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Updated: Mar 26, 2023

The nation is fully aware now of what they have done to destroy the security and legitimacy of our elections. In response many county and state governments are removing all hardware from their election systems. France has long had paper ballots in their elections, are their elections without fraud? No. Certainly there are problems that arise, but systemic and wide-spread fraud is made much harder to perpetuate because of the nature of paper ballots.

Computers can be hacked. The internet is not completely secure. Our nation has enemies foreign and domestic. The only way to secure our elections for the future of our nation and its Republic is to simplify, to detechnify our elections and make it much harder to hijack – to do so we will use paper ballots.

But I would like to add another element into the newly emerging push to remove technology from our elections. The Precinct Strategy. It is very simple. Local precincts of no more than 3,000 voters will be created throughout the states. Some sort of a Precinct Voting Manager will be hired for the week during the elections season to manage those 3,000 voters, to manage the security of the vote and the count. Those Managers will be held responsible and liable for their precincts votes, if there is fraud of malice in the vote those managers will be liable.

The paper ballots together with the Precinct strategy will create a secure and sound election system for the future of our nation but with only one more caveat – Only In Person Voting, the complete disillusion of all drop-boxes. Mail-in voting will be only for a select few, arguably less than 1% of the population, military, those confined to a hospital or bedridden, must apply at least one month before the election. And the Precinct Managers will manage this process for mail-in voting within their precinct.

The type of ballot’s used, the extreme funding that could go into shoring up a secure election is mostly done away with because a much more localized precinct strategy will ensure the managers having much more knowledge and relationship with the voters within their precinct. There is little room for fraud in such a system. And if there is fraud the perpetuators will be easily found out. I encourage every American to fight for such a voting system within their states and counties, all throughout America (and we could finally start exporting something good again to the world!)

Please make comments below: What states/counties are already preparing themselves for ALL PAPER BALLOT ELECTIONS (please send links for other articles and info on the subject). We are continuing to follow this progression:

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