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The Israeli Report - for the week ending April 26th

by David Silver

April 26th 2024


  • Following the Israeli reprisal attack near the Natanz nuclear facility in Isfahan last week, there has been no further interaction between Israel and Iran. It was confirmed by Israel that at least one advanced stealth missile, undetectable by radar, was used to destroy the Russian made S300 anti missile defense system protecting the nuclear plant. Seems that the Israeli War Cabinet and the air force were sending a message to the Iranian regime that they could have attacked the nuclear facility if they had wanted to. Iran has said that they will not retaliate for the Israeli attack, but that may just be an attempt to cause Israel to lower its defenses, and to carry out a surprise attack at a later time.

The War in Gaza

  • The number of soldiers who have died in Gaza is 261 and the total number of soldiers who have died since October 7 is 606, after an Israeli Bedouin soldier was killed in Gaza this week, and the death of a soldier who was seriously wounded in a Hezbollah attack last week.

  • The Gaza Health Ministry is claiming that more than 34,500 Gazans have been killed since October 7, however another source estimates the number to be about 20,000, with terrorists making up more than 12,000 of that total. Even Hamas has admitted that the Health Ministry numbers are incorrect, but most of the world chooses to believe the higher numbers.

  • There were several rockets fired from Gaza this week, and Israeli forces have been operating in many areas of central and northern Gaza, as well as specific air attacks on Rafah.- The army claims to have destroyed 20 kms or 12 miles of tunnels under central Gaza over the last few days.

  • Since Israel pulled out of southern Gaza 3 weeks ago, more than 250,000 Gazans have left Rafah and moved back to their home towns in the south and center.

  • In preparation for the planned operation in Rafah, Israel is erecting a large tent city near Khan Yunis to house tens of thousands of Gazans moving back from Rafah.- Also the two reserve brigades being prepared for the Rafah operation, have now been deployed inside Gaza, north of Rafah for the time being. Other reservists are being called up also.

The Northern Border 

  • There has been an escalation in the north since the beginning of Passover week as Hezbollah and other terror groups in southern Lebanon have increased attacks on northern Israel with rockets, mortars, anti-tank missiles and drones.

  • The quiet of the first day of Passover on Tuesday was interrupted by at least 4 explosions and the roar of air force jets, as they intercepted Hezbollah drones over Haifa Bay. Alert sirens were heard in the north throughout the day.

  • Two homes were damaged and a bush fire ignited by Hezbollah missiles on Wednesday morning. More than 40 various types of missiles were fired at Israel throughout the day. Israel responded with a very heavy attack on about 40 Hezbollah targets and tunnels in south Lebanon. On Thursday there was very little activity in the north.

Judea and Samaria (the West Bank) 

  • The number of terrorists killed since October 7th is over 460, 3600 arrested, and more that 1600 of them are affiliated with Hamas.

  • At least 10 terrorists were killed, and 8 arrested in a 40 hour plus shoot-out with Israeli soldiers near Tulkarm last weekend, 4 soldiers were injured.

  • - In another operation, 18 terrorists were arrested and 2 others were killed as they clashed with the soldiers in their village.

  • There has been a marked increase in terror activity this week beginning with 6 attempted terror attacks just on Sunday morning, and 3 people were injured in two car ramming attacks by the same driver on Monday, just hours before Passover began. A female terrorist was shot after she attempted a knife attack on Wednesday.

  • An Israeli man was injured when he tried to remove a Palestine flag that had been placed on a pole in a field beside the road. The flagpole was connected to an explosive device. We are being warned that these flagpole bombs are likely to be placed in many more locations to kill or cause harm to Israeli Jews.

The Hostages 

  • Negotiation talks seem to be paused as there have been no reports of meetings since early last week. A Passover miracle rescue or release is urgently needed.

  • Hamas has released another propaganda video showing 23 year old hostage, American-Israeli Hersch Goldberg-Polin, alive and relatively healthy, but with his left arm amputated just below the elbow. He was captured at the Nova festival on October 7th. The video has inspired fresh calls for a cease-fire and hostage deal. Egypt has offered to restart the negotiations if Israel freezes the Rafah operation. The leaders of 18 nations have signed a demand for the immediate release of all the hostages.- There are numerous and conflicting reports on the number of hostages who are still alive after 203 days in Hamas captivity. The number ranges from about 40 to 100, and their condition of health is not known.

  • There were more than 50 protest demonstrations across the country last Saturday night. Protesters were calling for the hostages to be released before Passover, and for early elections.

  • Many of the hostage families took part in a communal Passover seders on Monday evening, with added prayers for their loved ones still in Gaza. One of the seders was held very close to the home of PM Netanyahu in Caesaria, where he was celebrating Passover with his family.

Other News

  • Massive amounts of food, water, medicine and other aid that is being allowed into Gaza, is still sitting in storage areas, because of the lack of volunteers to distribute it.

  • 3 ships carrying aid to Gaza are sailing from Turkey. There are 1200 people from several countries, including political leaders, on board the ships, and hopefully no weapons.

  • President Biden has signed an order to supply Israel with another US $17 billion worth of military aid. This is likely to incite more anti Israel demonstrations in the United States.

  • Gaza terrorists have fired mortars at the floating pier that the United States Navy is building off the Gaza shore. The purpose of the pier is to unload ships carrying aid for Gazans.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for a GOD ordained miracle victory over Hamas, as He did for Israel in the Six Day War of 1967, and in the days of ancient Israel.

  • Pray for wisdom from above for the War Cabinet and military leaders as they plan and direct the war to defeat Hamas, and to somehow bring all of the hostages back home.

  • Pray that PM Netanyahu and the other leaders will not make decisions based on manipulation or threats by international leaders, or pressure from inside Israel.

  • Pray for Divine protection over all of the IDF officers and soldiers inside Gaza, at the northern border and those operating in the West Bank. Also pray protection for the pilots.

  • Pray for miraculous healing for all of the wounded soldiers and that there will be no more accidents or friendly fire incidents or accidental killing of hostages.

  • Pray that all of the top level leaders of Hamas and the other Gaza terror organizations who are still alive, will be captured by Israel very soon.

  • Pray that all of the tunnels and stockpiles of weapons in Gaza, on the northern border and in the West Bank will be exposed and destroyed.

  • Pray for angelic protection over all the borders with Gaza - Lebanon - Syria - the West Bank and Jordan, that every attempt to infiltrate and attack Israelis will be foiled.

  • Pray for the physical and emotional health, and the miraculous release of the hostages who are alive, and supernatural healing for the hostages who have been released.

  • Pray for the Shalom of GOD over all those who have lost loved ones, or whose loved ones are still in Gaza - fate unknown, and for every Israeli who has been affected by this war.

  • Pray for the many Messianic soldiers who are in the army, that they are fully protected and that they would be salt and light to their comrades.

  • Pray for supernatural protection over all Israeli civilians, and the same for the truly innocent people in Gaza, the West Bank towns and villages and in Lebanon and Syria.

  • Pray for a safe, quiet and peaceful weekend for all of Israel over the Sabbath and Passover week.

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