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Newly Revealed PROOF of Voter Fraud in Michigan and the Attorney Fighting for Free & Fair Elections

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

By Catherine Salgado Aug 10th 2023

A newly revealed Michigan investigation found evidence of a voter fraud operation that stretched across multiple states. And one attorney fighting election fraud around the nation, Stefanie Lambert, joined American Revival Press and "All Politics is Local" to discuss her active cases and what citizens can do to help, even shoring up 2024!

This Gateway Pundit headline sums up a few of the shocking details uncovered: “NOW WE HAVE PROOF! TGP EXCLUSIVE: Massive 2020 Voter Fraud Uncovered in Michigan – Including Estimated ‘800,000 Ballot Applications Sent to Non-Qualified Voters’ – Bags of Pre-Paid Gift Cards, Guns with Silencers, Burner Phones, and a Democrat-Funded Organization with Multiple Temporary Facilities in Several States.” There are many bombshell findings, including a woman investigated before the 2020 election by the Muskegon Police Department after she “hand-delivered thousands of voter registrations to her office, many of them in the same handwriting.” The registrations included erroneous phone numbers and non-existent addresses. The woman later admitted she “was being paid $1150/week” to help unregistered voters, but many of the registrations were highly suspect; she dropped off 8,000 to 10,000 in just one day. The organization she worked with set up temporary offices in swing states before the 2020 election had sent out hundreds of thousands of ballots to non-qualified voters.

Gateway Pundit reported:

“MI Attorney General Dana Nessel, who is currently attempting to prosecute 15 senior citizens and the former MI GOP co-chair for casting an alternate set of electoral votes in the 2020 election, asked the MI State Police to join the Muskegon Police and AG’s investigation of the potentially massive, multi-city voter fraud operation.”

A quantity of the forms was confirmed fraudulent, yet Nessel now claims there is no evidence of election fraud. At least one group involved, GBI Strategies, has Biden campaign ties. Workers were given pre-paid cards from different companies, weapons (rifles and pistols), and phones, police found. Read more details and see documents at Gateway Pundit.

As former Trump advisor, Steve Bannon asked on his show when discussing the investigation, "What has been done?" "Nothing, really," according to Gateway Pundit's Jim Hoft; "the FBI buried the investigation’s findings. The FBI is against the people in this country, and they're participating in stealing the elections," Hoft said. You can watch Hoft's discussion with Bannon on The Gateway Pundit.

Michigan attorney Stefanie Lambert had never been sanctioned before she started helping clients on the 2020 Election, but she is the target of a legal and political campaign now, as she discussed on “All Politics Is Local” with Robert Anthony. Election fraud evidence includes "machines connected to the internet communicating internationally, malicious python scripts allowing data to be pushed in and pulled out remotely, whistleblowers from inside government offices, forensic data reflecting fraud, security breaches, ballot stuffing, and the manipulation of election results." And that's just some of the publicly released data. Lambert says she has evidence of law violations from Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, covered up by Nessel, that constitute obstruction of justice. Nessel's Special Prosecutor DJ Hilson also failed to tell the judge and jury the relevant law in the case involving Lambert, and worse than that he misrepresented the law, leading to Lambert's being indicted, which could easily be deemed a criminal offense in a just court of law.

Lambert's client Election Integrity Force (EIF) has submitted multiple FOIA requests for voter rolls, but every time Benson and her office responds to the request the official data (the Qualified Voter Files, the historical record of the election) keeps changing, according to Lambert - which raises some very serious questions. Benson also ordered local clerks (who run the elections, per the MI Constitution) to delete some official election data! "Benson had inflated the voter rolls," Lambert said, "at the request of a vendor." Tabulators have few cyber protections, and they can be hacked in real time and votes tampered with. Benson is making up rules as she goes along. Lambert called the whole situation "surreal" saying, "How can this happen in the United States of America?"

Lambert has been representing various clients since November 2020 relevant to election fraud, both from 2020 and now 2022 elections. She said she took an oath as a Michigan attorney to uphold the state and US Constitutions, and that's why she keeps on—"she has no other choice". Originally, Lambert clarified, her clients did not intend to uncover evidence specifically relevant to Trump, but they found "significant evidence" that would support Trump's case right now in his Jan. 6 indictment. She has never represented Trump in an official capacity, but she said the attacks on her and those she represents who have evidence of fraud make sense as part of a long-term effort to undermine Trump's allegations of fraud and thus diminish his chances of a second presidential term. It’s "election interference," as Lambert put it.

She also called out Fox News, which just settled with Dominion (voting machines) in a suit, for refusing to consider any of Lambert’s evidence on voting machine-related fraud.

Yet there is evidence of voting machines connecting to foreign countries. "We have the machines communicating with Germany and Taiwan" in a Michigan case, Lambert stated. "Think about how horrifying that is." She went on, "To me, none of this is political. I don't like any of the political parties." She believes grassroots voters of all stripes would see the danger if educated with the facts of election fraud. "I didn't violate any laws, no one I worked with violated any laws," but that hasn't stopped Nessel and Hilson from going after them, Lambert explained. "Hilson violated ethical rules," Lambert said, "by misrepresenting the law." The judge allowed the issuance of public opinions in the grand jury case and allowed the prosecutor (Hilson) to talk to the media, which ran hit pieces, thus violating criminal codes. The judge, when this was all pointed out to her, ruled it was without merit, meaning the judge has "committed criminal activity" in Lambert's civil suit, as Anthony explained. Lambert has appealed the rulings.

When Anthony asked, "Is it obvious to you...that Trump won [in] 2020," based on "clear and convincing proof," Lambert answered, "What I have evidence of is election fraud, election law violations, election subversion, and ballot stuffing." A firm she chose recently found evidence of 2020 ballot stuffing and trucking in Detroit. In one case, township and county data match, but are off from state data by 11.5%; "Hypothetically, if the entire state of Michigan was off by 11.5%, that would be approximately 800,000 votes," she noted. As Anthony said, that's "monumental." In fact, based on numbers provided by NBC News, Biden "won" Michigan by less than 160,000 votes, so an 800,000 vote error would be monumental indeed.

"There is a lot of evidence that has not been disclosed," Lambert explained. "Detroit has machines that were zeroed out," she said, which also happened in Delaware Country, PA, where data was reported but then… there was no data. Similar evidence of machine counts and hand counts contradicting each other comes from Tennessee and even Georgia, Lambert noted. In Michigan, Benson either couldn't or wouldn't answer questions on the tabulators, even though she's bound by law to test source code annually, which law she violated. The clerk who admitted to deleting election data was shielded by Benson and not prosecuted, however.

Stefanie Lambert represents so many cases that taking her out with criminal charges would indeed undermine many vital cases across the nation. Lambert referred to the 25,000 fraudulent ballots found in the Arizona Audit (with coverup from Republicans and the New Democrat Attorney General) and more.

Towards the end of the interview Lambert explains that she was just sworn into the D.C. bar and will help the Jan. 6 prisoners abused by the Biden administration.

When it comes to solutions, Lambert mentioned that local clerks in Michigan are not required to use machines to tabulate; they can choose to eliminate that step, which is incredibly ripe for fraud and foreign interference. Other states certainly have the same option. As Anthony said, "All local leaders need to have this information leading into 2024, because "We didn't consent to the machines being computers capable of running their own election." Lambert said, "By law, we have a decentralized election system in Michigan," as the Founding Fathers intended, but "the Secretary of State is trying to make law that does not exist giving her full authority." You can watch the full interview of Stephanie Lambert on Rumble.

Without free elections, America is no longer a Republic. Every patriot must ask himself, is the country worth fighting for? And what will each of us do to preserve the wondrous gift of liberty for ourselves and future generations? We have the proof of election fraud, and now we must act.

Here is the interview we did with Stefanie on

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