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Ukraine is not our problem...?

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

(By Guest Contributor, Tony Nastas, Chernivtsi, Ukraine. Tony is a preacher, a businessman, a husband, a father of two sons, a patriot and a sincere follower of Jesus Christ.)

Some people in the US sincerely think that it’s not worth supporting Ukraine. It’s not our war, they say. It’s five thousand miles away, they say. It’s just a local war between Russia and Ukraine. Why should we suffer because of it? Right?

If you think in a similar way, you are totally wrong!

It’s not Ukraine that causes problems.

The adjustable politicians, so called “independent” reporters, the military experts that tell their “professional” opinion, try to lead your focus away from our real problem.

These “professionals” were wrong about Afghanistan in 2021. They thought the Afghanistan army would fight for their own future, but they gave up. “Professionals” thought that Ukraine would not be able to withstand the Russian invasion and would be defeated in the matter of days or weeks in 2022. But Ukraine stood up and stopped the Russian invasion. On its own. With the old Soviet armor. With the lives of Ukrainians.

In a month the Ukrainian army made the Russians flee from the Kyiv region, Chernihiv region, and Sumy region. We sank their largest commander warship in the Black Sea named “Moscow” (“Moskva” in Russian). Snake Island was freed from the occupiers. When the world saw that Ukraine is capable and willing to fight for its freedom, the western countries started helping with armor.

Ukraine did nothing wrong to become your problem. Ukraine gave up its nuclear arsenal because the US and Russia made a promise to protect Ukraine’s independence and territorial integrity. (Read the Budapest Memorandum, below). If Ukraine hadn’t given up its nukes, it would be the third largest nuclear power in the world. Russia would have never invaded Ukraine. But Ukrainians trusted the bigger nuclear countries that promised to protect it in case of an invasion.

Download PDF • 47KB

And the United States is doing it as promised. If the US stops sending military support to Ukraine, it will lose. That will play out a huge domino effect. Other countries that gave up their nuclear power or never had it before will start looking for all possible ways to get the nukes to protect themselves because big countries do not keep their word and can’t protect their allies. That will be clear to everybody.

That means we will have more Iran's, more Nothern Korea's, more Russia's. This world will fall into a historic mess and calamity.

Do we want that?

Do you understand who is our problem here?

Russia is our common problem. It is a huge existential threat for Ukraine.

If Russia stops the war, the war will be over. If Ukraine fails at war, Ukraine will be over.

Russia is a huge threat to all the European countries and the US. Do you think the Russian missiles are capable of differentiating civilians from military people?

Russia kills innocent Ukrainian people everywhere. Any Russian “high precision” missile can hit my house right here in my room while I am typing this article for you. Any second. If not today, it may happen tomorrow. Do you want to live under the same constant threat of your life in your country?

That is why Ukraine is not your problem. Our problem is Russia in its present shape and form.

Thousands of Ukrainian troops are facing the pure evil in the front lines and die just not to let it go further to the west.

If you do not support Ukraine, Russia will come to your door.


And the lightest it will be is that the American citizens will live in a hot stage of the Cold war. So, by supporting Ukraine, you invest into your calm future. Otherwise the bloody boot of a Russian soldier will be at your door. Ukraine is not letting it happen.

The United States pays with crispy green paper bills. Ukraine pays with its people’s lives and blood.

If Ukraine loses - your dear sons and fathers, American troops will have to come here to fight for Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Finland, Lithuania and other European countries that are NATO members.

Russians will not stop in Ukraine. And if you think otherwise, that is because you do not know the Russian language and do not know what the Russian politicians and common people are saying on Russian TV and Telegram groups. I speak their language as fluently as they do. And do you want to know what I hear everyday?

75% of Russian people want to "denazify" Europe and reach the English Channel. They want to show the whole world how great they are.

They want to burn the United States and the United Kingdom to ashes. That is exactly what they say and that is not an exaggeration.

They want to do that because they think they can. The same way they thought they could take Ukraine over. That didn’t happen. They were hit back right into their faces.

Ukraine succeeded in stopping the aggressor and winning its territories back. 52% of the occupied territories are gained back. 48% more to go.

Today the Ukrainian troops are holding the front line between us and insanity. They need the help of their biggest ally - the US.

Putin’s regime must fail. If not, the free world will fail. US included.

Bill Clinton Admits Regret for Convincing Ukraine to Give up their Nukes:

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Apr 08, 2023

Truthful article. I believe if the U.S. would have supplied more in the beginning, this war would have never lasted so long. This administration is so corrupt and unpredictable that none of our allies trust us. I as a Patriot don't trust them. I believe there is a hidden agenda behind their support . And it's not for the better good of the U.S. or the Ukraine.

Replying to

Pray for Ukraine - And Russia! I speak with friends in Ukraine and Russia. Everyone is hurting. The Russian people dont want this way anymore than the Ukrainians do. Remember the Russians have lots just as bad if not worse than the Ukrainians. For a time the Russians were pulling men right off the street and sending them to fight!? Ukrainians want to protect their homeland. This war is incredibly unpopular in Russia, even moreso among the Christians. You are correct. If this administration actually wanted to "help" Ukraine - there are so many munitions they would have sent by now... instead they keep sending money, but not the weapons they need? It's like they want a prolonged w…


Apr 07, 2023

Very good article. He speaks truth, which tends to be upsetting to a lot of “the masses”.

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