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Turkish Minister Drops Dead Immediately Following Cursing Israel (On Live TV!)

By American Revival Staff

February 19th 2024

This is a wild story! This just happened in Turkey. In fact, events like these are being recorded around the world as people rebuke and curse Israel and the God of Israel, even His Son, Jesus Christ. Watch:

But there is more. Rabbi Jonathan Cahn covers this story but also another, rebuking the Pope for his apostasy and adamant rejection of the word of God. Pope Francis is turning the Catholic church away from the Word of God like never before during his reign, on the verge of removing homosexuality and other such sexual perversions as sin! Clearly we can love the person but not agree with what they are doing. That was Jesus' position all throughout His ministry, Loving the people but disallowing them from destroying themselves with various sins. Should we lie to the people? And tell them that there is a blessing in destruction - the destruction that comes from a life of sin? God forbid. We, as Christians, ought to tell the Truth! The Blessing comes in holiness, righteousness and obedience to the word of God.

Listen to this wild story Author and Minister Jonathan Cahn retells: God giving warning to the Pope that he might repent and change in his course.


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