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We Will Never Forget - They Stole 2020 From US and President Trump! A Compilation of the Evidence

By Robert Anthony Aug 16th 2023

I couldn't sleep last night and ended up working on this until past 3am. What they are doing to this nation is criminal. What they are doing to President Trump and really the countless many Americans who dare to tell the truth! How many have been thrown in jail? Reputations destroyed? Careers ended? Killed!? It's certainly a real war for America! That's why I talk about prayer. They say, "Everyone believes in God in a foxhole..." Well this is our proverbial foxhole moment! Because I have faith I know we are going to win. I know we will win because God told me several times, but I dont know all the details. I know it's going to be miraculous! One of my favorite scriptures, "It's not by (earthly) might nor by power (the power of men) but it's by My Spirit says the Lord." (Zech 4:6) Return to the stories of God saving Israel, with His outstretched arm!

One of my favorite stories is in Isaiah, starts in chapter 36, Syria is about to march on Jerusalem and their army is literally more than 5x the size of Jerusalem's army. The Syrian army has been stomping nations into the ground for more than a decade at this point, they had just literally obliterated the ten tribes to the north (remember when Israel was divided?). And now the Syrians were ready to march on Jerusalem and there was simply No Hope for Jerusalem to possibly stand against this army. Read the story.

Isaiah, the prophet, is speaking with the king Hezekiah. Hezekiah asks him for the Word of the Lord. Isaiah encourages the king to pray. Hezekiah decides to speak to the people and turn all their hearts towards God. Hezekiah has the people promise God that they will return to following God's word and they repent for all their sins against heaven. After this, Isaiah hears the Lord tell him after the king returns the people to their God, "Do not be afraid of the Syrian king, he will not set a foot inside of these walls. I, your God, will fight for you. You will not fire a single arrow or lift a sword." (I paraphrase)

What happened? The army of the Syrians came. Hezekiah and his army did nothing but pray and fast. The Syrians pitched tents around the city and the next day, when the king awoke, "Behold!" the entire Syrian army, of 185,000 troops, was dead. God had sent ONE Angel in the middle of the night and he killed the entire army! (The best stories from antiquity are simply not told.) God delivers His people - and we must return to Him.


Let's preface the following proof of election fraud with these videos of the Democrat's brazenly refusing election results in the same way President Trump, the 16 Alternate Electors and all those who were indicted with the President in GA were -

Here is Stacy Abrams in GEORGIA refusing the results of her election, to this day:

Feel free to share this with anyone who tries to deny the 2020 election was not stolen from the American people and President Trump. We'll start with Georgia, since that is where Trump was just illegally indicted!


Oddly enough, the indictment came BEFORE the grand jury was done deliberating. These people continue to commit crimes and dig themselves deeper into a hole:

Lets remember how much evidence we have had all along in Georgia:

Some more of the evidence from 2020 in Georgia:

Here is Tucker Reporting on Georgia Fraud!

More Proof of Fraud in Georgia:

The infamous Halderman reporting on his findings in Georgia:

Remember? They were caught feeding the same ballots thru the machines over and over!

Remember they stopped voting early in GA because "a pipe burst"!?

Here is a very difficult part of the Georgia story to report on. Some of you will recall:

Here you can see the molten remains of the car. Car's don't normally expode being side-swiped and then explode in such a violent manner. Sidney Powell explaining all the suspicious deaths just after the Georgia election, including the death of the young man dating Gov Kemp's daughter, but what you might not know is that the investigator of the election in GA also died!?

I could continue and continue - there was just so much evidence in Georgia! But still they accidentally commit a crime and then bring up The Duly Elected President on charges!? Such nerve! They are digging themselves deeper and deeper.

Here is a Gateway Pundit article explaining that the US government has real time access to our elections via a nationwide cellular network!

We've been reporting on this also. This company GBI Strategies has offices around the nation working to rig elections! More than likely up and down the ballot:

Don't forget the United States Postal Service was involved with the theft! And Wisconsin was stolen from the President too!

Hopefully you watched our interview with Attorney Stefanie Lambert, she represents some of the most important pending cases in the nation regarding all of this fraud. PRAY FOR HER! (Click Here for an article we posted about it.)

Michigan was headquarters to alot of the fraud and much of the evidence to that is still just coming out. Remember Konnech? The CCP-linked Software company that was funded in part by Michigan taxpayers!?

Here is Michigan State Rep. Matt Maddox explaining the absurdity of the charges brought against his wife and the many elderly Alternate Electors by the Michigan AG (the same Michigan AG who just referred evidence of 2020 Election Crimes to the FBI). AG Nessel is obviously fully aware of the abundance of fraud throughout the 2020 election. She is aware that she was more than likely not elected. These who stole our elections are going to fight with all they have because basically they have no choice but to keep fighting to hope they win. Here is the clip with Rep. Maddox:

Few of us in Michigan will ever forget this footage of the ballots arriving in the middle of the night at the centralized voting center created at TCF:

Here is a silly post from the Michigan SOS - They have to continue in the Big Lie. They can not stop digging themselves deeper. They know that they must win or else they are all going to be in a lot of trouble!

I could do this for hours and hours. I haven't shared any of the evidence from Pennsylvania, Nevada, Arizona, I shared hardly anything from Wisconsin, nothing from Minnesota, we even have evidence in states Trump won and extremely left leaning states like California and New York where they had no reason to cheat!? I opened this article encouraging my readers to pray. At this point in time we need God to intervene, we need the miracle! Many have tried to fix this, many of us have been working on this for three years now! And it feels like we have got nowhere. The Supreme Court hasn't taken any of these cases to date. Most of "our" GOP wants nothing to do with this. President Trump is being surrounded by the sharks: Pence, Christie, DeVos, etc. We need the miracle! We are the very few "in Jerusalem" watching this "Syrian" army gathering against us outside our city walls - and we simply do not have the ability or power to win against these odds.

But that's when God shows up! When we turn to Him with all our hearts, repent for all the things we have done to refuse Him and His goodness, He hears us from heaven and He shows up! And saves the day!! He has done it before, even for our nation! And He will do it again!

Turn to your God and Father friends. Turn to Him with all your hearts and we will be saved.

It's a promise. Beyond a promise, a covenant.

And God does not break covenant with His people.

Moses said, "Fear not, Stand still and you shall see the salvation of the Lord which He shall deliver unto us this day!" And then he and God parted the Red Sea!



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