemed to have used various politicians in Ukraine for grift, money-laundering and worse for more than a decade. Ukraine as an entire nation has not agreed to these things certainly. A few corrupt, maybe even many corrupt politicians have been using their power and position to enable some of the worst corruption on earth. But can we prove Zelensky is corrupt? Is the newer ruling regime using their people to skim off of 400+ Billion!? Or are they genuinely trying to fight and win a war?? The immediate question I have is, Where in all of this is Europe!? Could there be some super top secret deal wherein Europe is secretly funding this war thru the US so as not to appear complicit? I suppose. But what we know of Europe for decades is that they blatantly refuse to fund their portion of NATO, until President Trump started forcing them. Are Europe and our other allies of the world content to watch our USA go bankrupt!? If they are, they are giving the world over to China. Why we don't see Europe bearing the brunt of the financial and military strain in Ukraine boggles the mind! We need people of vision talking about this conflict but all we hear are talking points from two or three sides trying to score political victories. Not one side of the politics is talking about an actual sustainable solution for Ukraine. Certainly Europe didn't ask for another war on their continent but war has come to them nonetheless. We have to abide by our promises and agreements (President Clinton agreeing to protect Ukraine should they surrender their nuclear arsenal) but where is Europe in all this? Was Europe content to allow Ukraine to remain a nuclear power? Do they therefore feel the obligation falls on American shoulders to bear the brunt of the Ukraine-burden?

Reading the headlines, Poland and many other nations around Ukraine seem at the ready to come to Ukraine's aide. If "they" wanted to end the war they could easily enact a plan. "They" are not actually scared of full-scale nuclear war, perhaps Russia is but these leftist-elite calling the shots in Ukraine know that Russia would never burn it all down over Ukraine - China would not go along with that and Russia would be totally marginalized for the entire world to unite against them. "They" could have gone in and ended this war a long long time ago but it seems they want the forever war... But does "our side" really have the vision? What is their answer? So far all we have heard is "make a deal with Russia" - Russia who, by the way, has been actively attacking our nation with Cyber-warfare and other non-conventional warfare for more than a decade. Russia, who complicated the efforts of the Syrian war, Russia, who fought against us in Afghanistan for some thirty years, Russia, who has it in mind to restore their nation to its former USSR borders and influence right now. Russia has proven over and again that they are not some benevolent democracy - ready to bless the nations at their borders. And now this Russia is banding with our enemies preparing for a decade of non-conventional and conventional warfare, the likes our world has never seen before. Surrendering Ukraine, who absolutely who be content to fight Russia until the very last man, might not be the best course of action after-all... Of the many (and their are many!) courses of action in Ukraine, at the top of the list is enlisting the EU and their member states to start bearing the majority of the financial and military burden, like yesterday. We already have how many troops scattered around Germany, Poland, Romania, etc.? Where has Europe been all these years in their diplomacy with Russia? They chose to navigate those waters the way they did for the past three and four decades, why should America have to swoop in at the onset of their diplomatic failures and save the day!? But no one talks about this. NO ONE. None of the sides, none of the political movements, no one brings up Europe and their role in this conflict and their role to end it. Sometimes it feels like we, Americans, still "work" for Europe. 1. Our Troops are there, 2. Our Tax-dollars are there... Did we, the American people, overlook the bill that voted Ukraine in as the newest state in the nation!? In closing, my heart goes our for these precious Ukrainian people. I have many Ukrainians and Russians who are my friends. We, as missionaries, lived in Russia for a short time. We had a church full of Slavic people in Seattle. I myself am of Slavic decent. Giving Ukraine over to Russia is not a solution, period. Throwing unending amounts of money at Ukraine is not a solution - it proves these politicians are corrupt in doing so - they could easily manufacture the weapons and send them to Ukraine if they wanted to support ending the war. There is no vision right now being presented to the American people for ending the war in Ukraine and this is the biggest problem of all and with this in mind, my heart breaks for these precious people. How terribly Ukraine has suffered throughout their history!? And "so the world turns" as they say... wealthy and powerful elites using war and innocent lives for their advantage... but America was supposed to be a nation of conscience and people of goodness and virtue!? What will become of us?? If everyone subordinates the truth to what is politically advantageous and helping them to win... our ruling class is then entirely void of good character and the fundamentals of what it is to create a prosperous and lasting nation. If we do not have one group willing to exalt truth and righteousness above their own personal agenda - I'm afraid American is destined for ruin... and then world follows quickly along with us...

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