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What will Become of us?

By Robert Anthony

March 3rd 2024


It seems every time there are drastic changes in the world, war follows.  The discovery of the New World was followed by years of bloody conflict, the industrial revolution was immediately followed by years of bloody conflict, the technology explosions of the early 20th century were followed by years of bloody conflict, etc. 


We are on the tail-end of another societal revolution with the advent of the internet, wireless connections, smart phones and now the introduction of learning machines and A.I.  And every advanced nation on earth has their own ambition: be it in the stars, or their own vision for genetic modification, or some hopes and dreams for quantum computing, machine learning and beyond.  And behind closed doors no one can agree on any of this: who gets to own what and so on...  The competition has heated up to a boiling point between the world leaders: China, Russia, UK, USA, India, EU, Japan, the Korea's, Israel, Iran, Brazil, the Gulf-Arab States, etc.  The world, behind closed doors, is jockeying for position and surely our own shadowy, three-letter-agency powers have a pulse on the whole drama as it is unfolding.


What an intense and complex time to be alive.  Never before have we eclipsed such a moment in our abilities that we, mankind, can destroy ourselves in such a myriad of ways: horrifying weapons of mass destruction, the terrifying possibilities of what we might create as we toy around with the building blocks of life, A.I. in-general, the science experiments with our physical reality like what they are doing at CERN with their large-hadron collider and more, experimental vaccines all but forced on a population, etc.  Any one of these science experiments goes wrong and they might just accidentally wipe out 20-99% of the entire world’s population!?  And so... the world goes to war.


The disagreements are just too far apart, the differences are widening and the little bit of love that was in the world has seemed to vanish, practically overnight.  So how to bring the world back from the brink?  Will Russia suddenly realize their ambitions throughout Eastern Europe were misguided, apologize and give back whatever they have taken?  Are we Americans so naïve to think that China will chose to be content, subservient still to the west for decades to come?  Or tomorrow Iran will see the err of their ways, stop chanting “Death to Israel” and “Death to America” and turn over a new leaf

It seems these are the conflicts that have all been a long time coming.  Russians at large have held to the grudge of losing the cold war to the west, Iranians have been carefully building armies throughout the middle east for decades now, China has been strategically infiltrating many of the power centers throughout the west and especially in our own United States thru their thousand talents program, China has no desire to continue to play second or third fiddle to the west any longer and India just became the largest population in the world - and India has never got along with China and Pakistan, both nations at their borders.  North Korea and South Korea seem ready to war again, Japan is building their largest army since WW2 as I write to you now and every day that goes by another regional conflict erupts throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa, etc.


In a way it’s amazing we have lasted as long as we have.  Considering how many times we, as a people, have approached the abyss, stood even at its shores but somehow miraculously walked back from it to live another generation - it makes me wonder when our luck will finally run out? 


And the people look to another political leader for salvation?  We are all so desperate but where to find hope when the world is about to burst at its seams?  I wish I didn’t know so much.  I wish I wasn’t so darn curious and could enjoy my days, letting the world pass me by without a care or concern.  Who taught me to ask so many dang questions anyway!?  Hahaha.  If only I could take that (Matrix) pill and forget what I have seen and discovered all of these years.


Maybe it’s good that I can speak to the people with a certain conviction?  A conviction that can only come from experience, miles on the road (or in the air), gains and losses, triumphs and failures - marriage and raising children in this mess perhaps has purchased for me a kind of a right to speak and be heard?  But who will listen?  The old men are too far down their road of life to admit any fault and change, the young men haven’t failed enough yet to realize what they are doing simply won’t work.  And then there’s us, the regular people, the largest portion of the population who only want peace, to raise our families, to serve our God, to grow old and watch our generations flourish.  Who is to blame?  Everyone is at fault but then again, we are all but powerless to stop it.


I wish I could reason with these powerful men.  I wish I could get their attention somehow and convince them to be good.  Love our enemies.  Pray for those who spitefully use us.  Turn the other cheek.  And before all of that, Tell the Truth!  But they have all been playing this game for so long, it’s too late for the majority of them to turn back now.  They have been lying to themselves for a lifetime and a man who lives deceiving himself, how will he ever find the truth for his nation or people!?  We need a different kind of a man leading, we need lovers, we need men of great heart and compassion, we need martyrs.  One of my favorite lines I have ever heard sung in a Christian song goes, “In the absence of Martyrs there’s a presence of thieves who only want to rob you blind.”


And that young girl wrote something so much more profound than she could possibly have understood in her late teenage years.  Because we, as a people, have in fact traded away so much of the beauty, hope, justice, truth and love... and for what? the comforts of life, keeping up with the Jones’ and a larger 401K retirement account.  Billy Joel sang, “We didn’t start the fire… no we didn’t light it but we’re trying to fight it.”  Maybe we are…


A few things are for certain:  1. We won’t stop the end of this world, it will eventually end;  2. We have an incredible amount of power but it’s all hidden in our God and there will be few who will find it;  3. Every man and woman will be held to account for their actions, the books will be opened and everyone’s life will be measured in the balance.  And finally, 4. God loves us.  But there will be few who will receive of His love.


Since the beginning mankind has bought into a sort of a propaganda, it’s the great deception and generation after generation follows after it.  This propaganda is fully present in our childhood, in our schools, in our universities, in our businesses, throughout our government and even within our churches and religious establishments.  This propaganda has almost completely taken over the world.  It begins with this lie: What you have is not enough.  And it continues with: You should be very afraid.  And it ends with: No one will come to save you.  And this propaganda, this deception is behind nearly everything wrong in the world today.  This Great Deception will bring about the end of this world as we know it.  But this world has to come to an end.


And our life is our offering before heaven’s everlasting throne.  But scripture records, “Many of the least among us, will actually be the greatest in eternity”.  So at a minimum, we should present God with a clear conscience, a pure heart and a truthful-childlike soul – for such are the things He desires. 

It’s hard to save another soul.  Very hard.  It takes much care, and time, and devotion.  But it’s absolutely impossible to save any soul while ours is drowning in the deluge.  Like every good lifeguard learns on his first day of training, your head must stay above water if you are going to save someone else going down


So with all diligence, keep watch over your own soul in these times of trial and temptation.  Guard your heart, the scripture tells us, for from it proceed all the things pertaining to life.  God has an escape for us.  He has declared it in scripture when He told of this often prophesied time. 

Now, this is the season of patience and longsuffering.  It’s the final hour.  Soon everything will be revealed.  We must endure, children of God, we must set as it if were a watch over our own souls – keeping in mind the quickly approaching day that we will stand before Him, face to face. 


Do not grow weary in well-doing, scripture admonishes us, for in due season we will not fail to reap the fullest reward


Our God knows how long the road is at times.  Talk to Him.  Listen.  Follow His leading.  He is kind, full of tender mercies and suffers long.  He does not give up on us, ever.  He does not put on us the burdens that we put on ourselves.  Sometimes we simply need a rest.  Read Hebrews 3 and 4.  There is a rest for the people of God.  Enter into His rest.


I hope this encourages you... At least, I feel encouraged (Haha)


We will make it to the finish line, friends

The Best is Still yet to Come, In His Love, Robert




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