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Where is this Michigan and American Revival!?

(MIGOP's New Slogan! Excellent!!)

By Robert Anthony

February 19th 2024


Personally, when I pray for revival and an outpouring of God in our nation and state, I am not thinking of wealth, politics, business or even our own “America First” movement - because we can change every law in the nation promoting the things of God, we can elect “our” representatives and win the majority from DC to Main Street in 2024 but if we do not win the hearts and minds of the people what will happen the next election, and the election after that?


Governments have to respond to the people, whether we realize or not, the governments still need the people.  What allowed our government to take prayer and the Holy Scriptures out of our schools in the 1960’s when the overwhelming majority of the population was Christian?  The people were actually surprisingly silent and kept their kids in those government schools.  What if the nation started pulling their children out of those classes, refusing to follow the government in this travesty.  


We have to remember that the government is simply made up of people.  These folks with high-level security clearances, ranking members of the House and Senate, our Governors and Mayors, our County Commissioners, down to the most local clerks, all are simply Americans. 


We are all alarmed with what is going on the DOJ with the FBI and even the weakness of the Supreme Court.  We can’t believe how the southern border has been open for so long now, millions upon millions of people entering our country without being vetted and with no plan for them to assimilate.  We are watching WW3 break out.  We just lived thru the ridiculous Covid-era, wherein they all but forced an experimental vaccine on us all!?  (Our own President Trump seemed powerless to stop it.).  And we are all wondering what will become of us following this November 2024 election.


Without a doubt the quickest thing that will change the course of this nation is a genuine move of God, which historically has only come in the name of His Son, Jesus of Nazareth, the Messiah!  We need God to intervene.  There is something wrong with us.  Something terribly wrong with our hearts and souls.  How is it that people all throughout our nation and the world can be so nonchalant towards Israel and even supporting Hamas!?  At a minimum, can’t people simply agree that raping, torturing and murdering civilians is wrong?  We, as a people, had no trouble agreeing on this after WW2, after Hitler’s Holocaust, after Stalin murdered 20+ million of his own people, Japan ruthlessly crushing their adversaries – WW2 produced more death and destruction globally than probably ever recorded throughout the history of the world!  But then, for a brief moment, the nations banded together (somewhat) to speak out against these atrocities and stand together for something righteous and good.  But that was a short-lived moment to be sure.


Evil permeates the world we live in – it is everywhere – but where exactly does this evil reside?  Is this evil an ominous ancient text, an ages old building or some hidden place?  None of these wicked things upon the earth would have power except it were given to them… but by whom?  By men.  It’s a bitter pill to swallow that the evil we are wanting to rid this world of is found, squarely, within the hearts and minds of us!  Extract the evil from our hearts and minds and there would be no more evil to fight upon the earth (Full Stop).


During an election year it’s easy to forget these things. 


It’s overwhelming when I think of the sheer magnitude of things.  Just how many people does it take to run this nation?  How large of a work force is our government actually?  Think of how many people are employed in one way or another by our Federal, State and Local Governments!?  And we are trying to inject truth, faith and love into this system – a (government) culture that almost fundamentally rejects all things of God and God’s active involvement in our lives.  “We must separate the state from the church” it is repeated like a mantra.  But the state pushes a myriad of beliefs upon its workforce and throughout our population – those beliefs have become status quo but the eternal truths of God are marginalized, politicized and controversial!?  There must be an enemy of mankind to think that such beauty is unwanted and so often rejected by a generation or two.


They have been teaching evolution and Darwinian theories that combat the Bible directly for almost two generations now!  All throughout Christianity, all throughout history, we believe that God has the power to heal.  But where would such a belief system be allowed in a world that mandates experimental vaccines and continually denies the existence of God?  We, as Christians, believe and teach that there are absolutes: morality, truth and lies, light and darkness.  But our government has been allowing politics to erode the sanctity of truth and the absolute foundations of good versus evil, the fundamentals of right and wrong.  And where will it end?  Where will it end?  Study your history: Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome, etc. all collapsed in moral decay as morale could no longer hold their culture together.


Our young people have been taught over and again to mistrust absolutes, they are being deceived by their own government oftentimes: teachers, politicians, librarians, professors, military leaders, lawyers, law enforcement and judges… the power-centers of our culture are all seeming to give in to this war against the foundations.  Even if one politician stands up for the truth, will he win the hearts and minds of the people?  Will he convince them to give their spirit over to God and to live not only for today but even moreso for eternal and everlasting things? Perhaps this was the job of the churches, which is what a generation bought into throughout the 60’s and 70’s, allowing the things of God to be removed from all of these cultural-centers of power throughout our nation.  So, the churches must be involved with this spiritual revival but if the whole of our culture doesn’t receive again the foundations, it will be short lived.


Someone taught us that God should be uninvited from our daily lives: our schools, our governments, our universities, our courts, our system of justice and law, etc.  Someone convinced us that the things of God should be confined to Sunday (or Saturday) morning services relegated only to those who chose to be (merely) religious.  Someone hijacked our nation and pulled it away from the things of God and whoever they are, they have not stopped in their full-frontal assault against the Truth and the God who reveals it. 


We often refer to clergy and the people who serve God for a career as ministers.  It’s an interesting title ministers, have you ever considered where it comes from?  It’s a very ancient word and idea actually, it actually refers to a governmental post, describing the people who served the king and the kingdom!  Nations all throughout the world still have “Ministers”: Prime Ministers, Ministers of Cabinet-Level Positions, Ministers of Education, Energy, Finance, etc.  And a minister is another way of saying servant.  A minister of the king meant that one was a highly ranking servant to the king.  I think it might be time to remind our politicians exactly who they are campaigning to become should they win their race: ministers of the nation, servants of the people and entrusted with our future!


With such power, with our governments having invaded so much of our lives, these politicians become a sort of a father or mother to a generation: influencing the population in ways parents influence their own children.  They remove prayer from school, they remove God and faith from our lives, in essence, aren’t they saying, “Little Children, you don’t need this God anymore in your families.”  Forcing vaccinations aren’t they saying, “We know what is best and it certainly is not God in your healing.”  Someone is striving to remove “the Church from the State”?  Aren’t they are proclaiming, No God or Faith in your politics or government, period.  And removing the God of all Creation from His Creation, what is to become of us!?


What happened to us that we, as a culture, society and generation went along with this?  How could we possibly think that this could end well?  Decades passed and they whittled away at all the foundations of God throughout our Michigan, throughout our America and we did what? Stand by idly and watch!?


The revival that we are praying for is spiritual in nature but we are very clearly praying that the Spirit (of God) permeates and penetrates into even the most hardened and hidden places of our government and bureaucracy! From Main Street to Wall Street, from the Town Hall to the White House!  We are hoping and praying the that Spirit of God moves all throughout our state, Reviving the Hearts and Souls of Michiganders, Breathing the Breath of God upon us all, Bringing us back to Life, and then we shall Live it More Abundantly! 


And once the Spirit of God blows upon us… What kind of a people do we become?  More timid and fearful? Or more courageous and bold…  When the power of creation blows upon our souls and wakes us up, do we become more angry, spiteful and vengeful?  Or perhaps more forgiving, hopeful and encouraging…  What is God’s Spirit if not also a Spirit of Love, Mercy and Truth?  So, having His Spirit blow upon our state and nation, what will become of us?  If not becoming a new kind of a people, people who love, who hold to the truth at all costs and love - loving even at all costs!  I like to imagine what our state and nation might look like if this power of God’s goodness were to invade the whole of our population, even throughout the halls of our government.


If God gives you a power and a position in our state?  What will you do with it?  If God gives you money, a good reputation and influence in our own Michigan what kind of a man or woman will you become?  If people come to respect your words and listen to your ideas and judgements, what will you say to the people?  We are all a part of Michigan’s Revival, or else we are not.  We are either bringing God’s truth and love to the people of our state, or we are wasting the precious time God has given to us.  Eternity will come to us all.  But what of our lives will follow us into life everlasting? 


Does this life affect eternity or not?  Isn’t that the fundamental question?  Either what we chose to do with our day’s matters, or it simply does not.  And if it matters, how we chose to live our lives, then let us each take an account that we would be not ashamed the moment we enter eternity knowing we poured out our very best upon the altar of heaven - and gave to God and His people the very best we had to offer! 


How did we lose touch with eternity?


Perhaps I will write about that in a Part Two of this message?


Michigan must be saved.

Our Precious Nation must be saved.


We need God’s Spirit to blow upon us.

He will bring us to Life!!  And we will become something New!


As He changes us, our state will change too!

Perhaps Michigan can lead the way!? 


Perhaps the American Revival can start with us, Michigan!?


Pray for His Spirit

He will come to us…

And everything will change!


Love you friends,




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