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Prepping the Steal: Arizona AG Threatens Counties that Hand Count Ballots

Kris Mayes is Attorney General of Arizona because she and her fellow Democrats successfully stole the 2022 election from the rightful (GOP) winners. Now Mayes is trying to protect the voting machine fraud that put her in office by threatening counties that aim to hand-count ballots in 2024.

Mayes’s Aug. 11 letter:

The Gateway Pundit covered Mayes’s ridiculous move, which included a deceptive reference to Arizona law. Mayes tried to frame the law as saying that manual ballot counts are only allowed instead of machine tabulating in exceptional circumstances. In reality, Gateway Pundit explained, “Arizona’s current law does not mandate the use of electronic voting machines; it only allows for it.” AZ state Sen. Sonny Borelli confirmed that Mayes’s interpretation of the law was incorrect.

“It has come to my attention that a group of current and former legislators has contacted several county boards of supervisors and asked them to count ballots manually instead of by automatic tabulating equipment in future elections. I write to advise you that Arizona statutes do not give counties this authority,” Mayes’s letter claims. She’s wrong—but that’s how Democrats have always won elections, from Andrew Jackson onwards: by lying. Oh, and cheating, of course, which is also how Mayes got into office.

Fraudulently elected Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes sent a letter earlier this month, threatening counties if they follow a resolution passed in the legislature which bans the use of foreign-made and noncompliant voting machines. Senate Concurrent Resolution (SCR) 1037 [was] passed in the Arizona House and the Arizona Senate [read the provisions at Gateway Pundit]…The legislature also passed SB1074, designating the same requirements for electronic voting machines, but Katie Hobbs vetoed this bill. Hobbs stole her election through these faulty machines when 59% of them failed on election day!SCR1037 was instead transmitted directly to the Secretary of State.”

Sen. Borelli said, “The Legislature is exercising our plenary authority to see that no electronic voting systems in the state of Arizona are used as the primary method for conducting, counting, tabulating, or verifying federal elections, unless those systems meet necessary standards of protection.”

I recently covered Robert Anthony's interview of attorney Stefanie Lambert for American Revival Press. Lambert represented clients with election fraud allegations. One of the states Lambert specifically mentioned was Arizona, when she noted election fraud in the 2022 election. Election fraud evidence from 2020 and 2022 across the country includes “machines connected to the internet communicating internationally, malicious python scripts allowing data to be pushed in and pulled out remotely, whistleblowers from inside government offices, forensic data reflecting fraud, security breaches, ballot stuffing, and the manipulation of election results.”

Arizona’s Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake and Republican AG candidate Abe Hamadeh have broughtlawsuits against the officially announced 2022 election results, arguing that they have proof of voter fraud that allowed Hobbs and Mayes to take office. Mayes wants to continue to use the easily hackable and highly unreliable machines because they are so ripe for fraud.

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Aug 24, 2023

love Michael Flynn ! He's got all the evidence and would make a good VP for president Trumps next administration.

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