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No Consensus: The Climate Change Hoax

By Robert Anthony

August 29th 2023

Why do they all agree on this nonsense!? WEF, Al Gore, Bill Gates, John Kerry, Joe Biden, etc.!? What is in it for them!? It's hard to understand why they continue to repeat this lie for yet another generation!? The Climate Change Hoax (AKA, Global Warming) is not a new narrative as many of you in your 70's and 80's will recall. Edward Teller was one of the first infamous spokesman for their movement, speaking to Big Oil in 1959, explaining, matter of fact that "Raising CO2 levels in the atmosphere will increase the earth's temperature". What actual science he showed to prove this? Remains the unspoken part of his speeches.

Some of you will remember the pollution disaster that was blanketing many of our US cities throughout the 70's. Las Vegas was especially disastrous because of it's altitude and the fact that it is surrounded by mountains, creating a basin wherein the city lies. Many cities nationwide shared in this escalating crisis that was pollution - not to say that anyone still had real science connecting said pollution to "Global Warming" but it was commonly known to be a health problem, breathing in all that nasty air. But then came the advent of the catalytic converter - and mysteriously or miraculously all that smog/pollution disappeared! I can remember being young in Los Angeles and seeing those smoggy-days which are now all but a distant memory. Smog and that pollution haze is all but completely wiped away from this simple and effective invention.

Or what about the coming Ice Age!? That was the narrative also for a while!? Here is Leonard Nimoy, who some of you will remember by his Star Trek name, "Spock", explaining we are actually not heating the earth... but cooling it! They have been scaring us with Climate Hoax's for more than a generation!

You could spend hours on YouTube, looking at old news clips and videos promoting their theories and predictions of what will become of the weather and our impact on it.

So the 1960's they were convincing us "the world is going to heat until we can not survive" but then the 70's "no... actually we are headed for a Ice Age"! And now we know that they were both wrong. Here we are a generation later and still no one knows what is going on with the climate! Hahaha. It's almost laughable.

I jest but honestly this is getting quite serious. How many of you have seen this video? This man, Kaleo Manuel, a Director at the Hawaii Commission on Water Resource Management (CWRM), refused to release the water to fight the fires on Maui! Because why? Climate Change Hoax, "water management" lies, etc. Take a listen - in his own words!

This is more like a religion, what we are up against. This religion requires a sort of "Blind Faith", blind because they literally have no evidence we are causing this. Listen to the founder of the Weather Channel, speaking on the matter with a very sound mind and plenty of science:

Here is the founder of Greenpeace, pretty reputable organization, listen to what he has to say about the Climate Change religion:

Listen to what this scientist has to say about the evidence and actual scientific finding, "Its actually the weather that is controlling the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere, not the other way around!" He is of the opinion the "actual" climate is cooling...

Listen to how little of the environment is actually CO2!?

This video is informative. And really stating the simple facts (Rated-R for language if the kids are nearby). But this video is really speaking the real issues here:

Who is behind all this craziness!? and why?? For certain China got involved because they have basically cornered: the wind energy market, the solar panel market, the lithium-ion battery market, China controls the refineries world-wide for refining these rare-earth minerals needed for these technologies, etc. I don't have all the references but look at this estimation!

Think about who you are empowering when you install your Solar Panels and storage batteries:

And we can not have this conversation without exposing the utter hypocrisy of those leading the movement. Let's begin with one of the figure heads, Al Gore. This article exposes the producer of "An Inconvenient Truth" as an absolute fraud:

Gore did not mention that his recommendations to the president included a plan to give oil companies access to thousands of acres of oil-rich, publicly owned land that the U.S. Navy has held as emergency reserves since 1912. Ever since the federal government earmarked the reserves for military emergencies, the oil industry had tried and failed to pry them away from the Navy.

Here is another living hypocritically, flying around the earth on private planes touting climate sciences, never mentioning no one has come close to proving CO2 warms the earth, telling us we need to cut down on... what? FARMING!! (And then of course he mentions the trouble with our "growing" population... which is a lie... they all know our population is about to start shrinking!)

He is lying thru his teeth! He says, "It's coming true faster and bigger!" That is just laughable. NOTHING THEY HAVE SAID FOR DECADES ABOUT OUR CLIMATE HAS COME TRUE! As I just proved to everyone reading this article.

Here is Bill Gates trying to defend himself for campaigning for climate change and yet flying around the world in a private jet:

Here is a funny one. They have been reporting over and over, the summer of 2023 was the hottest on record! You have heard that Im sure. Well, look at this:

This article could easily be pages and hours long. I think the big picture is presented here. If you have something so wonderful to add to the article, please post it in comments below. In closing I would like to say, the Bible is very clear that there will be weather troubles in the last days. The Bible also speaks to our role in destroying the earth, Revelation 11:18, "And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that thou shouldest give reward unto thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear thy name, small and great; and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth". While this is a very valid conversation, trying to determine how we destroy the earth, etc. the Bible does not ever allude to CO2 warming the earth. And the science simply does not show any of this.

If these men: Gore, Kerry, Gates, etc. are truly concerned with how we can better care for the earth that God has entrusted to us, perhaps they might start by reporting actual science, speaking the truth about what they have learned and cut out the propaganda altogether. Leads me to believe they are uninterested in caring for the earth that their agenda is not about the immense and blessed earth God gave us but something akin to control, power, influence and unfortunately, more money in their pockets. (Gore just raised another 1.7 Billion for his fund of 36 Billion to finance "green energy" (Communist CCP) technology.)

All of us rational people are all for taking care of the earth. Rare earth minerals and their processing planets are certainly more harmful than anything to do with coal, oil, petroleum and/or natural gas. In fact, these technologies have never been cleaner! Do that study sometime, just how clean we have learned to burn coal! etc. I have lots to say about how we are destroying the earth. More articles on that to come. But for now I wanted to break down the absurdity of this narrative, which is really propaganda, and expose their utter and shameful hypocrisy. With everything going on in the world this (CO2, global warming or cooling) is not an issue worth our debate much more, unless we are trying to get China and India to stop polluting their populations. But that conversation has little to do with us way over here. The CCP should care about their populations health, certainly but it will be hundreds of years until their pollution has any chance to find its way across the Pacific to us, if any chance at all... remember industrial pollution is extremely heavy and does not travel long distances well.

More to come about what these rich men are doing to destroy the earth. For now, take joy in cooking over an open flame, celebrate your fireplaces, keep your home at 70 or even 75 all winter without any guilt or shame, use all the electronic appliances you would like and repeat this truth to your politicians over and again until they finally stop destroying the prosperity of our nation!

More to come...


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