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What Happened to our Election Integrity Movement (Updates)

By Robert Anthony

April 21st 2023

The purpose of this article is not to judge the efforts of wonderful and well-intentioned people all throughout our nation but to start a new dialog. We had no idea it would be this difficult, did we? The movement at large needs to more or less regroup. We have had a few victories and a lot of setbacks. No one ever said saving The Republic would be easy!? This is afterall The Frontlines to Save America: restoring free and fair elections.

We are quickly coming into 2024. Perhaps the most crucial Presidential Election since…? Maybe ever!? We must not allow them to steal the White House from us again. They are already throwing everything they have at President Trump and it seems clear he will win the GOP ticket, so they will only increase their all-out assault in the days and months ahead.

Michigan and Minnesota both lost everything in 2022 midterms: State House and Senate, Supreme Court, Governor, AG and SOS. To think that we are going to get those electoral votes without some serious strategy and effort, is fantasy land. We must be ahead of this, they are going to cheat, steal, manipulate, lie and deceive all the way to Nov 2024 and we know it. The numbers show we have the majority in Michigan and Minnesota (and Wisconsin) – with free and fair elections we win these states, handily!

While we are very pleased that people are engaged, it’s very possible that many of our efforts are going to end up in vain. The millions that are being spent on “cleaning up the voter rolls” might not pay off. We have to think about this, whoever controls the data controls the election. They can remove several million names this week and then in two weeks add several million more back. What found is that they were simply not counting every vote (And we did not manage to find one single vote not counted for Biden). Furthermore found that as many as hundreds of thousands of votes were being switched from In-Person to Absentee (Why? Were they also changing who the vote went for? Only a Full Audit will tell us). We have the receipts on 100K plus votes simply removed from the record and more!

If they control the data without any accountability, we could spend millions, years in court, countless man-hours and all they have to do is manipulate the data a different way. We must reconsider what we are attempting and rethink our strategies.

The wins we are getting against ERIC Systems are super encouraging. There are a few promising court cases that are progressing. I believe as many as 5 or 6 counties are hand-counting their votes (Please respond in the comments if you know of more successes that we did not mention!)! I believe hand-counting to be the end game, hand-counting the votes in local (2-3,000 person) voting precincts. Local precinct, hand-counted elections is going to make it incredibly difficult for large-scale fraud. We will always have some sort of fraud but to be able to take the fraud percentages way down into the 1-3% range – will give us back our Republic! 100%

The GOP at large has proven themselves thus far to be just a step above completely useless. I don’t say this with anger as much as I do with grief. FOX News rolled over this past week, laying down without a fight, practically agreeing with Dominion that their systems are uncorrupted. So many of our “Election Integrity” politicians have been using the movement, tricking us into believing they are going to fight for the cause, until they are elected. This has happened so many times now, I do not care to recount the list, disparaging all those who used us for their limelight, paid government/political positions.

Have we fixed our Republic’s Election Systems, Yes or No? I would have to say, we are in the process and we must not give up, no matter how terribly both sides of the aisle strive against us. Here are some thoughts on the subject from fellow Election Integrity Leaders throughout the nation:

North Carolina - Two election officials removed for refusing to certify 2022 elections they deemed violated state laws. Georgia - attempt to take down Trump through a special grand jury over 2020’s supposed "perfect” election, submitted their report to the Judge this week. Texas - Notorious Tarrant County election administrator resigns as shady past history running elections in the Philippines surfaces and a new election crimes unit is formed. Montana - lawmakers rejected attempt to change Primary election laws that would favor the Uni-party. National - FOX news sells out to Dominion ($787-million settlement) over reporting on election rigging. Shareholders are expected to file suites immediately. National - Marc Elias law firm and Democratic Congressional campaign committee hit with FEC complaint over $5.2M in "Recount legal services" despite having no federal elections being recounted in 2021 & 2022”

- Jason Ickes, Director, Election Victory, The America Project

“Despite the popular narrative, there have been many massive wins for election integrity across the nation. When people deny this, it is not because it is true, it is because they are lazy and watch the corporate mockingbird media of the regime. If a thinking person actually does the research, and makes it a habit to view truthful news entities, the situation will be clear -- from Arizona to Georgia, there are many wins. A recent example is the charges being dropped against True The Vote and the release of information showing China involved at every level in our elections. Today's patriot has to be a researcher, not just a complaining keyboard warrior. Getting involved at the local level is the only way through.”

- L. Todd Wood, Founder/Editor, and its various subsidiaries

“Our efforts to expose the rampant corruption and indifference in our elections is today's largest and most important civil rights issue. Never in their worst nightmares did those who defiled our country in 2020 think that so much of their plan would be discovered; and they are fighting ferociously to protect the rest. They will not succeed. The last few puzzle pieces are within our reach. Recent victories include a successful hand counted election in Osage County, Missouri, rulings to get rid of the machines in Shasta County, California and the slow but steady expulsion of ERIC from our states are just some small examples of positive movement, with many other such victories in the works.”

- Jeff O’Donnell, Computer and Election Systems Expert, 40+ years IT experience,

“The thirst for election reform is not waning but intensifying across America. Patriots in Maryland, Texas, Florida, Wisconsin, and other states are working harder than ever to ferret out corruption, change and pass laws, and move their communities away from practices that facilitate cheating and misconduct.The spark plugs for this activity are every day, grassroots, citizens who understand that if we don't band together and do something significant, we will lose our country. In Michigan, one of the major accomplishments has been the displacing of complacent, compromised, establishment-type Republicans and replacing them with committed reformers like GOP state chairperson Kristina Karamo.”

- Steven Kovac, a National Reporter Covering Election Integrity since Nov 2020

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