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State Legislators, Pass Laws Against the W.H.O. Immediately!

Is this the first article on the way to another lockdown!?

We want to encourage the state governments to consider passing legislation that they will not ever allow another lock-down, vaccine mandate or federal government policy to trample the rights of their state. Furthermore, we are encouraging the state governments to include in these bills that they will not allow the U.N., the W.H.O., or any other globalist entity to trample the rights of their states citizenry.

They steal elections. We have seen the administrative state and the intelligence agencies completely in lockstep to trample the constitution and the rights of American citizens. We have piles of proof that they stole 2020 from President Trump, Where is the FBI? DOJ? Where is our government who swore an oath to the US Constitution? The GOP has the House and we have not heard one iota, not one comment about 2020, our broken election system, etc. If the states are putting any confidence in the federal government, having lived thru what we just lived thru with Covid, I think the state governments officials are living in a dreamland. The states must pass legislation for the rights of their citizens, adding emphasis and drawing a line to where the global agenda will simply never pass again.

We are all hoping for a savior to be elected in 2024. We are all hoping that somehow the elections will be free and fair, but nothing has changed of merit in the nation that would convince any reasonable person they aren't going to steal 2024. Where was the Red Wave? Yeah, thank God we won the House! But we lost the Senate. Why? We have to be reasonable here, WE NEVER FIXED OUR BROKEN ELECTION SYSTEM. We ran, we are Very Aware of how terrible was the 2020 Michigan Presidential election. We found more than 100K missing votes for President Trump. The fact that the GOP in Michigan would not consider anything we were doing and then worked against us! The fact that many within MAGA and our own conservative coalitions worked against us told us that this problem is far larger than we understand. Reread what I just wrote and try to swallow that bitter pill.

We have to see the battlefield more clearly. There are various fronts to this battle: the federal government is unbelievably important and we must win that battle - and the path to winning DC goes thru the state governments. If we can not restore election integrity within the state elections the globalists, the globalists within our government, whoever these people are who hate American sovereignty and are destroying us from within, they will manipulate and steal elections for years to come! And why not? They seem to have got away with the biggest election steal perhaps in the history of the world!?

If the state governments want to keep waiting around for the military to suddenly reveal some high-level secret plan, show up and save us... we are doomed. Understand we are just short of two more years of this Administration's reign, God only knows what lies before us. Wisdom and prudence tells us that the states legislators had better act while they still can! There are various ways the federal government and their federal agencies can trample the US Constitution and the rights of the American people. The governors (GOP/Dem, all of them) are still refusing to speak out against the tyranny: None of them will deal with our elections! NOT ONE! And our broken election system remains the biggest problem facing our sovereignty as a nation right now. It's not our southern border, it's not Ukraine, it's not our debt and broken financial system - if we do not have the ability to elect our leaders, then we do not have a Republic anymore.

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