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Updated: Jun 4

By Robert Anthony

September 1 2023

The nation increasingly wants President Trump back in the White House but a ruling-class, political-class minority is now breaking the law to prevent him. To what extent won't they go to silence the will of the nation!?

A countless many lawyers throughout the nation have been sanctioned for working to not only expose the fraud but remedy it. For example, Atty Stefanie Lambert has now criminal charges, howbeit bogus criminal charges, brought against her in Michigan, why? Because she represents some of the most best cases in the nation pertaining to the fraud and criminal activity in 2020. Period. There is no standing, there is no legal theory that will ever be taught at any university supporting what they are doing to her - they will do everything they can to prevent her from succeeding and then bury the history of what they did to her. Where is the Supreme Court? Where is Congress? Speaker McCarthy!? The foundations of our nation are being rooted up and ground into powder and yet the overwhelming majority of the Republican Party is at best silent... How many are dealing making behind the scenes, thinking they might find for themselves a life-raft, making a deal with the devil, here at the end of what very well could be, all-things. If there was ever a moment to risk it all (GOP), it is now.

Does Speaker McCarthy have a vision for America? And for the saving of our nation? Or does he merely showboat for his career-advancement as the Democrats, with their Wall Street, Hollywood and Banking partners-in-crime, hijack the nation!? Someone needs to explain to the Speaker that on his watch we are about to lose everything and barring a real Jesus-miracle, we'll never get it back. "No one forced you to take the job, Sir. You agreed to these terms the moment you swore upon that constitution... to protect and defend it... even with your life!"

They are never going to allow the duly elected President, Donald J Trump back into the White House. They will burn the whole nation down before they relinquish their dominance and near total control. They won't stop with these lawsuits. And why was this surprising at all to us? They are fully aware of the reckoning that awaits them should they lose power. There is no telling to what extent they are willing to go to refuse us our President! Civil War? Totalitarian Global Covid Lockdowns 2.0? WW3? Nuclear Holocaust? Just how evil are these people we are up against? How much devastation are they willing to create to retain their power?

To the Believer's I write: "I had three dreams but now I've had a fourth. About 18 months before the 2016 election I dreamed Donald Trump won the Presidency! No one, and I mean NOT ONE PERSON, believed the dream was from the Lord. And yet as the months were passing we watching him climb in popularity and polling. August, before they stole 2020 from us, I had a dream: The CCP crashed President Trump's campaign plane into the South China Sea. It was very long and involved but that was basically the dream. When I woke up from the dream the Lord said, "They are taking the White House from the President". Notice the Lord did not say that He would lose. Very important. After the stolen election, I got into politics and had many peoples attention by that point. Even an Ex-Congressman (7/8 termed retired-Congressman) was paying attention to my predictions and dreams. Everyone wanted to know "What is the Lord saying? Is He going to restore the President to the White House?" More than a year passed without any dreams on the subject until January 2022. I had one of the best dreams of my whole life! "President Trump was back! He was President again! Revival had broke out in the nation and it was an absolutely glorious time." The dream ended with a warning. The Lord said, "Make sure the people know to pray! When I restore Him, they are going to want to celebrate but tell them it is more important than ever to pray when he is back in the White House!" Well - I regret to inform you all that I had another dream, only a few nights ago. "President Trump had become the candidate but he lost in 2024. I was in a crowded place while they were counting the election, like a stadium. I saw about 50% of the crowd wearing Dem-Blue baseball-caps and I saw the other 50% wearing GOP-Red caps. After we lost the election, I saw thousands upon thousands of people taking off the Red-caps, sometimes MAGA and putting on Dem-Blue caps! I watched this happening all across the stadium, like a blue-wave. And suddenly I knew I would be completely and totally alone and in great danger if I did not change my hat! I saw the very few who refused those Blue-caps being surrounded by a violent crowd and threatened into changing caps. The dream actually continued. But you get the point. There is no way they are going to allow President Trump back into the White House.

They have a full year and some months left to ravage this nation, to rig our elections, to start WW3, to lock down the world with another manufactured-pandemic and worse! We have a very narrow window to stop this from happening. We just lost more than 6-months with Speaker McCarthy leading "The Peoples House" and doing nothing to stop the onslaught! We need leadership and we need it yesterday. Perhaps the only hope is to remove McCarthy and vote in President Trump as Speaker of the House! But if anyone has a better, tanglible solution that doesn't involve civil war, a military coup or some other form of violence - I am all ears.

#Trump4Speaker seems to make the most sense to me. I just had Constitutional Attorney Ivan Raiklin on my show, "All Politics is Local". He has been presenting this to anyone who might listen, even lobbying Congress for nearly a year now... But I heard that President Trump turned the idea down? I don't know this as a matter of fact but this is what Mr Raiklin heard also, at least three others told me the same thing: The President didn't want it.

Here is the Full Interview (min. 34:44 he starts talking about President Trump for Speaker!) -

Here are the facts:

  1. They stole the White House from the American people.

  2. They are doing everything they can to illegally lock up our elected President creating precedent out of nothing so that they can destroy him.

  3. They won't stop until they end President Trump's ability to campaign and win 2024.

  4. But they are willing to do even worse! We can not imagine to what extent they will go to ensure President Trump and his movement does not return to power.

Implementing a #Trump4Speaker strategy will immediately shift the playing field. The evidence and facts surrounding the 2020 election has still not been seen by the American people, anything we have seen is only in part. J6 was a cleverly devised plot created by our own US agencies, this must be exposed and those political prisoners must be freed. How many of our enemies have come into our nation disguised as immigrants over our wide-open southern border? When comes the next global scam-demic? We inch closer and closer to WW3. Our economy continues to spiral downhill. Our enemies are banding against us by the day and many of our allies seem to be bailing out! Speaker McCarthy is where on these issues? Thus far he has remained powerless.

If President Trump doesn't want the Speakership? I would propose Matt Gaetz. But with all due respect to Rep. Gaetz, and we are all totally grateful for everything he is doing, President Trump has an uncanny ability to achieve the impossible! We watched him do it over and again! Who else can stand against this evil? Jim Jordan has had power for as many months as McCarthy... he to seems to be holding back, as if oblivious to the political-Armageddon unfolding right now in our nation.

I shared my dreams with you all because I think they are a sobering wake-up call. We have almost no path to victory at this moment with Speaker McCarthy at the helm. I warned as many as I could the months leading up to 2020. I hope this time the message accomplishes the miraculous!

I nominate President Trump for Speaker!

Let's pray about it.

Let's hope he agrees!

After writing this article I was sent the following news articles about Speaker McCarthy: 1. Speaker McCarthy was apparently linked to the Pagan Bohemian Grove occult ceremony while wearing their insignia on his shirt in MAUI of all places, don't forget BG is in California only a short 4 or 5 hour drive from McCarthy's district: 2. The Globalist, Speaker McCarthy is directly affiliated with none other than The World Economic Forum!

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2 תגובות

04 בספט׳ 2023

Informative article. I never liked Kevin McCarthy. He is a graduate of the W. E. F. You can find his name listed on their website. I read that is why it took him so long to get the Speaker position. Now, if he can get voted out by 1 representative, where are the representatives who held up his nomination?

בתשובה לפוסט של ASTOUNDING! Thank you for bringing this to our attention! We had no idea! He is befriending the wrong team. Unbelievable. I knew someone who worked for him - I keep trying to get a comment but my old "friend" has suddenly gone ghost on me... Ugh. Maybe he knows my politics now...? At least I know why McCarthy (and my friend) weren't so interested in hearing all the evidence of election fraud we found here in Michigan! We can prove in a court of law TRUMP WON! Im 100% convinced, we can prove it!!

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