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The Israeli Report - (For The Week Ending May 3rd)

(Israel / Lebanon Border - approx May 2nd, 2024)

by David Silver (Reporting from Israel) May 4th 2024

The War in Gaza

  • The number of soldiers who have died in Gaza is 263 and the total number of soldiers who have died since October 7 is 608, after the deaths of 2 soldiers in Gaza on Monday. Sadly they were killed by an Israeli tank which fired outside their authorized field of fire and struck the building the soldiers were in.

  • Israeli forces carried out of 60 attacks on terror targets over the week of Passover, resulting in a number of terrorists being eliminated, and others being wounded and arrested.

  • Israeli ground forces and the air force have been attacking specific terror targets in various parts of Gaza over the last 5 days.

  • Israel continues to increase the quantity of fuel, food, water and other supplies being brought in by trucks through the various border crossings.

  • The floating pier built by the Americans off the Gaza coast, at a cost of $320 million, is ready for use and the first ship is due to unload over the weekend.

The Northern Border 

  • Hezbollah continues to fire large number of rockets at northern Israel, often more than 30 at one time, and Israel is retaliating with increasing force.

  • Hamas in Lebanon claimed responsibility for about 30 rockets that were fired at Israel early Monday morning. No injuries or serious damage was reported.

  • The cross border clashes continued throughout the week, more rockets fire at Israel and a lot of damage being done to terror targets in Lebanon.

  • If a cease-fire is confirmed in Gaza, Israel will reposition most of the available army units to the north in preparation for an escalation with Hezbollah.

  • Hezbollah has reportedly moved the families of its top leaders from Lebanon to Syria, Judea and Samaria (the West Bank).

  • Israeli army and security units continue to operate in numerous locations looking for and arresting terror suspects.

  • An Israeli police officer was moderately wounded in a stabbing attack in the Old City section of Jerusalem late Tuesday morning. The deceased attacker was a Turkish tourist.

  • The security service has arrested 3 members of a terror cell planning a number of potentially serious terror attacks.

The Hostages

  • Negotiation talks moved to Israel last Friday with the arrival of the Egyptian delegation and a new proposal for the release of 20 - 33 hostages over several weeks, in exchange for a 40 day cease-fire, hundreds of terrorist prisoners to be released, a full return to northern Gaza and other conditions. The Hamas response at the time of writing this report, has not yet been announced, even though the Americans, Egypt, Qatar and others are pressing the terror organization to accept the latest Israeli proposal. Either way will not be good for Israel.

  • Hamas published another video of 2 male hostages, in another attempt to influence the negotiations to their advantage. The 2 men appeared to be in reasonable health.Other News

  • It is being reported that there is still a possibility of Saudi Arabia opening diplomatic relations with Israel, even without a cease-fire. However this may be another American ploy to manipulate Israel to give in to all Hamas demands.

  • The International Criminal Court in The Hague is preparing to issue warrants for the arrest of PM Netanyahu, the Israel Defense Minister Gallant, the IDF Chief of Staff and others they say are guilty of war crimes.

  • American, British and French navy ships and fighter jets continue to intercept Houthi missiles and drones being fired towards Israel and ships in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for a GOD ordained miracle victory over Hamas, as He did for Israel in the Six Day War of 1967, and in the days of ancient Israel.

  • Pray for wisdom from above for the War Cabinet and military leaders as they plan and direct the war to defeat Hamas, and to somehow bring all of the hostages back home.

  • Pray that PM Netanyahu and the other leaders will not make decisions based on manipulation or threats by international leaders, or pressure from inside Israel.

  • Pray for Divine protection over all of the IDF officers and soldiers inside Gaza, at the northern border and those operating in the West Bank.

  • Also pray protection for the pilots.

  • Pray for miraculous healing for all of the wounded soldiers and that there will be no more accidents or friendly fire incidents or accidental killing of hostages.

  • Pray that all of the top level leaders of Hamas and the other Gaza terror organisations who are still alive, will be captured by Israel very soon.

  • Pray that all of the tunnels and stockpiles of weapons in Gaza, on the northern border and in the West Bank will be exposed and destroyed.

  • Pray for angelic protection over all the borders with Gaza - Lebanon - Syria - the West Bank and Jordan, that every attempt to infiltrate and attack Israelis will be foiled.

  • Pray for the physical and emotional health, and the miraculous release of the hostages who are alive, and supernatural healing for the hostages who have been released.

  • Pray for the Shalom of GOD over all those who have lost loved ones, or whose loved ones are still in Gaza - fate unknown, and for every Israeli who has been affected by this war.

  • Pray for the many Messianic soldiers who are in the army, that they are fully protected and that they would be salt and light to their comrades.

  • Pray for supernatural protection over all Israeli civilians, and the same for the truly innocent people in Gaza, the West Bank towns and villages and in Lebanon and Syria.

  • Pray for a safe, quiet and peaceful weekend for all of Israel over the Sabbath and Passover week.

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