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The Great Return (Reconsidering Zionism) – Part Two

By Robert Anthony

January 14, 2023


These are the days of the Great Return!  And anyone who cares to see will see large portions of scripture being fulfilled.  What I mean to say is that prophecy that was proclaimed 2,000 and 2,500 years ago is being fulfilled right now!  It’s absolutely remarkable to consider.  We are the generation to watch these things that were foretold millennia ago, come to life!


ISRAEL, God’s Chosen –

At the forefront of the list of incredible prophecies being fulfilled is, Israel - its people and its land!  Israel basically ceased from being a nation once they were carried away into captivity by Babylon.  They were something of a government for a time but their nation was gone about two thousand five hundred years ago.  But God promised that Israel would return!


What a story!  Have you ever heard such a thing!?  No other nation in recorded history has been wiped off the map even for a few hundred years and then returned.  But Israel, its land forgotten and its people scattered to the four winds of the earth, has returned – just as God promised throughout the prophets and in the writings of the New Covenant Apostles!  Even Jesus Christ prophesied Israel’s return, “When you see the abomination of desolation standing in the holy place”… In order for that temple to be rebuilt and that abomination to be placed in the holy place, the nation of Israel would have to return!


Several things must come to pass that are essential for it to be the last days.  I will write about this more at a later date but here they are now, in short: severe trouble with the weather, lots of wars and rumors of wars, economic distress, signs in the heavens (atmosphere, sky), famines, plagues (Covid), pestilences, the world turning on the people of God, it must be “like it was in the days of Noah”, Israel must become a nation, their people must return home and then rebuild the temple.  In order for it to truly be the end of days all these things must come to pass at about the same time – as they have within this generation.


And what a mess are the politics around Zionism!  But why would the world have such issue about a people returning to their land!?  Little upon the earth provokes such emotion, impassioned debate, division and even war as the Jews/Israelites returning to their home.  (I have written much already on the subject. I’m trying not to repeat myself.) There must in fact be a real and tangible spiritual war waging around this minute piece of land – how else could it command such attention and power over the world’s politics!?


Zionism, Essential to the Christian Faith –

If we, as Christians, love God how can we not love what He loves!?  I think a large portion of Christianity needs to reread the whole of scripture, keeping in mind God chose a people for His purposes and birthed salvation from them!! 

Religion does not accurately define true Judaism or true Christianity.  The Jews are a family, not merely a religion.  This man, Abraham was a friend of God’s and became heir of a great and everlasting promise – that God would bring salvation to the earth thru Abraham’s children.  How some Christians can possibly believe that God would cast aside the children of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob when He was thru using them, boggles the mind!  The God I have come to know would never do such a thing to His own children… ever.


The division and war within Christianity over Israel is an ugly, false-religious war.  And this is not the only false-religious war within Christianity – the spirit of the Pharisee’s (who killed Christ) is alive and even thriving within Christendom.  Paul writes that in the last days a kind of Christianity will come that will be nothing like what Jesus gave to the Jews (remember they were All Jews who received the gospel originally), “having a form of Godliness but denying it’s power”.  Paul wrote extensively on the subject in both of his letters to Timothy.  And this is yet more proof we are living in the end of times – exactly what Paul prophesied has come true in this generation.


For the first two hundred years or more, Christianity was headquartered out of Jerusalem!  The founders of Christianity and those first Apostles were All Jews!  It might seem like an oversimplification but it is actually profound, The Messiah was (and is) a Jew!  When this Jew (Messiah) returns to the earth to rule and reign for one-thousand years, He is going to rule and reign from His land, Holy Israel!  Considering these things and more, how can any Christian believe that God is done with the people of Israel and their land!?  To me this is absolute proof that there are some very wicked spirits alive and destroying upon the earth.


Absolute Proof of God’s Goodness!

God promised a great and many things to man throughout the Bible (both the Old and New Testaments).  But watching the Jews return to their land, watching the Jews return to Messiah - these are some of the best and most wonderful proofs we have that God always keeps His Word! 

It’s a long and intriguing study, perhaps I will write about it at a later time but the Jews basically left Christianity a few hundred years after Christ returned to His Father. There grew a great divide between the Jewish believers in Christ and the Gentile Church.  The divide was mostly over laws and customs, stemming from Jewish cultural issues.  Truly this is what Paul the Apostle warned about in his letter to the Galatians.  The Jews wanted to try and live out both covenants – adhering to the law, all the while preaching salvation by grace and faith in Christ Jesus the Lord.  Also, there was a great divide over Jerusalem and whether or not it was the headquarters of Christianity.  These foundations of the Church split Christianity a few hundred years after Christ between Jew and Gentile believer.  By about 3-400 years after Jesus, Messianic-Jewish believers practically vanished from off the face of the earth. 


And what significant event took place around that time, you history scholars?  The creation of the Roman Catholic Church, by Emperor Constantine.  To me it is very revealing that the world plunged into the dark ages just after the Jews left relationship with their Messiah.  (If you don’t believe me that this actually happened, study it out for yourselves.  It is an amazing study!) And as the Jews were leaving their Messiah and returning to mostly a false Judaism (in that they held to the laws of men, Talmudic Tradition, rather than the teaching of God thru Moses and the prophets), the world fell into one of its darkest times in history!  There is a principal here as Paul lays out in Romans 11, the Jews returning to their land and their God is a blessing to the whole world!  And their departure from their land and their God must therefore be a cursing…


It is a matter of fact, the centuries following the Jews departure from Messiah and their land came the dark ages… and then the monstrous Inquisition: the Catholic Church hunting down “Jews” and “heretics” and torturing and murdering them, by some estimates as high as 30-million or more!  But God said, “I will not cast them away”.  Even if they left Him, He would return them unto Himself, it was/is His covenant with them.


On the heels of the Inquisition came the discovery of The New World, by the Jews.  It is almost a matter of fact at this point in time that Christopher Columbus was a Jew (here is a great article on the subject)!  And the banker who financed the expedition, because the king/queen of Spain were broke, was 100% Jewish!  (So, if you enjoy the United States of America, Mexico and the America’s as we know it? THANK A JEW!) God scattered His people to the four winds of the earth for all their rebellion and disobedience, just like He said He would.


But at the same time as scattering them, God has been working wonders thru His people all throughout history.  And then, centuries later, He started to go after them anew, revealing the Son of glory to a new generation of Israelites!  This also is a wonderful history to study!  Around the mid-1800’s at the same time as the rebirth of Zionism came another phenomenon!  Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of God risen from the dead, started to come to a few Rabbi’s and Jews throughout Russia and Ukraine!  These Rabbi’s and others among the Jews would see Him in their dreams and visions, and suddenly, as if a veil was pulled from off their eyes, they realized the Christian-Jesus was in fact their Jewish-Meshiach (Messiah)!


In the same way God returned His people to their land, He returned His people to the fullness of their God!  Just as Paul had foretold, Romans 11:1 “I say then, Hath God cast away his people? God forbid. For I also am an Israelite, of the seed of Abraham, of the tribe of Benjamin.”  Read all of Romans 11.  Paul tells us God’s intention towards His chosen-people.


And then ALL ISRAEL will be Saved!

In conclusion: These last days (as foretold all throughout scripture) can be summarized as THE GREAT RETURN.  God is returning everything to the way He intended it in the first place.  He is returning the garden to the earth.  He is about to make All Things New!  He is returning the Christians and those who have wandered away to their God, to their Savior.  God is returning His kingdom to the earth.  He is returning His chosen-people to Himself.  And, perhaps the greatest return of them all, God Himself is about to Return to the Earth!


One of my favorite passages of the entire Bible, Romans 11:25,26, “For I would not, brethren, that ye should be ignorant of this mystery, lest ye should be wise in your own conceits; that blindness in part is happened to Israel, until the fulness of the Gentiles be come in. And so ALL ISRAEL shall be saved…” Blindness, IN PART, has happened to Israel… UNTIL the fulness of the Gentiles come in (to be God’s children) and then… sometime before the end… ALL ISRAEL WILL BE SAVED! 

So exciting to me, Why?  Because these are literally the times we are living in!! The Jews are returning to Israel just as the Bible promised.  The Jews are returning to their God, just as God promised.  Therefore, it must be true that God is about to return to the earth!!!  Amazing that God has given us so much Absolute Proof.  He is returning to us!  We very well could be the generation that sees heaven opened, the sky departing as a scroll, and Messiah coming out of the clouds, on a white horse, followed by an army, coming to rule and reign from Israel!!!  His New Jerusalem!


Some wonderful things we, as Gentile Christians, can do... according to scripture: Help the Jews/Israelites return home.  God calls them home!  It’s very clear all throughout scripture, Ezekiel 36:16-28+ God is calling His people home – and they have only ever had one home, Israel.  Here is an excellent interview to watch to learn more:



Be Encouraged -

Everything is being fulfilled.  God is coming for us!  He is coming to save us from this broken world!  He is about to return and restore everything to the way He always wanted it – The Lord will be our God and we will be His people, living and walking among Him upon the earth!  Surreal to even be writing this because this very well could be happening in our lifetime. 

But there is much work to do.  The gospel must be proclaimed among all the nations!  And what is the gospel of the kingdom?  I promise you it fundamentally includes and is built upon the Jews!  As God reveals this gospel to us, in its’ FULLNESS, revival will come – and God will send His elect to the nations to proclaim the truth – and then the end will come (Matthew 24:14). 

These are the final hours, as all things are fulfilled, let us be about our Father’s business – that when we stand in front of Him, face to face, there is no shame, no fear, only love, because we know we live this life for Him!!

God bless you brothers and sisters in Christ!

God bless you Jewish brothers and sisters!!

God is returning for us!!

Time to get ourselves ready!!

With all Godly love and affection,

With all my heart hoping to inspire you,

Robert Anthony.




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