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The Great Escape (Part One)

By Robert Anthony

May 20th 2023

I’ve been living in Michigan the past few years. We moved here during the heights of Covid, 2020, to literally witness the Democrat take-over of the whole of the state. The Republicans had control of the Michigan House and Senate for something like 40 years! The 2022 midterms the GOP lost everything: Governor, AG, SOS, House, Senate, even the Supreme Court! Minnesota too, very similar story in our Midwest fellow.

Forbes did an article about the states people are fleeing 2019-2021 (10 States People are Fleeing and the 10 States People are Moving to), California is at the top of the list with New York, then Illinois, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Washington, Colorado, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin. About 180,000 families left California and New York compared with all the other states combined only lost about 120,000 families. Why are people practically running away from California and New York!?

You must also take notice that the list is filled with Democrat strongholds: every single state on the list has been voting Democrat recently, all except for Indiana which has been in a constant state of recession for almost two decades now. Why are the families of America fleeing Democrat states? And where are they moving? Texas, Florida, the Carolina’s, Georgia, Tennessee, Nevada, Maine, Delaware and Idaho. Only two states on the list vote Democrat and half of Maine’s electors go GOP, religiously.

But there is more to the story. Not only are Americans flocking to GOP-ran states but many have chosen to simply leave! U.S. News did a story about the trend from 2013 to the time of the article, of Americans denouncing their citizenship and leaving the US altogether!? For some of us it’s extremely hard to imagine where people think they can go where it’s so much better? But it’s not just leaving the states, many are denouncing their US Citizenship to formally emigrate to other nations! Hard to imagine where people would think it’s so much better. But considering the political turmoil, rises inflation, lowering wages, healthcare troubles, crime rates, drug epidemic, etc. maybe it isn’t too hard to imagine after all why many are throwing in the towel on our nation. And all this before Covid, it is estimated more than 10K families are leaving America every year and the rate is climbing.


As a Christian and a minister, with all the events that have unfolded over the past couple decades, most recently with Covid, I believe we are living in the last days. Could the “last days” last another century? Well, I suppose but it’s the rate of decline that has my attention. Twenty years ago, just after 9/11 many things seemed to have begun: political turmoil, economic distress, problems in the weather and more. But if you put all these things on a graph and chart it out, you will notice an obvious acceleration. For instance, the amount and intensity of hurricanes, tsunami’s, earthquakes, volcanoes and tornados has absolutely increased over the past twenty years – and it seems to be increasing exponentially as a trend. Many people will say, “Every generation believed it was the end of the world in their time…” but what we have happening now is unique to any period of recorded human history – let’s call it a convergence.

What we can easily observe over the past two decades includes: troubles in the weather, signs in the night sky (astronomy, eclipses), Near Earth Objects on the rise, turmoil among the nation (political distress), wars and rumors of wars, economic troubles (increasingly), plague and pestilence (most notably Covid-19), famine, flooding, drought, strange signs in the oceans (randomly hundreds and thousands of whales, dolphins and other fish ending up beached and/or dying) and all of these things are easily observable. The convergence is that all these events are happening at the same time. Throughout history we can observe even a few of these events happening in unison but I would argue there has never been a time in recorded human history all these events have been happening in concert. And let’s take note here that this is exactly what the Bible explained would happen at the end of the age – but there is even more. I have written extensively about Transhumanism in the Bible and Jesus warning us that there would be a reemergence at the end. All these things described above together with the reemergence of Transhumanism and all the things their “science” is doing to destroy the creation adds up to, prophecy is being fulfilled!


So where do we hide at the end of the world!? Is there one state better off than another? Perhaps. Is there one nation safer than another as the world comes to its determined end? I have personally been a part of these conversations often throughout my life. Many people have had many ideas of how to survive this end. I even wrote a playful book years ago called, “The Last Days Survival Guide: How to Navigate the End of the World” (I never published it).

There is an increasingly common movement, especially in America, called, “Preppers” or “Survivalists”. These are folks who are convinced of the coming calamity and won’t sit idly by. They commonly build shelters below their homes, storing up years of supply of food and water, they stockpile guns and ammo, solar panels, batteries, often buying gold and silver bullion, etc. They have determined this “end of days” will not catch them off guard and they are preparing to take the storm, head on! I’m not trying to be hard too on my fellow Patriots. Because often these folks are some of the best Americans and even Christians at heart but I do take up issue with many of these extremes. If the worst apocalyptic scenarios unfold upon the earth, in your own neighborhood, are you really willing to start shooting people who have no food and are desperately trying to survive? I think not. I know many of you “Preppers” and many of you are actually quite kind and generous at the end of the day. But what will you do with all that gold and silver if the next pandemic wipes out a percentage of the population and people are having trouble eating and clothing themselves!? I doubt there will be much salvation in gold and silver should times like those fall upon us.

Rationally, if we play out the worst of end-times scenarios, guns, gardens, gold, silver… none of these things will save us. But in a way I do agree with you, I admit that there is wisdom in “Prepping” but my version of prepping looks quite differently than most. In a way I have been prepping for a couple decades now.

I was in business throughout my twenties (twenty years ago) and saw the proverbial writing on the wall, Jesus is coming back! But how to prepare for this!? I can remember thinking. How does one prepare to stand before The Lord of Glory in all His Power and Truth!? Somehow the weight of the reality of God returning to the earth was imparted to me and my whole life changed. And trust me this has not been an easy transition. I left so much of my life behind, I got out of business (and I was rather successful) and set out to become useful to God in these last days. I wanted to become a minister but honestly ALL the pastors I had known up to that point in my life were incredibly disappointing, at best. I had been offended and hurt by so many ministers by my twenties. I ended up writing about it in Jesus did not start a Religion. I wanted to serve God but I really had no idea how to do it, all I knew was that I didn’t want to be like those religious rulers who had so often injured me and my family.

I wanted to escape that old life entirely but leaving it behind would prove to be much harder than I could have guessed. My friends and family literally thought I lost my mind. I was rather successful and it was hard for them to understand, several family members candidly said, “Robert, No one leaves behind such success in search of God!” But I was totally within my right mind, Jesus is coming back, I thought to myself, and there is so much work to be done! That was more than fifteen years ago now. And I am more convinced than ever, we are living in the final years of this world. Here are a few scriptures I will get more into in part two of this series: go to Amos 5:18, “Woe unto you that desire the day of the LORD! to what end is it for you? the day of the LORD is darkness, and not light.” The Lord warns us not to desire the end but to desire His salvation upon the earth. Amos continues in verse 19, “As if a man did flee from a lion, and a bear met him; or went into the house, and leaned his hand on the wall, and a serpent bit him.” We won’t be able to flee the end. There will be no where to go, no where to hide. It will sweep up the whole of the world into its troubles and turmoil… well…. Just like Covid was doing! But let me comfort the believers as I close, Jesus prophesied of all of these things in Luke 21. He warned of the perilous times to come, and all these fearful events but listen to what He also said, Luke 21:28, “But there shall not an hair of your head perish.” All these horrors will unfold upon the earth but somehow the Lord will preserve us!! Not even a hair on our heads will perish! The scriptures are full of ways to prepare for these last days. A large portion of scripture is devoted to prophecy of the end times, obviously it was important to the Lord. He clearly wants us to know, it’s going to be wild and frightening at times but do not be afraid, “I know how to get you thru it!” Not even a hair on your heads will perish if you stick with me!

I will go into more of this in Part Two but for now precious saints, be comforted. I want to say two very important things: 1. There is plenty of good news, even within scripture speaking of the last days, and 2. Jesus promised us, these were practically His parting words, “I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Amen.

The Best is still yet to come… I will write part two next weekend… Much love to the saints! - Robert


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